• Yes they should.

    People should have to get a license to own and have a gun that way if there is a shooting or problem with the gun somewhere it is easy for the police to track it down and find out the needed information on the person. It will make peolpe more willing to let others use their guns.

  • Licenses should be free

    Everyone should be trained in the use of guns, and should have licenses provided to them free of charge. There is no reason to charge people for licenses except to rob them for their right to bear arms. If we ensured everyone had licenses for weapons, such as guns, we could ensure fewer accidents would occur.

  • Yes, people should have licenses to better make sure they are trust-worthy of handling one safely.

    People with violent criminal pasts should not be allowed to have guns. Neither should people who have been observed to be unstable. To allow them to have guns is irresponsible and nonsensical. A gun is a deadly weapon which can easily kill many defenseless people. To help prevent this is, people should be reviewed and given a license before being able to get a gun.

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