• I think we should give money to beggars

    I think we should give money to beggars because it makes us feel good, even if the beggar just ends your money on drugs or alcohol.these poor people are just like you and I they just haven't had the luck that we have had in life. We mustn't be judgemental thinking that they are either an alcohol or a drug addict for example.

  • Depends ?

    I give a few dollars if I don't know them if i'm out of town. but the ones I see every week, when the say they will pay you back and don't and then hit everybody in the parking lot up for a dollar. the ones who do that make it hard for the pork joker who might really be out of fuel or needs a meal. as long as the don't hit you every time and the able to do themselves.

  • Yes, I think it is alright to give money to beggars

    Yes, I encourage everyone give money to people in need. Not only is it good to help people out who are in need, you never know when you could find yourself in a similar situation. If you needed a meal you would most certainly want people to help you out. Have compassion for those who are less fortunate than you!

  • Yes, you should give alms to beggars.

    Helping those in need is an act of kindness humans should be more prone to practice, as many homeless and destitute people have been victims of terrible circumstances and are only trying to survive. Of course, you should always use your common sense and judgment when choosing who to give your money to.

  • They Are People Too

    Beggars are people too and they may have experienced a bit of hard luck, but they need to eat and buy many of the things we take for granted. You never know what life can be like until you don't have the basic necessities in life. Granted some of these individuals are con artists, but don't let that discourage you from helping a fellow human in need. Life by the mantra "pay it forward" because kindness will come back to you n your time of need.

  • It is not all about ourselves.

    We should not be asking all kinds of questions. If you are led by the Holy Spirit to give then you give. I do not give money but always food or maybe clothes if I see the need. We have in abundance and we should share where there is need. We are blessed to be a blessing.

  • Without question, help the beggar

    Think of how courageous and bold a beggar must be to ask another human for money, food, water, clothing, etc. Yes, there are unethical beggars, but who are we to judge? If someone's reaching out, it's our job to help and give with gratitude. Only God can judge the beggar.

  • We should give money to beggars

    I read a lot of arguements of the no side and most of them are saying that they are lazy or they didnt know any work or if they work like us than they will be like us. So i want to them a question that
    Why did a person becomes a beggar?
    Is it in his genes or he is born with this begging quality.
    Absolutely no
    you are saying that if they work like us they will be like us but the fact is that he has no job not bcoz of if he is lazy but bcoz they have no money for education or any graduation.They are not lazy.
    The are desperate.
    Stop giving money to them will not change there situation but will make it more severe bcoz they cannot do anything and neither can we.
    At least we should give them money so that they can survive

  • Wherever one may go- on street corners,

    At traffic lights, at temples, and even historical monuments one finds hordes of beggars. Some beggars are physically handicapped, either lame or blind or with missing limbs. However, some are able-bodied people who have been compelled to become beggars because of extreme poverty beggars should be encouraged to work and lead a life of dignity.

  • They need us

    Beggars are the most desperate people in this world. Give them money while we are able to give. Help them while we are able to help. We don't know how our life is in the future, better help from now then we just leave them and let them suffer. I Believe that God will change our money more than what we gave.

  • No, you should not give money to beggars.

    Because most of the beggars we see are not even in need, most of them are just too lazy to work but they need money. If we give the panhandlers money they will think that it is better to beg than to work, If America's people thought that, America as a country would fall to its knees.

  • Drugs, Drugs, Drugs

    I work long hours for very little pay and because of that I value the money I have worked hard to earn. I fail to see why I should give my hard earned money to someone who sits on the street all day. In addition I pay a fortune in taxes that supposedly go towards welfare, I am not handing out additional money (especially since I live in Massachusetts which has really high taxes). Finally a majority of the the beggars are either scams or drug users.
    Beggars need to earn the money got be handed being a parasite on civilization.

  • Begging is a Profession

    George Orwell said it best: A beggar, looked at realistically, is simply a businessman, getting his living, like other businessmen, in the way that comes to hand. He has not, more than most modern people, sold his honor; he has merely made the mistake of choosing a trade at which it is impossible to grow rich.

  • There are many reason

    That some are faker and some beggers use drugs there for they spend your money on drugs and do you think that it is right way no if you really want to do something for beggars then make a charity for them and if we help them with money then they said it is very easy way to earn money

  • Only if you want them to take your entire wallet!

    Just need a dollar to get yourself a hot dog and you recently got cancer and AIDS and you don't have a job? Sure... Then I pull out my wallet which he is watching curiously, sees a couple 20's and decides to grab it and run or beat the ever-living crap out of me and take it. You can't tell who is sincere sometimes, but if you have to listen to a 5 minute back-story its probably a bunch of bull.

  • Most beggars (in developed countries) are conning you

    Most of the beggars on the roads are usually drug addicts, alcholics, gamblers etc. Do you really want to give your money to someone who will waste ther money on sinful acts, they need to work for there money and you cant just give your money to someone that you dont know and can you really trust them? Yes you may feel sorry for them, even i do, but half of them are not doing anything good with the money. Most are gypsies anyway

  • if you stop supporting them they can start supporting themseves

    If you stop supporting the needy they might be forced to go to somewhere other than your pockets for money. They might be forced to get a job, live on welfare or social services til' they get back on their feet. Or they can start relying on the salvation army and food bank or soup kitchen for food and shelter. Plus they'd probably get better from these places than they'd get from our money

  • No, because others work hard for their money.

    Has anyone ever just given you a handout or have you had to work hard for what you have? I'm sure that your life hasn't always been easy, but did you resort to begging on the street corner? No, I don't think so. You did what you had to do to pull yourself up! For some reason think its okay to just give handouts? There are tons of governmental assistance programs that we already pay for that many homeless people either do not use for bad reasons or abuse and still panhandle. A panhandler in Denver told me once that he makes on average $200 a day!

  • It would be better not helping the street beggars

    Street beggars usually have lack of hope for their lives. So it is common for you to waste your money because they spend their money on drugs. Just making you feeling better cannot be the reason of helping beggars. They became like how the are now because maybe they did not care themselves when young. It is better to sped money on charities. Making the beggars drink too much drug can cause them to dye. Your kind offer will lead them to more serious laziness than ever.

  • We Do Charity

    We already give money to charities to support these people who are in need. I trust them because I know they will be able to spend my money wisely. Instead of those on the streets who could spend it on whatever. Instead of giving money take them to a shelter where you know they can get help. It's not guaranteed your money will go to good use.

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