• Yes they should

    Yes people should be required to have licenses to own dogs. Not everyone is suited in order to have an animal so getting licenses would ensure that they are able to properly take care of animals and can provide them with a good life. Some people neglect their animals and shouldnt have them.

  • Yes, I do.

    People should have to register a license to own a dog, but it should not cost the people very much money. Who is and is not able to have a dog should come down to if they owner can take care of it, give it a good home, and be generally a good person towards that animal.

  • Almost... But not Quite

    Okay, everyone's going to hate me for this, but you'd need to fit a lot of conditions to own these dogs, and most of you probably wouldn't get to own a dog. I believe you should be required a (Free or low cost) check up by a vet to make sure they have eaten right, and been kept out of the cold, and have no major injuries or anything else left untreated. (Also, what about other animals?) I am completely against people hurting and not giving enough care to their animals, but to be honest, would you get the license?
    -Proper job, to afford food and medicine
    -The ability to take them out for walks twice a day, every day
    -and clean any messes
    -No children, they could hurt the poor dog/cat/etc.!

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