Should people have to pass a drug test to get food stamps?

  • Everyone Else Has To!

    I have to get drug-tested in order to earn the money to pay taxes; why should a person not have to be drug-tested in order to receive that money in the form of food stamps? Also, if someone is receiving food stamps, it is being assumed that they can't afford to even feed themselves. Drugs are EXPENSIVE. If they can afford drugs, they ought to be able to afford food (or at least more than they're getting already while taking the drugs). For those who take the test and it comes out positive for drug use, they'll have to either stop and use their drug money for food, find a willing charity, or die. That's the choice they have to make. And it's not cruel- if you don't even think your own life is worth the effort of trying to make money to buy food, why should other people be made to buy it for you?

  • Yes

    if I have to take a drug test to work and pay taxes which go to your food stamps then you need to be drug tested before receiving the help. I've seen people exchange food stamps for drugs and it's not that hard and it's so stupid. If you aren't doing drugs then you should have no problem peeing in a cup to get help.

  • Why not?

    I have to take a DOT drug test once a year as well as any time my employers wishes or if I get injured. If I have to take a drug test to work and pay the taxes that fund the food stamp program than why wouldn't someone drawing food stamps have to do the same thing? Everyone wants equality right?

  • Yes - they need to prove they are not a leach to society

    It is a complete slap in the face to hard-working people whose tax dollars go to food stamp recipients if those recipients contribute nothing to society except worsening the drug problem. Food stamps should only be provided to people that are actively looking to better themselves and their families, not rejects who do nothing but sit around and break the law.

  • I think so.

    To receive food stamp benefits there should be more regulations and testing, I do support drug testing for food stamps. There are many people who abuse the program, the first person to abuse the program did so not long after the first pilot of the program started. If you are receiving aid from the government you should be a law abiding citizen.

  • yes

    Yes they should have to get drug tested. I have three children and work two jobs. The last thing I want is for my hard earned tax dollars to go to someone who could be working but instead wants to get high! We have to pass a drug test to work. So they should have to pass a drug test for something that's handed to them!

  • I say yes

    I get food stamps and if they want to drug test me I have nothing to hide and if you really need them and your not on drugs you shouldn't have a problem with it I will pee in a cup and be grateful for them helping put food on my table for my kids

  • Yes anyone receiving government assistance should be drug tested.

    If I have to be drug tested to get a job and to serve my country in the U.S. Armed Forces why shouldn't someone who may or may not have a job not have to get drug tested to receive free money. Yes there are a lot of people who don't do drugs who are on food stamps. At the same time there are a few people who do do drugs and are receiving free money which isn't right.

  • Drug test before free hand out

    I'm all for drug testing before you get free food. The only reason for anyone to argue this point is because they are the guilty ones. If you are truly innocent and in need you will jump through hoops to provide for your family. There is no reason to be one food stamps any longer then a year. If you can't help out volunteering or working then you are the reason why our economy is in the toilet. They call them turds for a reason.

  • If I have to pee in a cup then so should you.

    No matter what someone says to you, they can never argue that drugs are okay. Drug use has caused many substandard things to happen including murders, rapes, deaths and much more. And by giving someone money while they are using drugs is like you are supporting them. Is that okay? Is it okay to tell someone that they can do drugs and you will give them money? No, it simply is not. How bad is it really to have to be tested for drugs every few months or every month in order to receive money for food? That is actually pretty easy. And honestly, nobody wants to take time out of his or her day, to drive to some office and pee in a cup. But if you have nothing to hide and you want the benefits then it shouldn’t be a big deal. I have to pee in a cup for work to pay for your food so you should have to pee in a cup to receive that money.

  • No there should not be drug test for food stamps.

    No you should not drug test people in order for them to get food stamps. There is to much controversy going on about this, and I am so sick of it. If people are hungry and need help then help them stop being so worried if the hit a joint before. I work a full time job and I still do not make enough I receive medicaid and food stamps, while I do not do drugs I would be upset that I would have to go pee in a cup before you would allow me to get help to feed my kids.

  • Ive been on food stamps for 18 months

    I have to admit, I smoke weed once in a while after work to relax and I dont see anything wrong with it. I get $650. A month from the government to feed my family, but I have never sold food stamps to pay for my weed. I sell weed on the side, just enough to pay for my own habit. So as long as I use my food stamps for food, I dont see the problem. Its not your money so dont worry about it.

  • Lack of funding.

