• Yes forced retirement, maybe not 65. Certainly before 70

    Often someone at this stage in their life, may not be aware that their mind is failing them, and they cant keep up with their job. They will probably think that they are doing a top job. But in reality they are not. Their colleagues could be covering for them, as they feel sorry for the old guy. Ah he means well.

    Its difficult for people to accept the reality that faces them some times. You are getting old! I think (some) people believe that by retiring, you are on your way to the grave. In some ways its true. This is a hard fact of life. People die.

    The arguments on the other side, they say, "why not let them, if they want to work hard". Often they aren't working hard, they are coming to work for the pay cheque, and that's it. Or they may think they are working hard and doing a good job but they aren't.

    Mandatory needs to be there, to help those that have a blurred reality.

  • No, times have changed

    I think that people need to realize that 65 was a day in the past. People can function on a much higher level now, and will do so well into their 80's. I think its up to the person themselves to do medical testing and to judge weather they are fit for the work force.

  • No, they should not.

    People should be able to work as long as they wish. As long as they are up to standards with where they work, it should not be a problem with them working past the age of 65. It would be an insult to the people who wish to work hard later in their life.

  • Only people in congress

    I do think some people who are financially stable should retire. Their are other people who are not able to retire because they need the money. The government or employers need to do a better job to make sure everyone has enough money, so they can retire by the age of 65. Sometimes personal responsibility can only take you so far. Things happen in ones life that no one can predict.

  • Retire when you want to

    I don't believe that anybody should be forced at the ripe age of 65. I still believe we have a lot left in the tank at 65. However I do believe once you do start getting into the mid 70's and 80's its about time to hang it up. You deserve the retirement, but no 65 is to young to force people to retire.

  • No, people should not be forced to retire.

    I do not think people should be forced to retire. I think that people should be allowed to work for however they want, especially since the social security system is failing and will probably only get worse. If a person likes their job and they can comfortably do their job they should be allowed to do their job and no one should be allowed to stop them.

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