• Antarctica is quite livable.

    Antarctica is huge yes it is made up of ice but thanks to technology we could survive down there we could build towns and even cities if we played our cards right the only problem being that the whole thing is melting due to global warming however I'm sure if we could fix that issue Antarctica could become a very viable place to live. So yes people should be living on Antarctica

  • Antarctica can be used as a predecessor for colonizing other planets

    Antarctica has not been looked at to be used as a viable environment for humans to live in because of its lack of resources (i.E. Ability to grow plants in natural conditions, easy access to materials which would allow for humans to colonize it). Because of this, and for the preservation of animal species the Environmental Protocol of the Antarctic Treaty was created, in order to prevent tourism and only to allow scientists to live there temporarily (for their own safety as conditions in Antarctica get very dangerous during the winter months). However this treaty is fairly outdated, as in 1998 the population of the earth was more than a billion than what it was today. That's an increase of more than twenty one people per square mile of land mass. At a certain point, the density of the population o the six continents that are currently inhabited will cap out, and solving problems before they occur tends to be a very helpful method in life, so yes, people should be living on Antarctica (should scientists find a way to make that possible).

  • Of course we should.

    The human race is growing in population density every year... The huge landmass of Antarctica would help with that. Humans are from nature, anyways, so we have every right to colonize the land for our own use. Antarctica would also provide us with a lot of fresh water, another issue. The tourism would bring a lot of money to developed countries building the infrastructure there, so it's really self-sustainable. All in all, I can't see a reason not to.

  • If they want to, they can

    If the people who want to live in Antartica want to live there, we should let them live there because, first of all, we have liberty to do what we want, and this also counts on where we want to live. If anyone wants to live somewhere, from liberty, they should get to live in that place. Second of all, the world is overpopulated, and it will be overpopulated 50 years later, so we need to colonize the oceans, deserts, and Antartica to make the world less overpopulated.

  • No no no

    That is because penguins can die. Who wants penguins to die. And, us humans would be the ones who are going to be blamed. Why are we sitting here reading these? Make a change to the world. First thing to do is to help this ice chocked continent also known as Antarctica

  • Definitely not !

    Crime, murder, pollution, turmoil, war. These should not be the words to describe our world, but unfortunately, they are. Antarctica is the last great wilderness. The polar ice caps are already melting! If we live there, they'll be water before you can say "global warming". Besides, Antarctica is the only place mostly free from pollution! Do we really want to ruin the last place where you're not in danger of breathing in polluted air? Where you can walk around without seeing rubbish everywhere? It's a bad idea for so many reasons.

  • Antarctica is the earth's last great wilderness

    Humans have destroyed every other part of the earth! Pollution, crime, murder, war, turmoil, global warming. These shouldn't be the main things of our world, but they are! Antarctica is earth's last great wilderness, and is already being destroyed by humans! Tourism, mining, fishing, sealing, whaling, scientific experiments... The ice caps are melting, and you know what caused it? WE DID! Humans suck, okay? We only care about ourselves. IF we decide to live on Antarctica, we can say goodbye to the only place on earth that is over mostly free from pollution!

  • I think people can live on Antarctica because it is a place you can go to and visit so why not live there.

    But animals live there and it is very dangerous live there.Also, it is really cold. You would need food to eat and fire to cook. Do not go near the penguins as they got there first!. Very very very very very very very very very very very very good look!.

  • It's a bad idea for many reasons.

    I'm not a nature person, but Antarctica is the only place on earth that is untouched (except for a few stations) by humans. We should let the animals live untouched as they should for once. It would also be very expensive to live there as supplies such as food, water, medication, fuel for heaters/generators, ect. Would have to be flown in and many aircraft can't handle extreme cold temperatures along with the high winds found in Antarctica. Imagine how depressing it would be too, Antarctica is completely dark for a certain number of months of the year depending on the latitude in what is known as "polar night" (and light for several months but it's still very cold so it doesn't really help). Places that are completely dark for just 1 or 2 months of the year have very high suicide rates, it would be much worse at 5 or 6 months of the year. It seems to be just not a good idea.

  • What? Are you kidding?

    So many issues with this. How would people be able to live there? Animals like polar bears and penguins are already suffering from habitat loss due to melting icecaps... The last thing we should do is bring thousands of people over. Where's the money for infrastructure coming from? Completely illogical and absurd idea.

  • Living there is bad.

    The continent of Antarctica is something that should be preserved. The beauty of nature there is just amazing, and humans should not be interfering with nature. We have already interfered in six different continents by colonizing them and living there. So we cannot do that to Antarctica either. It's not right.

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