Should people be considered adults at the age of 18?

  • Yes an 18 year old is definitely an adult

    I am a sociologist and quite simply put , an 18 year old is quite ready to be called an adult. Puberty is now well over and 16 year olds are allowed to have sex in the UK. At 18 one reaches the age of "majority" and you are no more a "minor " . Equally , at 18 you are ready to be as responsible as you would like ! Even a 25 year old can be immature ! Also at 18 you become a " legal person " with a lot of responsibilities and . You can drive a car , an 18 year old can even write a Will , an 18 year old can vote . Its high time that an 18 year old be accepted in the world of adulthood .

  • 18 yearolds are adults regardless

    The reason why 18 yearolds are adults is because their not minors they don't have curfews and they can make their own decisions. Some people will call 18 yearolds teens but their adults. You can't expect and 18 yearold adult to act adult if your going to sit their and call them teenagers. It's defensive to call them teens. That makes them act immature because if their legally adults they don't want to be called a teenager it's disrespectful. Call them adults.

  • It's called grow up!

    Why does everyone think it's okay to live with your parents until your ready to move out? When I was 16 I bought a car with my own money, got a job to support that car, and paid it off within a year. My parents and I weren't close, in fact we were always at each other's throats over everything. I went through college, majored in political science, became a paralegal towards the end of my second degree, and now I'm a successful political scientist who makes 300 grand a year and i just turned 30. My sitter are like the people on the other half of this argument. She is still living with our parents , has no job, didn't go to college, and she will live there for the rest of her life. Why? Because of my tense relationship with my parents I got out of that house the day I turned 18 becuase I didn't want to end up like my parents or my sister. If what my sister is doing wasn't so socially acceptable then she might actually have a life rather than being the child she still is.

  • Indeed

    I think as of right now, many children are growing up faster in our society. Studies have been done on puberty rates beginning at an earlier age. Although our youth is growing up faster, I do not think they are able to financially, politically, educationally and functionally support themselves as adults until at least 18.


    After graduating from high school, decisions are no longer about essay topics, but instead where to take your life. Does this new life involve adopting child, attending college, or maybe enlisting in the military? At this time you are no longer bound by compulsory education laws, so it only makes sense that you are faced with these decisions of huge importance. Logically a graduated high school student would have access to taking their life down whatever path is deemed fit for them. It is completely unnecessary for them to waste time doing something that does not benefit their strengths, passions, and talents. With that, why would one suggest delaying access to things like adoption, military enlistment, purchasing a home, and working full time? It may seem too soon too fast, but time is not to be wasted, life starts now. These eighteen year olds are the next generation doctors, scientists, engineers, and parents, that older generations will rely on, so yes they should be faced with all the decisions that come with adulthood.

  • Yes the should

    The reason why is because if you can drive fight for the military and get a job buy a house then you have all of the skills to live life and yes there brains arnt developed yet the ablility to make hard decions correctly and maturely is still there and it can work.

  • 18 is the best age to become an adult

    People at age 18 can fight and vote. 18 year olds should have more rights but are still handed a lot. 16 is too young and 21 is too old. I believe that drinking ages should be lowered because why can't we drink if we can fight in a war.

  • 18 is the age

    When kids turn 16 years old, they can drive, which is making them more independent and they don't rely on their parents so much. But when a child turns 18, he or she can not only drive but these "adults" can now make their own decisions. They can vote and choose who they want to be represented by, they can buy their own propety etc. etc. OK, some are not the brightest and some might still need some help with maturing into an adult. Everyone takes their own time, but the average of US citizens become adults when they turn 18.

  • 18 years old

    Because we deserve any right as any boy seems in this world. God gave us what we needed and deserve when we came to this world. And, we 18 years old have the right to do any thing we want. When you turn 18 you have the right to do anything you want.

  • 18 in an adult

    Yes..Even the constitution says that people over the age of 18 are adults.But some do not use the power they have within themselves.18 years is an age that we have to be and learn to indipended,because most of our legal supports such as grants are cancelled.It shows to me that you are an adult...

  • NO! "That's why our youth now days are out of control"

