• Yes, people should be able to donate to whoever they support.

    People should have donated to the 'dinner with Trump' contest if they wanted to, without fear of judgment. No one seemed to know that the whole thing was basically a scam. People should vet who they donate to a bit better in the future as a result of this. Trump has since launched his own 'dinner with Trump' campaign so that his supporters do not get taken advantage of.

  • No, I don`t tjhink so.

    This is absolutely hilarious - it's amazing that some punk is able to capitalize on the fever pitch that fools & neanderthals have created around the angry orangutan. They were so eager & greedy to meet him that they got ripped off because they weren't smart enough to read the fine print or ensure they were giving to trumpf

  • It was a scam

    There was never any dinner with Trump prize to begin with, and the money that people thought were going to the Trump campaign only went into the pockets of the people running the contest. I hope these people are able to get their money back, or that a court rules the money must go to the campaign.

  • No, people shouldn't have donated to the "Dinner with Trump" contest

    No, people should not have donated to the "Dinner with Trump" contest. It is a scam to raise funds for Trump's campaign. It should be illegal for presidential candidates to run contests of that nature to raise money for their campaigns. If other candidates hosted a contest of this nature it would not be allowed.

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