• If they want

    People should play video games if they want, there's no problem with that whatsoever. It's no different than watching films, reading novels or listening to music. It's just another entertainment medium, and we need to have some joy and entertainment in our lives. Stop trying to make life as dull as possible.

  • They can improve your life in some ways...

    I was reading an article a few days ago called "10 reasons why gamers will rule the world." Wanna hear some reasons?
    Recourse management: I play lots of strategy and shooters, so I know when to conserve and use resources.
    Reaction time: Man, this has boosted dramatically in recent years for me. Watching.... And waiting for the right moment to strike, and when to dodge... It's gotten a lot easier.

  • They're Technology, That's Why.

    We cannot feel like the clock of eternity is ticking forward if our technology does not continue to advance. One thing we absolutely will have to keep is video games. They're fun because you can do what you want and fight bad guys. You can even do things that are scientifically impossible in real life. They have evolved since the 80's into a better form of entertainment than books. 30 years from now, they will be better than they are today. Why should we get rid of something that will keep on improving in quality more and more? I'm not saying that I'm not worried about people getting addicted to them. I just think people should play them.

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