• Everyone is entitled to their opinions

    I don't care how much people say they have talent, save their lives, etc. Not everyone is going to like them. IMHO, their music isn't good, they because famous because they weren't good enough to go at it alone, and a lot of girls like them because of their looks. Don't get mad and name call because someone has a different opinion. It makes you look immature and stupid. Stop doing that!! They're not better than everyone else.

  • I used to hate One Direction just because very one else hated them.

    I remember as a child, I heard their song, What Makes You Beautiful, and I loved it, even though I hated 1D. I even had most of the lyric memorized and sang it all them time, but I just hated the band. Now, after they’ve broken up, I regret hating them and wished I would have become a fan earlier.
    These boys are very talented and have millions of fans and broke multiple records. I love each member because of their charming personalities, not because of their looks.

  • They're five heros

    No you shouldn't hate them, yes they are boys who sing but you don't have to hate them. They have done so well over the pass five years and the whole time people doubted them, now look they're the biggest boy band. I don't really know why people hate them but you don't know them so you can't hate them at all. They are just doing their jobs their dream jobs, making people happy with music, and saving girls deep inside.

  • No, they are talented.

    No, people should not hate One Direction, because they are a talented musical group with a wide following. They produce good music that many people enjoy. It is wrong to hate something just because you personally don't enjoy it. Other people enjoy their music and that is reason alone not to hate them.

  • Listening to this band is your choice

    One Direction is a band, listening to it is (usually) your choice. If you do not like the band there is no reason to have such a strong negative reaction as to hate them, as that has a strong negative connotation. Rather, simply put them out of mind by enjoying your own music, and stop wasting time choosing to listen to them.

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