    I never thought 18 should be the legal age. An 18 year olds mind set is not done maturing, you don't fully stop until you're "21" which should actually be the legal age. That's why so many old men go after young teen's and it's up to the parent who barely has the rite of being a parent any more to try and save there children from corruption. My sister started dating a 24+ year old guy around the time she was 16 which later was found out he is a level3 sex offender, which now she's just completely out wild and out of control at only 18. They we're just children not even that long ago! Our legal system is set to destroy our youth and it's sick. It's already being proven, media targets and sexualises under age teens, make's being a virgin uncool so our teen's are out of control which targets our children as well, because now kids are even having sex, all this when there going through puberty and need there parent's guidance the most. Setting the age limit at 18 destroys the mind sets of young teens and makes them want to grow up too fast, which also destroys family relationships, look at what the media doe's, giving 16 year old girl's with baby's money and fame, which lead to girl's purposely getting pregnant just to be on TV. Young teen's dressing entirely way too grown for there age's and trying to act like woman when there not even finished growing. 18 year old boy's trying to be men when they don't even know the first thing about being a man or want to handle responsibilities as an adult, having sex and not knowing how or even want to take care of a child. There not even future, an you wonder why all these young mothers are raising babies on there own. You have old men staring at 16 year old girl's an younger not even caring of the age any more because there more easy to manipulate at 18, how can you be an adult when your still maturing and you're not even done growing, or can drink until your 21! Be serious people the proof is in the pudding "tale a look at how bad and wildly out of control our teen's an children are today" And you really believe they should be considered adult's? SMFH!..

  • Still has the word teen

    Like, why the heck is 18 considered an adult when it has the word TEEN in it. 18 and 19 are still teenagers. There are even 18 year olds in high school. I would consider 20 to be an adult. This is my opinion about 18 being considered an adult.

  • It should be at least 20

    I think that you are a child until at least age 20, if not 21. I'm 16, and i don't know if I will feel like an adult in two years but probably not. Plus eightTEEN and nineTEEN are still teens. And teens aren't really adults, in my opinion. So I think at least 20, and probably 21. Because by then, you will probably be thinking for yourself more, and you can make more adult decisions. Also, I mean 18 is just out of high school. By 21 you will have some more experience in the world. Again, just my opinion.

  • Super Slow growth

    I don't think these kids are growing up fast enough to know what an adult is or means. They just do really stupid things like making noises and pointing fingers, rumors, harassing others and etc. I do see that at some point these kids have to be let out of the box. I just don't see them at the age of 21 being responsible enough.

  • 31 and living in dorms with 18 year olds

    You do not know what an 18 year old is really like till you live with them. Some of them. So far I have been assaulted, Harassed, sexually harassed, and etc. there has also been over about $1,000 in damages from PC/laptops to just about anything they wanted to break of mine or steal.

    Yes there are some 18 year olds who have grown up. But I have seen the other side of their age. It is an insult to the real students and adults.

  • I'm an 18 year old with a strong opinion.

    I'm 18 and I graduated high school earlier this summer. I'm facing college and the real world at this point. Mentally, I definitely do not feel like an adult. Granted, I am facing some really difficult mental problems right now, but an 18 year old is still not mature enough to be considered an adult. I believe 21 is a bit more realistic. I don't believe people my age should be labeled as "adults" just because they reached a certain point in their lives. This is a huge turning point in the life of a kid. No longer a kid, finally an adult, but really you're not. You're supposed to have these "adult" responsibilities, but in reality you're probably still living in your parents house and are supported by your parents. Some 18 year olds I know still don't have a job, a car, or a license. I personally don't have my license yet, as driving scares me. I really don't think we should say "A person is legally an adult at this age." It just doesn't work. It scares a lot of teenagers. We are still growing and learning about the world and how it works. We've just gotten out of high school and are trying to grow up without the aid of our parents, but it's hard. It's a really hard point in life. I've said enough. I firmly believe an 18 year old shouldn't be labeled.

  • No, adolescence continues beyond age 18.

    New research suggests that the brains of teenagers and young adults are still developing well into the early 20s. Although we do have to draw a line somewhere, I think adulthood coincides better with age 21. By this time, students are more likely to have spent some time in the world beyond high school and have grown enough socially and emotionally to be considered adults.

  • No, I think most people become adults closer to 21.

    A lot of 18-year-olds are still in high school and don't have jobs yet. Also, a lot of 18-year-olds still aren't mature enough yet to become adults. By the time most people are 21 though, they have jobs, graduated high school, and are driving already, even though you can start to drive at 15 or 16.

  • No, in most cases

    In my experience, most 18 year Olds are not quite responsible enough to be considered adults, for example, most 18 year olds I know live with there parents and still go to high school. However, there are those 18 year olds who have jobs, and are going to college, these I would consider an adult. In reality though, there are people older than 18 that still live with there parents, and don't have jobs, so really, if you are going to use that argument, you have to consider those older like that, not adults as well. So in my opinion, you can not put an age on when someone is an adult, instead we should set the bar of how responsible and muture you have to be to be considered one. That is why we have conflicts of law and why they set the age of adulthood at 18, because how could they possibly measure when you become responsible enough.

  • No no no!

    At the age of 18 you have not experienced enough in the world to be considered an adult. I'm eighteen and I don't know how to get my own of anything really. My parents have always done all that for me. At this age we should be learning how to become an adult not trying to be one. Eventually we'll crash and burn without the right guidance. The proper age should be 21. By then you should have a real understanding of what an adult is.

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