Should people have harsher punishments for bullying?

Asked by: KernGordon
  • Why shouldn't there be.

    Of course there should be harsher punishments. When people are bullied it leave permanent mental damage. Also, because I've always believed in the idea of an "eye for an eye", I feel that when bullies torment people to the point of committing suicide, they should be prosecuted with the possibility of the death sentence for it.

  • Harsher punishments make you learn a lesson!

    I think that harsher punishments are better in this case because bullying is getting very serious and it is making individuals want to commit suicide.This shouldn't be the case...If there were harsher punishments then the bully would learn a lesson about how bad bullying is,and make then not want to do it again.

  • It Is Harassment

    In the real world. Harassment is illegal (verbal, sexual, etc.). If you harass an individual to the point they suffer an emotional breakdown, or commit suicide, it speaks negatively about your own issues - starting with a seriously narcissistic personality disorder. Bullying is a form of harassment. Legally, it should be treated as such. If it carried tougher penalties, we might see fewer occurrences.

  • You will have difficulty learning without discipline.

    Discipline is essential for you to learn good behaviors and to prevent and stop bad behaviors. Bullying is a bad behavior, and it is likely to continue if it is not disciplined, or if the discipline is not severe enough. Many kids get away with bullying by getting only a "slap on the wrist"- I wonder how many of these people end up in jail later on in life. It's better to learn now with harsh discipline then to learn later after committing a more severe crime.

  • Bullying is painful, rude and damaging.

    Bullying can come in many forms. There isn't just the regular, physical confrontation aspect of bullying, but there are also the damages that can occur from emotional, metal and cyber bullying, as just a few examples. Bullying is more often than not the cause of suicide amoung children and teenagers, and no one should ever feel so threatened that they feel taking their own life is the answer. Bullying is damaging, rude, selfish, idiotic and demeaning, and those who bully should be punished more. Additonally, students who bully are usually suffering at home, and they should probably be tended to to make sure they are alright as well.

  • I think it is wrong to bully other people

    The should cause what do they do to the bullies like really they do nothing to stop them the just let them bully until the kill there self cause of how much they don't like there life because of the bullies out there.Like what the heck they thing there so nice but to you there really devils👺👹. So if you getting bullied just stick up for your self it not hard your just scared of tell them like there going to beat you up so just run to a adult and tell them what happened.

  • More punishment NOW!

    People aren't learning their lesson with just a simple punishment. They need to learn their lesson so they don't just run off and bully someone else again. We need to stop bullying because it is still growing (50% Over last 3 decades)! Many of the kids getting cyber bullied are commuting suicide or are having suicidal thoughts. Bullies shouldn't make you think those thing or do those things. That's why they need a more severe punishment.

  • Yes bully's deserve a harsher punishment

    Bully's should definitely get a harsher punishment people could argue that Bully's don't deserve a harsher punishment because of what goes on at home but you have to look at it from both views bullying cause Self-harm, Mental Illnesses and eventually suicide so whats worse a bully's or Teen Deaths all over the world.

  • I think that is wrong to bully other people.

    I think that is wrong to bully other people. They weren't born to get bully or have to kill themselves over this. They were born to live their life so all you bullies out there just stop please. You would not like it if you guys got bullied. It is wrong.

  • More punishments needed

    If someone bullies someone online, no one would know about it. If that victim would commit suicide or hurt themselves in any way, I think that the person who bullied that person should be harshly because they need a taste of their own medicine. So cyberbullies need a better and harsher punishment.

  • It sends the wrong message

    Obviously if your intent is to convince someone that tormenting someone else because of their personal traits is wrong(ie. Being a nerd, being small or weak, being gay, etc) then it is not going to be an effective message when your method of convincing them is to cause them suffering in the hopes of changing their behavior to conform to what others think is right. I am not condoning bullying, but if you use force to modulate someones behavior, all you are doing is giving evidence to that individual that you can bend others to your will by making their life hell until they decide it is better to follow the wishes of others than do what they are compelled by their own minds to do. Rather, it will give them more resentment towards the people they were bullying who they will think is getting preferential treatment, which only exacerbates the conflict. There needs to be preemptive actions taken instead to reach a point where bullies do not feel the need to concern themselves with the lives of others, or at least have enough societal pressure not to resort to abusing others to dissuade them from starting the bullying to begin with.

  • I am a bully

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  • I am a bully

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  • Harsher punishments would only cause more trouble.

    Remember, bullies are people, too. The main reason people become bullies is because they were probably bullied or raised poorly. It is not reasonable to punish them severely; that will only make them more bitter and aggressive. Punishing them severely will only cause them to have another reason to bully others. They just want others to feel the same way they felt when they were treated badly.
    I believe the only reasonable way to handle bullies is with psychologists. A psychologist would get them to understand the reason they are bullying and why they need to stop. Instead of punishing with violence, jail, insults, detention, etc., bullies should be handled in a calm manner. If bullies are handled in a calm matter, then they will be able to understand why they bully, why they should stop, how the victim feels, etc., and then they could be punished mildly with an hour of detention or something of similar sorts to think over what they've done.
    Bullying is an emotional thing, it can't be handled with harsh punishment. Harsh punishment will only lead to more bitterness and reason to bully.

  • It will not change them all and it could abuse them.

    I think that there should not be any harsher punishments. Some bullies can be very stubborn and they might get worse. What will the punishments be? Do the same thing as the bully did to the other person/people? I don't think it would work. If the person was kicked and the bully was kicked back, they might just be abused and in return, might get into rage or just carry on with their stupid habits. Or, if you tease them back, it might not even affect them, or if it did, they would still carry on with their bad habits or get into rage. And if the person bullied broke an arm caused by the bully, the bully's arm shouldn't be broken too. Because, if they were primary/elementary school students, what would their parents say? There might even be a fight between the 2 families or there could be 2 big complaints from both families. That would be A LOT of pressure. Making them write lines? Well, it wouldn't hurt them physically or mentally or emotionally, but what if they won't change? You can't control other people's actions, but you can control your own and how much others' actions affect you. Maybe the bully should have a talk with the teachers or principals. Or talk to an expert on convincing a bully to stop bullying.

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sweetbreeze says2013-07-03T03:01:37.707
Harsher punishments like what? I think it depends on what kinds of bullying they do. Anyway, you can't control other people's actions. You can only control how much it affects you.
sweetbreeze says2013-07-03T03:25:35.893
Well, let's say, what will the punishments be? Doing what the bully did to the one/s being bullied? Or make them write lines? I don't think it's going to work, because it might not affect them one bit or it might abuse them. You might be able to change some bullies, but what if they're the really stubborn ones? They might get worse or carry on with their stupid habits.