• I think we should give money to beggars

    I think we should give money to beggars because it makes us feel good, even if the beggar just ends your money on drugs or alcohol.these poor people are just like you and I they just haven't had the luck that we have had in life. We mustn't be judgemental thinking that they are either an alcohol or a drug addict for example.

  • Depends ?

    I give a few dollars if I don't know them if i'm out of town. but the ones I see every week, when the say they will pay you back and don't and then hit everybody in the parking lot up for a dollar. the ones who do that make it hard for the pork joker who might really be out of fuel or needs a meal. as long as the don't hit you every time and the able to do themselves.

  • Yes, I think it is alright to give money to beggars

    Yes, I encourage everyone give money to people in need. Not only is it good to help people out who are in need, you never know when you could find yourself in a similar situation. If you needed a meal you would most certainly want people to help you out. Have compassion for those who are less fortunate than you!

  • Yes, you should give alms to beggars.

    Helping those in need is an act of kindness humans should be more prone to practice, as many homeless and destitute people have been victims of terrible circumstances and are only trying to survive. Of course, you should always use your common sense and judgment when choosing who to give your money to.

  • They Are People Too

    Beggars are people too and they may have experienced a bit of hard luck, but they need to eat and buy many of the things we take for granted. You never know what life can be like until you don't have the basic necessities in life. Granted some of these individuals are con artists, but don't let that discourage you from helping a fellow human in need. Life by the mantra "pay it forward" because kindness will come back to you n your time of need.

  • We should set an example of compassion.

    First lets take this apart. Why do we even have beggars on the streets? In a society that is healthy and compassionate we wouldn't see them. Therefore, the root cause must be our present societal makeup. This is a combination of our current economic, political systems, and especially our competitive for profit tendencies. By many people these beggars are looked upon as less than human. They are lazy and don't want to contribute to society, not to mention drug addicts. But if you go deeper into he situation you see that our society generates these people. People become beggars because we fail to address fundamental problems in our society. If you do a little detective work you find these people have had extremely rough family conditions in the past that leads to a downward spiral which in turn leads to drug abuse. Most people use drugs because they want to hide their pain which escalates the problem. And what brings them pain is the fact that we are all part of a machine that funnels all the wealth to the top and ignores the bottom. A compassionate view to change our society (and our minds) would rectify this problem. So in the end I do give to people on the streets. It's not my place to judge what they do with the money because I know its partly do to us that they are beggars in the first place. If I can relieve their pain rather it be through food, clothes, or alcohol, I still have a clear conscience and a profound feeling of love.

  • Yes we should

    Everyone are born equal and it is our duty to help the poor. It may not be directly but one can donate clothes, and money to organizations, and NGOs. It is a sign of goodwill and you can feel happy and satisfied that you have helped a needy person too.

  • I think we should.

    We don't know what they went through and they could be doing everything to try to make a better life. I mean they could have a job but still be homeless because being paid minimum wage is like nothing. There are a lot of reasons and I don't want to try to reason if giving to that person is really worth it because there are people who don't need it but what about the people who do. I'm not just going to pass them by because of the others. I don't think they should suffer especially if they are trying everything. I choose to not focus on the people who don't and choose to focus on the people who do because I'm not going to let this generalization about homeless people make me think that many aren't good.

  • Encourages others to follow suit

    Adding to this the opposition makes living on the street and begging to be an easy thing and a choice. A lot of people on the street especially now are on the street because of events outside there control. The people who beg on the street live hard lives and while it would be naive to suggest that some of them are not milking the system they are still begging through necessity and not because its easy like the opposition suggest.

