Should people be banned from walking and texting at the same time

  • Walking while texting is not only dangerous to the the person texting, it is dangerous to the people around them.

    Its the same as texting while driving. In a car, If you don't look where you are driving, someone could get seriously injured or even die if you smash into them. Texting while walking has the same principle. Just say you're walking across the road while texting. You don't know if any cars are coming. If a car does come, they will have to jump onto their brakes and if there are other cars behind them, they could easily smash into the car in front. Thus creating a crash.
    If you are texting, surely its not too hard to stop on the side. And if you're in a rush: ring them up and use the blue tooth thingy that you attach to an ear so you can hear what the person on the phone is saying at the same time as seeing where you are walking.

    Are phones really more important than peoples health/life ??

  • If you dont look both ways you can get hit by a car or even cause and accident

    Walking is one thing but walking and texting is another thing that needs to be handeled. If you don't look both ways you will cause an accident probably even get hit by a car. My teacher was walking across the street and one student almost got hit by a car because she was walking and texting at the same time. She could've gotten hit by a car.

  • People are dying

    SOmebody walked off of a bridge because she was texting on her phone and she died. Also because people now a days can just wait to answer their best friends text. I mean people keep getting injured or even killed by texting and walking. Thank you for your time bye.

  • People are dying

    SOmebody walked off of a bridge because she was texting on her phone and she died. Also because people now a days can just wait to answer their best friends text. I mean people keep getting injured or even killed by texting and walking. Thank you for your time bye.

  • Yes, They should be.

    Once upon a time, I was walking into the street in front of my home and I was using my cell phone simultaneously a conduit was alongside the street. My whole concentration was toward my cell phone thus I could not realize the conduit and fell into that. This is not a major harmful result of using a cell phone while walking. But there are many other harmful results can occur if they are to be allowed. Such as car accidents etc. So they should be banned from walking and taxting at the same time.

  • We need laws for tenting

    It is not safe that people are looking down at the phone when walking because you could walk in front of the street and get hit by a car or you could die or you could walk off an bridge and get hurt badly and be bleeding a lot so I think that we need new laws

  • The law would be almost impossible to enforce.

    If we made a law against texting while walking, it would be nearly impossible to enforce. How is it possible to catch every single person who is on their phone while crossing a street? Would we just have a policeman standing at every corner, waiting to catch someone on their phone? That is the only way we could actually enforce the law, and it would be a complete waste of the policemen’s time. Only a tiny fraction of the people who text while walking would be caught. Everyone else would know this, and they wouldn’t even be afraid of texting while walking because they know they probably won’t get caught. They would just keep on continuing the same bad behavior, and the law would do nothing. Even if people were caught, the police probably wouldn’t really care either! To sum it up, just because something is illegal doesn’t mean people won’t still do it. Even if we put a law in place against texting and walking, that does not mean it will stop.

  • At his own risk.

    A better idea would be to make the public and its consumers more aware of the dangers with that because seriously some people are completely oblivious to the outside world, its only a matter of time...Especially in big cities where even without a phone you need to be careful .

  • No - that would be an unacceptable infringement upon a person's individual freedom.

    First, let's define 'texting': If I am pressing buttons on my phone, I can do it without looking. Does that count as texting? Why should that be banned? Perhaps I would only have to look at the screen to check whether or not I had not made any errors in my message. In that case, would you propose that there be a ban on proof-reading a message whilst walking? 'Proof-reading' is not 'texting'.

    What about reading a message from a friend? Does that count as texting? What about creating a playlist on an iPod? That is certainly /not/ texting, but would likely impair the average person's situational awareness to a similar degree.

    In order to create anything resembling a coherent argument against 'texting and walking', one would first have to define a huge number of variables such as: population density in the area, length of time spent viewing the screen, an individual's ability to multitask, number of permissible strides per unit of time spent viewing the screen... It should be clear that this very quickly becomes an overwhelmingly impractical endeavour.

    The law needs to avoid legislating for, or against, anything that it cannot practically define. The law tends to be very precise for this reason, among others.

    So, I don't just disagree; I find the idea completely preposterous.

  • It sould be up to the individual to decide if they can walk and txt at the same time.

    If a person walks into a tree while txting then they will learn. If they walk off a cliff or in front of a bus while txting then itis their accident. How are you going to ban txting while walking and allow people to read a paper or map while walking, or sleep while they are walking. And what about people that can txt without looking at their phone, or the people that can watch where they are going with their left eye and look at their phone with their right eye, my aunt was like that.

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