• Dogs are more then just an animal.

    Coming home to a dog running to the door to meet you with there tail waging from a long day at work. Can put a smile on your face. When you spill something you have a personal cleaner. Ps. Dont let them clean up everything. Dogs are my world i love my dog so much .

  • Dogs are the best

    Dogs are the best friend for a kid to have and for The family to have I have a great dog and she is so nice and If You have a dog they're the cuwowos cutest when they're puppy are owsome sow get,a dog they're the bests of dogs ever.

  • Dogs are loyal

    Everybody should have dogs because they are very LOYAL. If you have no kids you should have one and have one if you have a family so they can put your family to together so you can spend more time with your whole family. GET ONE FROM A SHELTER.YES YOU SHOULD LIKE DOGS.

  • Sure, why not

    Dogs make excellent companions. Unless someone's busy lifestyle prevents them from taking good care of a dog, I think people should have dogs as pets. Having a dog enriches a family. Kids love playing with a dog and learn a lot from it, too. Adopting a dog from an animal shelter is the best way to go.

  • Dogs are More Than Man's Best Friend

    Being a dog owner and having the blessed experience of working at a dog day care, I believe strongly that dogs are good for the soul. It is more than a matter of ownership. A dog will come to own you just as much as you perceive yourself owning the dog. It is a symbiotic relationship which lightens spirits and brings immeasurable joy.

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