• Get of their lazy asses

    I think that's they should have to pay because people who don't vote will end up complaining that we have a rubbish leader so if they have a problem then get off you ass and vote and if you don't vote you pay ,face the consequences off your actions BOOM!

  • Yes we need to pay if we do not vote

    People of India must and should vote. It helps in the welfare of the country. Many politicians have struggled a lot to control the country just for the welfare of the people. But some people refuse to vote. The government has provided right to vote each citizen so they can choose a good leader. But when people refuse this right, they must pay for it

  • Yes every people must be voted

    So many poor people are suffering with poverty if they have a right to vote they will also elect a leader and they also get any implements from the government and also they can be develop their selves but there shoud'nt be as a cheaters and change the fate of elections

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  • It would get our country out of debt step by step

    Just think all the people who do not vote per election. All of these people could help get the country out of debt if they just pay 20$ if they dont vote witch in the long run will not keep us in debt. I ahev 5 words left so Mother fucker.

  • People are people

    If you were to wake up and find yourself in a balloon filled with pee with a pineapple and two cheese strings that have already been peeled, what you do is your answer to this debate question. I still need thirteen more words for this to be valid. Two more.

  • People are people

    People can go vote and tick off a box that says to disregard the ballot. If voting was easier then i think that a fine would work as an intensive for people to go out and participate in the election process of their country that they live and breath in.

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  • No people should not pay fine

    No as it is not possible like there are many people who are mentally ill and can't suggest to whom they have to choose as there representatives and if some people are there who can't give that much fine that government is taking from them as they are little bit not settle in life and if the person who is going to vote can"t choose any good leader ( because of there not good fulfill that they are promises in some meeting ) from any of them and the government is not having right to force people to vote so ......... I think that the people should not pay fine if they do not vote .......THANKS.....By KANISHKA SHARMA ......

  • It is a RIGHT

    As stated in the 15th, 19th, and 26th amendments, all citizens, no matter their race, gender, or how old above 18 they are, have the RIGHT to vote. That statement also implies that citizens have the right NOT to vote. It also will cause the results to be unjust. If people are fined, more will come to vote which will can lead to many uninformed voter voting. Uninformed voters are more easily persuaded be opinionated advertisements and people, which can lead to an unqualified or unjust candidate be put into office. All in all, it would not benefit our country to fine citizens for not voting.

  • See Amendment XV

    No. The government (state or federal) should not be able to impose fines on those who do not vote. Under Section I of Amendment XV, citizens of the United States of America have been granted the right to vote--it does not say they must. Imposing fines on those who do not wish to vote would be unconstitutional.

  • No you should not!

    No because what if you don't have the money to pay for it and it is about two weeks ago and you still don't have it. You need to think about it. You might get arrested for it and have to pay to get out or have to stay in arrested for as long as you tried to make the money.

  • Wtf fined for not voting

    Wth would we be fined for voting some people just don't understand politics some would just vote for famous people or thing that would just better themselves off and most of America just don't vote because they just don't deem any of them worthy to be what ever their trying to be

  • This is possibly the stupidest thing that i have ever heard

    This is possibly the stupidest thing that i have ever heard. Its just un democratic and definitely not liberal. Some people who dont understand politics will just vote for random people or POP Stars. Also if voting is forced people wont respect there vote that others have risked there lives to earn.

  • We have a choice on weather we want to vote our not

    If people want us to vote then make it a whole lot more noticeable for us to see so then make our own decision on the situation. We should heave a choice if we want to vote for a prime minister or president or even a mayor for that matter.

  • No. We shouldn't

    Its our choice, we should not be forced to do so. If we have a choice and choose not to take it, we should not be penalized for it. If they want us to vote, then they should make it clear to us that voting is mandatory, and not just expect us to do so.

  • No it is wrong

    It is wrong becuase i said so so its is wrong. ...... . . .... ... .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . .

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