    Who is going to pay for the drug test? The government is having enough problems with funding for public assistance. I recently heard that the person who wants the assistance may have to pay for the test. If this is so, how can they expect people to pay for a test, if they do not have money for food? You can't suspect all people receiving food stamps is selling it for drugs, it is unethical. One can also say, people work and rip off their employers, they are not being patted down before leaving work.

  • Should gun owners be drug tested?

    The answer is no because it presumes guilt without evidence. It's nothing but racist drivel and latent hatred for anybody who is struggling to put food on the table. In this decade of recession and joblessness where 4 job applicants compete for every job opening in this country, you can hardly drug test every person who needs some assistance putting food on the table. It also suggests more government bureaucracy to administer the drug testing . Get real people.

  • Should people have to pass a drug test to get food stamps? I say NO

    Drug tests are costly, unnecessary and inappropriate. Why should anyone be drug tested unless there is reason to suspect them of drug use? Past experience has shown a fraction of a percent of people come up with a positive drug test - there is just no reason to do it. It's just one more way to 'shame' the needy. I don't think anyone should be drug tested for anything except maybe flying a plane or something - but to get food stamps? That's ridiculous if you ask me

  • No, it is like all other attempts to stop eliminate bad character

    1) It doesn't appear to work in lessening drug use in states that have implemented the program. 2) It is costly and won't save as much as it costs. 3) It humiliates the people who are short-term welfare recipients. 4) #1 reason is you can't legislate character. It has never worked and never will.

  • Expensive way to get people off benefits

    The only reason there'd be for doing mandatory testing is if you could sell your stamps for drugs. But you can't sell your food stamps anymore as they're not made of paper...It's your photo ID Benefit card that you use for EBT, like a credit card. Anyhow, what drugs would they be testing for, because these days a lot of people are strung out on (legal) pills, besides the weed, crack and meth. Will you have to bring your RX bottles to show them? What if you smoked weed a month ago but it still comes up positive? How much would this testing be costing the Government? Life is rough when you're poor. In this society money is power. When you're poor you have no power and many times the only thing that makes life tolerable is drugs. Taking away something you can't sell for drugs they way you could when food stamps were made of paper is a complete waste of time and money.

  • Only if Congress Can Pass The Same Tests

    Drug testing the poor at taxpayer expense -- there's money for that, but we won't cure them, even to save our own population, if they have hepatitis or need a vaccine? Here's an idea for fairness: Every politician who voted for drug testing people who receive taxpayer dollars should IMMEDIATELY be drug tested, and should have frequent random drug tests throughout the rest of his or her employment with the US government. The same argument they made in order to justify this applies, and I don't care to pay the salary of any hypocritical drug-using congress member who votes this kind of intrusive measure into being. If they manage to stay clean (and no DUIs, either, people), then at least they actually believe what they are selling us. Next we can implement the drug-testing program everywhere our tax dollars are going, right? Big agribusinesses, defense contractors, the many bailed-out financial-sector corporations... Line up, folks, you receive a LOT of taxpayer money.

  • This has nothing to do with drugs

    Some and honestly not all of people on public assistance, need it agreed. Just like a rich lawyer fraud the system and making lots of money, like that is really so unusual to hear about, yea we don't hear about it. The people not working, been there all there life's, teach there kids this is how life is this group of people will do what all these comments are referring to. Your not really referring to the people driving the nicer car then you or having a bigger house then you OR wearing nicer and more expensive close then you are, because these are the other group of people, the rich, the ones that put the last thing he owned and the last bit of knowledge he/she has and he/she did loose there job, or there business, the pressure of a divorce and a job loss. This is why you see people with more then you pay with food stamp cards. They had more then you do!!!!!
    Drugs have nothing to do with it, the thing you can do- I pay for someones groceries and them pay you cash for it - THEN you can go buy drugs with it. But food stamps is no link to drugs weather I do them or not. What this will say is because I am addicted to a substance, which very will the doctors may have caused it, do you know how easy it is to get pills of a doctor about stress, and alter my mood type pills? What other acceptations have to play a roll?

  • Sounds reasonable but doesn't work as intended.

    1. People on welfare do not use drugs at higher rates than the general population.
    2. It is not cost effective. It costs more to administer the tests than the money saved by weeding out "users", most of whom are only on the pot.
    3. There's no evidence that giving drug users food stamps will promote their drug use.
    4. It punishes families and children for one person's habit.
    5. It diverts attention from those who are the real drains on the system: CEOs who put their money in tax havens and banksters who are too big to fail. Yes, some food stamps users abuse the service, but in the larger scheme of things it's a drop in the bucket compared to the damage done by the rich.

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