Should People be aloud to take a knee during the National Anthem?

  • They have the right to

    People seem to forget that the Bill of Rights allows people to peacefully protest their government in the form of freedom of expression. As long as they aren't physically harming people as protest, they aren't breaking any laws. The people that say that they are disrespecting the troops by kneeling forget that the troops are the very reason that people are allowed to protest. In other countries, kneeling for the anthem would probably get you thrown in jail or worse, so I'm glad that people here can protest like that without that kind of risk.

  • I Don't Find It To Be Productive But They Have The Right To Do So

    It's freedom of expression, but I think people who kneel for the national anthem could be protesting in more productive ways. Obviously it's created a lot of awareness around the issue of Black Lives Matter, but the issue already has enough awareness, it needs action. Those who kneel for the national anthem should try and use their influence to lobby the government, so they can get police departments to change their ways. Or something like that.

  • Freedom of Expression!

    If people feel as though they want to kneel during the National Anthem they should be allowed to. Some people may feel as though the country does not equally represent them and standing and respecting a flag that does not equally represent you is just pointless. Also taking away this right would be unconstitutional because the first amendment states that people are allowed to have freedom of expression and by kneeling to the flag it expresses that they do not have equal representation.

  • Yes, In this great country.

    This is the beauty of America, opinions are not shrouded by differing opinions. I agree that people should be allowed to kneel. If we criminalize kneeling, then we start to become more like North Korea, where differing opinions could get you thrown in jail or executed, this is exactly what America was founded against hence why it's our FIRST amendment. HOWEVER, I DO NOT AGREE WITH KNEELING TO THE FLAG. It is disrespectful, disgusting, and they are ungrateful for what they have. They do not realize how nice it is to live in the United States.

    In short, People are allowed to kneel, but I disagree with the action.

  • It's their choice

    The 1st amendment protects their right to peacefully protest. None of those people who are kneeling "hate the troops" or the America itself. What's more American than exercising your rights? If they didn't care about America, they wouldn't even be protesting in the first place. Whether you agree with them or not, they clearly care about America and want to see it change for the better.

  • I neal at the cross not to the flag!

    I neal at the cross not to the flag! I do not by any means support the foot ball players nealing during the National Anthem. I is a disrespect to the Veterans how fought for your freedom to play football for a living. SO RESPECT THAT! And do act like stuck up I can do what I want to kind of person only because your famous!!

  • It's extremely disrespectful

    This does nothing except show the world that you do not respect those that fought for your rights to express your feelings. Real heroes don't have names on the backs of their jerseys. They have their countries flags on the arm of their uniform. This is Home of the Free, because of the brave. Not because of overpaid athletes who would be respected so much more if they actually weren't hypocritical to what they were actually protesting!

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