• People should wear seat belts.

    Seat belts are made to provide protection to those that are inside a card. If you do not wear a seat belt it is because you are being ignorant of something that could potential save your life. Seat belts provide an increase in safety by over 90%, so doing something so easy as wearing a seat belt should just be done.

  • Yes of course.

    Do you want to die? You might not realize the whole point of a seat belt, so I will explain it to you. It's the thing that makes you stay in your seat at not fly out the window and kill yourself when your car explodes into another objects. ^

  • Yes or you die

    The only reason you should wear a seat belt is because if you going 40-60 miles and you make and emergency stop your going to go flinging out of the window like in gta 4 where when you crash you go flinging out of the window and lose health and you had the police on you you would die with one shot at you

  • Yes, Of course they must

    The use of a seat belt prevent serious consequences in a car accidents that happens very often in most of countries... Seat belts reduce the risk of death of the driver and front passenger and back seat. A lot of people's lives were saved because of the seat belt, and I am sure that people have to put on seat belts where ever they go...

  • Yes they sure should.

    Should people have to wear seat belts? YES..... Please Explain Your Stance...... OKAY..... Here goes .... People should have to wear seat belts because that is what the loops are for in seat pants. I guess you could wear seat suspenders, but you need something to keep your seat pants from falling down!

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