• Yes people should get the flu vaccine

    Because i said that they should. It is important part of life. I hope that everyone would get the flu vaccination. It gives people the flu so it helps them fight off any flu they would get later on in the year. So yes they should get the flu shot.

  • People Should Get the Flu Vaccine

    Yes, people should get the flu vaccine. Being vaccinated not only reduces one's chances of becoming sick, but it also reduces one's chances of spreading sickness to others. It is thus the responsibility of every person who is able to get the vaccine to do so. To not do so would be to ignore responsibility.

  • Yes, people should get a Flu Vaccine

    Each and every year the flu keeps mutating and getting worse and worse. And still people are reluctant to getting a vaccine for it. People should get a flu vaccine because it is a cheap, effective preventative method and will save you enormous amounts of money by preventing long hospital visits when they inevitably catch the flu.

  • Yes, people should get the flu vaccine because it helps not only prevent contracting the virus but helps it not to spread.

    The flu vaccine works by injecting a small amount of a dead, non-active form of the virus into the body so that a person can develop antibodies to counteract any future contact with the active virus. The flu shot itself is harmless, safe, and easy to attain. By getting the shot just once a year, a person greatly reduces their risk of getting sick with the flu and also eliminates the possibility of getting others sick, should they have contracted the virus without vaccination. Simple vaccinations like this are smart and keep people healthy.

  • No. Ask around first with people you know.

    A number of people who have had this flu shot have stated they have gotten sick not long after and are more susceptible to become sick again not long after.
    I've know people who continue to get the flu shot regardless with the same outcome but still think it's a good idea.
    They suggest pregnant women should get shots as the flu may have a slight negative affect on unborn child however if this shot makes you ill after and makes you more susceptible to the flu then why would a healthy woman get a shot when in pregnancy their immune system is stronger than usual?
    I'm all for all other vaccinations, especially in children but everyone I know whose had the flu shot ends up continuously sick. The only vaccination I don't trust. If a couple out of the handful had side effects, I'd consider it but all of those I've asked???
    It's a no from me.

  • NO probably not

    Bad really bad, like people say " wow the flu shot is really unhelpful and bad"
    Bad really bad, like people say " wow the flu shot is really unhelpful and bad"
    Bad really bad, like people say " wow the flu shot is really unhelpful and bad"
    Bad really bad, like people say " wow the flu shot is really unhelpful and bad"

  • Read the science, avoid scare tactic propaganda

    First: the flu does NOT kill nearly the number the media states, usually less than 2,000 people a year...CHECK THE CDC WEBSITE FOR YOURSELF!
    Second: ulcers kill more people in a year than the flu does, as do many other common problems yet we don't worry about those problems to the same degree...No money in it apparently
    Third: there is absolutely no difference in the deaths per year when the flu shot it "right" versus "wrong"
    Fourth: if our bodies build antibodies why do they push an annual flu shot covering a majority of strains we would have already built antibodies for? Hmmm...
    Fifth: it's medicallu impossible for a virus to mutate into a bacteria. So, don't believe the flu can become pneumonia! They are unrelated!!

    The pneumonia vaccine however, worth considering!

    Getting the flu shot buys into the media scare tactics and government propaganda! Vaccinate and immunize withy the things science has proven works, the flu shot is a complete scam!

    Chris RN

  • Only for the Inactive

    There are multiple strains of influenza. Doctors are guessing 6 months in advance of which strains they need to include in the vaccine. Then they inject it into your body (along with the other garbage they use to make the vaccine) and you just hope they picked the right strains for the year. I'm 26 and have had flu-like symptoms (not even sure if it was influenza) once in my life. Eating healthy and remaining active helps keep your immune system strong so your body can fight diseases before they have the chance to slow you down.

  • Shouldn't even be a question. NO.

    First of all the flu vaccine is produced in a laboratory where the scientists have no idea what strain(s) of the flu are going around. So they are pretty much playing a guessing game and making us guinea pigs. Secondly we have no idea what goes into this vaccine. We have no idea what kind of toxins and useless junk are being injected into our bodies. People actually get sick from getting this shot so why does the medical community push people to keep getting this shot...One reason; money. Most members of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) which dictates who should be getting the vaccines each year have some tie to the company who produces the vaccine so they make a profit for each and every person who gets the vaccine. The researchers who try to convince us that this is the best route to go to keep us healthy and that vaccines are safe most of the time that research is funded by the vaccine company so that research is very biased and is going to make sure that the company looks good and that they have a very helpful product. If the people who are going to profit from injecting us with god only knows what are making money why would they ever tell us that getting a flu vaccine is going to harm us. There have been scientists who don't work for the vaccine companies do research on the vaccines and what they found is horrific. Most flu vaccines contain Mercury which we all know can harm us in so many ways. There are studies that say that the flu vaccine is linked to the rising numbers of people with Alzheimer's disease. Instead of promoting healthy and natural ways to keep the flu away the medical community pushes unnatural harmful vaccines.

  • Not a good idea

    While the Flu Vaccine may appear to help people all over the world, it is not safe. When they make the Flu Vaccine they cannot possibly cover the entire gamut of possible effects of the Flu Virus, due to its mutating ability. So they take what they believe will be the most common effects of the virus and create the flu shot based on those basic symptoms. I think this is wrong. Flu Vaccines should be made according the most common symptoms found by area because the strain changes so my by temperature and past flu's and it is not a general over all do good because of it.

  • No Way Jose!

    I would never get the vaccine because you do not know what they actually put into that vaccine. There are plenty of people who get the vaccine and STILL get the flu every single year. Why didn't the vaccine help them? Maybe because it's not the flu vaccine they are getting. You couldn't PAY ME to get one!

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