• Yes people need to eat meat

    If, considering the possibility that this does happen, we all stop eating meat, then the livestock population would rise and we would be battling the said livestock for control of the vegetables and fruit. This would lead to an all out war, which we would eventually lose. Then the livestock would rain supreme and we would be tiny, skinny little people under their mighty feet. The livestock that we had stopped eating would start eating us and we would have the same conundrum all over again. So, we owe it to the human race to continue eating yummy beef and delicious chicken and juicy pork just to prevent an oncoming apocalypse. Remember, animals hold grudges. Don't let other peoples ignorance blind you from that fact.

  • Yes, if they want to.

    Not to argue that vegetarianism is problematic, if one so chooses, but eating meat is entirely legitimate. Animal life does not share the same value as human life, though cruelty to animals is of course morally wrong and betrays much about a person's character. Animals which are raised for food should be treated humanely. But eating meat is acceptable and specifically permitted by God. Also, meat provides some types of protein which are necessary for good health and are challenging (though not impossible) to obtain otherwise.

  • Yes, people should eat meat

    Yes, people should eat meat because in a diet that contains meat, it can be very healthy to a person. In a way, nature has provided humanity to be able to eat different organisms, and be able to extract nutrients from them. Also, eating plants are similar to eating animals because they also are organisms that have lives.

  • YES, People Need Meat

    People should eat meat because meat provides a lot of good animal protein that human bodies need to function and thrive. Plant protein is good, but i believe meat protein is better. Many people are vegetarians for animal rights reason, but many others simply believe meat is too fattening to eat. This is not true. They are many varieties of lean meat.

  • It's a good source of iron.

    Meat has a better source of iron than vegetables. If we all became vegetarian, then eventually there would be no plants left and then what would we do? The meat industry would also start to decline as the workers lose their job because there is not enough work for them.

  • Meat is gooooooooooooooooooood

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  • Good source of iron

    You should eat meat because it gives you lots of iron that your body needs to survive. I have been a meat eater all my life and have rarely come down with the flu and other things like that. I love meat and i stand by that forever and ever

  • We should eat meat tbh, but in moderation.

    Look honestly meat is good, and there are health problems but 1. I never heard of people having these problems in prehistoric times. But that's besides the point I THINK WE SHOULD continue to eat meat its good for protein,iron, and fats we need we need protein for growth of tissues and muscles, plus we need to be iron efficient and some fats are good for us, what if it was the other way around about "feelings" and what not see i'm not saying I would eat a squirrel or a house sparrow or something but if it just takes animals like Cows,Chicken,Pigs,Turkies,Lambs if you think about it what other purpose are they here for? If we don't eat them they could over populate and soon the whole world will be like India with chickens literally crossing the road to get to the other side, I'M SERIOUS honestly 9 billion chickens are born EVERY DAY, and you're telling me I have to eat a freaking carrot on the floor and some potatoes to substitute that? IF SO then I shouldn't eat at all because obviously we can't eat. Plus, if this is such a big deal why weren't we debating on these things back in the days when meat were basically all we ate, i don't see anyone complaining about my steak and potatoes. But even though we can and should eat meat we can't act like cavemen. We can't just go like monsters to a restaurant to order "can I get a t bone steak with some chicken wings and fries with also some lamb AND pork chops" because thats just extreme cruelty and a dinner of a heart attack. Too much protein can be hard on the liver too but we should eat meat. Just in Moderation

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  • Do what ever u want

    People can eat as much meat as they want. Some people don't like to eat meat so they don't eat meat but the people that want to eat meat can eat me a a an a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a

  • I thank that meat is good

    I eat all meat and when i hunt and kill the animal i pray to the animal and then eat it and it is s o o o o o o o o o o o g o o o o o o o d m m m m m

  • No

    If someone came over to my house for dinner and I served them dog meat they would freak out. People love their pets, they acknowledge their value as living creatures with emotions and a will to live. So why is it that cows, pigs, and other farmed animals are deemed acceptable to slaughter in mass for human consumption? Yeah animals aren't as smart as humans, but does that give us the right to eat them? Theres a lot of dumb people out there, can I eat them too?
    Raising animals for slaughter is the number one contributor to green house gas emissions, factory farms waist more food then they produce (in feeding animals so that they grow); and it is common practice in factory farms to cut bits and pieces off living animals without any anesthetic. Sure it tastes good, but is eating meat really worth it? I don't think so.

  • No. No cattle should undergo torture.

    I actually am not a vegetarian (I eat chicken and pork) but I do not believe in eating cow. Especially in this day and age with factory farming, who knows what is happening to that poor innocent animal. As an American, I also frown upon eating dog, cat, and horse. I mean, those are pets, and horses especially are loving companions.

