Should people in the US pass a political knowledge test before voting?

Asked by: Gaben11
  • American-born Citizens Should Take the Same Test as Naturalized Citizens

    To become a naturalized citizen (and a legal voter), one is required to “Demonstrate a basic knowledge of U.S. history, government, and civic principles” and “Demonstrate an ability to read, write, speak, and understand basic English”.

    Native-born citizens are allowed to vote no matter how illiterate or ill-informed. It seems reasonable that native-born Americans be required to demonstrate the same rudimentary understanding of the Constitution and civics as naturalized citizens.

  • Standardized Voting Test

    Only good can from a vote coming from a more educated populous. It does not even necessarily need to be a in depth look at our political landscape but even a surface understanding of our government should be required in order to have a voice within its workings. Especially in the trying times we live in, we should make sure the decisions are made by the well informed.

  • The Repercussions of poor knowledge

    If someone votes based on limited knowledge, the policies might be a drastic change in a direction that does not suit the population. People vote based on commercial things during the campaign such as likeability of the politician rather than who aligns with their beliefs. Also the electoral college is old and should be removed

  • This Would Work Well With Mandatory Voting

    If we made voting mandatory, and made voters take a political knowledge test, then we would be able to weed out votes from people ignorant of political matters or rebellious against the system. That way, we wouldn't have certain people be elected as President, and would truly have a fair election.

  • Stay home if you don't know.

    If you don't know the current issues, and where the parties and candidates stand on them, stay home. No one should be voting if they don't understand who they are voting for. This is not a popularity or beauty contest. Time and again I hear people talking and see they are voting against their interest, or they are voting for a religious belief instead of on the issues.

  • Make a sinmple political test mandatory before voting.

    It's not common for people to vote for a party without understanding the very promises by the party itself, nor the common criticisms. [citation neeeed]
    Voters should in my opnion pass a simple test before votibg, not one which aims to test literacy or intelligence, but understanding of both parties' (or perhaps just the party one is voting for) policies and common criticisms of them. This way, more of the votes would be based on a will to take changes in a direction the voters actually agree with.

  • Voters should take a test to vote

    Americans can't correctly decide which candidate they wish to become president if they don't even understand the issues they promise they are going to fix. If someone says they are going to take care of illegal immigrants coming in from Mexico, if you don't understand how this affects the American economy, then you can't correctly vote. You need to understand what is going on to then later decide who is going to help fix those issues, or even if the issues need fixing.

  • Simple test should be required

    If you can't name sitting VP or one of your state senators or name any 4 states, why should your vote count? This has only to do with responsibility. Why do we think that every person has the right to vote, but we all must take a written test to drive? Such a simple plan.

  • Educated Electorate Benefits All

    The long-term solution is to change how US History is taught so that everyone has a solid grasp of America's entire history, good parts and bad. A lot of voters have a fantasized version of America that guides their voting, but if we mandated political knowledge tests, that would help filter out voters who don't have enough of a command of the current economic and political situation to make an informed decision. The challenge is to make sure that this test is applied equally to all voters and not just to certain minorities that are perceived to know less, as was the result in the Deep South in the 1950s and 1960s.

  • Don't vote if you don't understand complex issues.

    Any country aiming at providing a positive future for their citizens should not allow a large class of under educated to decide an election. This is very dangerous and has led to some of the worst political wins in history. Dictators are easily elected in this manner. People of lower intellect are easily pandered to by manipulating politicians with a basic understanding of behavioral science.
    The right to vote should be earned. Everyone should have the right to earn the right to vote by completing a political knowledge test designed by all parties before an election. It is a sad day for America.

  • Of course not.

    No, what's the reason for that? I think we can agree there are more politically involved people in the country than not, and their votes will outweigh the rest. Not to mention this definitely goes against the constitution. One of the things about being an american is that you born with the right to vote.

    Posted by: bete
  • What the heck

    This makes no sense. It is our constitutional right to vote, a right we fought for for many years to have. If only certain 'educated' people are allowed to vote it undermines the whole system we have. Our government is 'by the people, for the people', not 'for the people with political knowledge'.

  • Voting is not a legal right! It is a human right!

    No one should be able to tell you if you can or cannot vote based off of test results! This is fascism! We are all born equal and all have the equal right to to choose our leaders!!! Voting is a human right! This is essential to our liberty !!

  • It may make sense on the surface, but requiring Political knowledge is a bed of thorns.

    Firstly the decisions made by the political machine affect everyone regardless of political intelligence. By barring someone from voting based on that political intelligence you are requiring that a person continue to submit themselves to the rule of law without allowing them any say in how or what areas it is enforced. Why should any person in that position continue to submit to the rule of law?
    Secondly how do you enforce a test on political intelligence? What should be in it??? If a man decides he wants to vote for Politician X because she is the only politician guaranteeing that she will keep open the school that the man's daughter attends should he be allowed to vote knowing only that? Or should he be excluded from the vote based on the fact he only wants to vote on that issue?
    This is to completely ignore the logistical concerns one would have in setting up such a system.

  • It's hard but... I have to say NO

    Democracy is the right for everyone to vote...
    No matter if he is good educated, rich, poor, black, white,a woman or a man.

    It's sometimes hard to accept that people which have no knowledge have the same right to vote then other, but that is how a democracy works!

    And we can be proud that we have one!

    Posted by: timC
  • Intelligence has nothing to do with our goals and opinions about the world.

    Just because someone doesn't know a lot about politics does not mean that they can't make decisions and understand which political party they agree with. Knowledge has nothing to do with someone making goals or choosing which way they like the world to work. Voting is all about someone's opinion, not knowledge.

  • Amounts to Poll Tax

    Verifying the education of someone before voting is like charging a poll tax. Plus, as long as someone can read and understand a ballot, one assumes they are intelligent enough to vote in an election. Although the electoral college was created to prevent illiterate masses from voting in elections, modern technology has remedied that situation.

  • Voters should take a test before voting

    The US is a country that most other countries see as a developed country not only that the US has a wide range of nuclear weapons thus if power falls into the hands of an idiot it could be disastrous. The voters need to know the basic politicall things going on before they vote

  • Voters should take a test before voting

    The US is a country that most other countries see as a developed country not only that the US has a wide range of nuclear weapons thus if power falls into the hands of an idiot it could be disastrous. The voters need to know the basic politicall things going on before they vote

  • No they shouldnt

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