    I wonder if the opposition would chose to live on the streets and also wonder if the speaker fell on hard times would the speaker get off the streets as easily as he suggests and secure a job in a environment were the average person finds it hard to do at the minute or if they too would end up "taking the easy way and begging"

  • We should give money to the beggars

    We can define “Money” as a “ Financial Gain”. The beggars are begging for money for their own finance. They don’t have enough ability to earn money in a company, so they are begging for money. We could also define “Beggars” as “A person of a specified type, often one to be envied or pitied”. We must have pity on them. They don’t have any ability nor money to maintain themselves. So we should give money to the beggars. We can define “Money” as a “ Financial Gain”. The beggars are begging for money for their own finance. They don’t have enough ability to earn money in a company, so they are begging for money. We could also define “Beggars” as “A person of a specified type, often one to be envied or pitied”. We must have pity on them. They don’t have any ability nor money to maintain themselves. So we should give money to the beggars.

  • No, you should not give money to beggars.

    Because most of the beggars we see are not even in need, most of them are just too lazy to work but they need money. If we give the panhandlers money they will think that it is better to beg than to work, If America's people thought that, America as a country would fall to its knees.

  • I think we should not give money to beggars.

    It is the beggars' fault being poor. If they worked hard as we or our parents do, they would certainly be a person like us. So we should not give our money to beggars to give them chances for them to raise their power and be a successful man or woman.

  • Drugs, Drugs, Drugs

    I work long hours for very little pay and because of that I value the money I have worked hard to earn. I fail to see why I should give my hard earned money to someone who sits on the street all day. In addition I pay a fortune in taxes that supposedly go towards welfare, I am not handing out additional money (especially since I live in Massachusetts which has really high taxes). Finally a majority of the the beggars are either scams or drug users.
    Beggars need to earn the money got be handed being a parasite on civilization.

  • Beggars should not be given money

    The beggars are doing the beggary as they are lazy to work, they are unaware about any work, they think beggary is the easy way to earn money than doing work.
    We should not give money to the beggars simply as we don’t know exactly if they are beggars or not. If we give it to a charity it would be useful. I very strongly suspect that all the money that a beggar collects goes to alcohol or drugs.

  • There are many reason

    That some are faker and some beggers use drugs there for they spend your money on drugs and do you think that it is right way no if you really want to do something for beggars then make a charity for them and if we help them with money then they said it is very easy way to earn money

  • Only if you want them to take your entire wallet!

    Just need a dollar to get yourself a hot dog and you recently got cancer and AIDS and you don't have a job? Sure... Then I pull out my wallet which he is watching curiously, sees a couple 20's and decides to grab it and run or beat the ever-living crap out of me and take it. You can't tell who is sincere sometimes, but if you have to listen to a 5 minute back-story its probably a bunch of bull.

  • Most beggars (in developed countries) are conning you

    Most of the beggars on the roads are usually drug addicts, alcholics, gamblers etc. Do you really want to give your money to someone who will waste ther money on sinful acts, they need to work for there money and you cant just give your money to someone that you dont know and can you really trust them? Yes you may feel sorry for them, even i do, but half of them are not doing anything good with the money. Most are gypsies anyway

  • if you stop supporting them they can start supporting themseves

    If you stop supporting the needy they might be forced to go to somewhere other than your pockets for money. They might be forced to get a job, live on welfare or social services til' they get back on their feet. Or they can start relying on the salvation army and food bank or soup kitchen for food and shelter. Plus they'd probably get better from these places than they'd get from our money

  • No, because others work hard for their money.

    Has anyone ever just given you a handout or have you had to work hard for what you have? I'm sure that your life hasn't always been easy, but did you resort to begging on the street corner? No, I don't think so. You did what you had to do to pull yourself up! For some reason think its okay to just give handouts? There are tons of governmental assistance programs that we already pay for that many homeless people either do not use for bad reasons or abuse and still panhandle. A panhandler in Denver told me once that he makes on average $200 a day!

  • We Do Charity

    We already give money to charities to support these people who are in need. I trust them because I know they will be able to spend my money wisely. Instead of those on the streets who could spend it on whatever. Instead of giving money take them to a shelter where you know they can get help. It's not guaranteed your money will go to good use.

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