  • It's completely unproductive

    In this day in age, there is no need to eat the flesh of animals, unless it is needed for survival. Today's factory farms do nothing but torture defenseless creatures. Whether you view other animals, notice I say other animals as humans are animals as well for those who were unaware or just choose to reject that fact, as less than humans, they should still be treated with respect. Not to mention the terrible things that eating the flesh of animals causes, such as cancer, diabetes ect. Also, the factory farming of animals does tremendous amount of damage to the earth. Ruining soil. Destroying forest. Wasting millions of gallons of water. If we just stopped eating this garbage, no one In this world would go hungry. It takes 15 pounds of grain to produce 1 pound of meat. It's completely unproductive. It makes no sense to grow food to feed food. It's just not necessary. And it's doing so much harm just for people's taste buds. And as people say, " I'm free to eat whatever I want" and yes that's true, you are free to do as you please so long as its not hurting anyone else, but when you pay to have someone torture and slit the throats of millions of animals a day. You are hurting living creatures. If you have no more respect for this earth than that, then I feel very sorry for you.

    Posted by: Aus
  • The decision to not eat meat is about much, much more than someone's moral opinion on whether it is ethical to slaughter animals.

    300,000 whales, porpoises, and dolphins are killed each year in fishing nets, plus an additional 100 million sharks per year. 1/3 of all shark species are nearing extinction. There are only 400 north Atlantic whales left in the world due to lobster farming. Koala bears will be extinct in the next 50 years because their habitat is being destroyed for livestock. In the past few years we over-fished cod populations to near extinction. Their populations will not recover within our lifetime. This is the case for thousands and thousands of species on Earth that you all already know about, like orangutans.

    The world's rain forests are home to 50% of all living things on earth and produce 20% of the world's oxygen each year. 91% of the Amazon rain forest and 95% of Brazil's rain forest have been destroyed to raise livestock.

    1/2-1/3 of all carbon emission produced each year comes from animal farming. That is more pollution than the entire transportation system: every train, every car, every plane. It is more than the pollution from fossil fuels.

    6 million children will starve to death this year because plant food in their area is fed to animals. 1/4 of the grain produced in third-world countries is given to livestock. In 2011 there was a record amount of grain harvested in the world: 2.5 billion tons. Half of that was fed to animals in the meat and dairy industry. 77% of the grain in the world goes to livestock.

    45% of the landmass of earth is used in some way to support livestock farming. 78% of land in the US is used for livestock farming, but only 3% of the 90 million cows and 70 million pigs on livestock farms in the US are in open pastures (and they still use 78% of the land agriculture in the US). Only 3% of livestock in the US live in open pastures, which means animals like egg-laying hens live in such crowded conditions (each hen gets less than the size of an I-Pad) that they will never be able to spread their wings during their entire lives, or touch the earth, or see sunlight, or breathe fresh air. The conditions for all animals on factory farms is hellish.

    You can produce 15 times more plant protein than animal protein on any area of land. You can produce 30,000 lbs of plant food per acre but only 50 to 480 lbs of meat per acre.

    In the last hour alone over 8 million animals were slaughtered, 114,153 tons of grain was fed to livestock while 684 people starved to death, 6,000 acres of tropical rain forest was destroyed and replaced by cattle, and over 4 million tons of greenhouse gases were dumped into the ozone by livestock farms.

  • No. Not unless they need it for survival.

    In general, eating animals is not an efficient use of natural or human resources. It is far more sustainable to focus on a vegetarian diet, especially in the age of factory farming. Those who adopt a vegetarian diet are on average healthier and have lower rates of cancer and other diseases. Unless your life is threatened and meat is the only food, there is no need to eat it.

  • No animals are suffering because of us

    I am vegetarian I don't like meat. Animals are important for the environment we need to take care of the environment and everything into it. It's sad to see animals suffer, it's like actually saying how we feel if somebody wants to kill our son or something special you have in your life. There are also a lot of Consequuences that the meat can cause such as cholesterol
    M high blood pressure and heart attacks too.

  • Animals must have rights

    Every year, lots of cows, pigs, chickens and else are grown up in very bad conditions. For example, chickens are kept with the light on all night so that they don't stop eating. Governments should be focusing on developing an alternative to meat, such as mycoprotein, to stop the cruel killing of animals. They also suffer, just as we do.

  • Should we eat them

    Well I thinks it's cruel to eat animals because they are living things to but if you ever get beef or pork you should waste it because
    the animal died the animal died so you could eat it and if you waste it the animal died for no resson. If you think it's alright to eat animals I think it's alright that animals eat humans. If your a true animal lover you will be a vegtrian it is true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Animals have families too!

    Animals are sensitive, intuitive beings just like we are; they love and care for family and friends, they can sense when something bad is going to happen, and panic just like we do. Meat is torture, an endless form of suffering that humans have only seen with Adolf Hitler and the Nazis, IS, and many terrorists and psychopaths. Most people despise these groups because of their ruthlessness and unfairness, yet everyday millions of innocent animals are treated in a worse way than the Jewish were treated in concentration camps.

    Ask yourself, if you were an animal, would you want a life of suffering, trauma, and loneliness? I wouldn't. Next time you see meat on the menu, think would I want that to be myself or my kids being served on the menu? I hope not! Don't eat meat. You do not want you body to be a graveyard of helpless animals.

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