Should people be judged on their potential rather than their achievements and experience?

Asked by: marbear
  • Potential is enough proof.

    Today, most people are judged based on their achievements. However, although achievement attests to one's potential, judging based on only achievement can be both misleading and inaccurate. For example, Thomas Edison dropped out of school because he did so poorly in class. As a child, he achieved little. But he had the potential to achieve great things, and it turned out that he invented the light bulb, the phonograph, and many essential things we still use today. On the same token, a hard-working student who has the potential to achieve a lot but perhaps does not know how to write good essays and therefore does not get into a top-notch college should not be judged based on the fact that she wasn't granted admission into a top college. She should instead be judged based on what she has the potential to achieve in the future. If everyone around this student judged her based on her achievements, it could seriously affect her own ego and even act as an obstacle for her. It may be true that employers judge based on achievements, but people in general should not judge others based solely on achievements.

  • Achievements and experience is what SHOWS your potential.

    When an employer is looking to hire new recruits, they aren't thinking "well, they LOOK like they can do a good job" when the potential recruit doesn't have anything to show for it. The employer wants to be SURE that he is hiring someone with PROOF that they are qualified for the job. And it is fair like that. If you work for it, the employers will see it and they will want you. That's how it should be. Potential is nothing without experience and achievements.

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