Should people say 'Happy Holidays' instead of 'Merry Christmas?'

  • There is more than just Christianity

    Listen, if there was ONLY Christianity allowed in this country, then would be fine to say "Merry Christmas" to everyone. But the fact of the matter is that there are many other faiths in America, as well as some atheists and agnostics.

    If you are Christian, go ahead and say "Merry Christmas" to every Tom, Dick and Jane you meet. Just don't claim you're being "persecuted" when the person responds with a different religious greeting instead!

  • Yes, it is more inclusive

    It is silly to think that people who share the Christmas holiday should say "happy holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" to each other. The term "happy holidays" simply recognizes that other cultures have their own celebrations and we should not automatically assume they share ours. So, in public, among people that you don't know, it is only polite to say "happy holidays". This problem is similar to the way people behave on Mother's Day....just try to be a woman out in public on Mother's Day and not have someone wish you a happy one! It is very insensitive to a woman who cannot have children, or has lost one. It's the same thing with Christmas...try to have some recognition that everyone is not the same.

  • Yes, until they know what someone celebrates.

    It makes sense that you should wait until you know what holiday a person celebrates before you wish them a Merry Christmas. It is possible they are Jewish, Muslim, or just not someone who recognizes the holiday. The other benefit of saying Happy Holidays is that it incorporates the greeting for a New Year, which is a secular day that pretty much everyone can recognize.

  • Yes, not everyone celebrates it!

    Because there are many faith not celebrate xmas and you should not upset them and not offend people of other religions. Merry christmas is too much and not sensitive enough to other religions and people of other faiths. Especially muslims. Be careful and don't upset other people by saying merry xmas. Happy holidays is better :)

  • Its plural era

    Is 25th of december really time birth of jesus? It's not, it's just someone making 25th december as birth day of jesus, instead of that we believe holiday is more plural. When someone say merry critsmas, its mean they believe as jesus believe, but we are not believe what they do. So it's best to say happy holiday :)

  • Christmas is not Christian.

    Christmas is based on multiple pagan traditions. Because Christmas is not bound to one religion. It should be "Happy Holidays", not "Merry Christmas". Before people say "Jesus was born on 25th of December", he wasn't. The Church placed Christmas on 25th of December because of the pagan celebrations, they wanted to gain more followers (they succeeded in doing that).

  • If it's not Christmas eve/day say "Happy Holidays"

    If it is the holiday season (Thanksgiving through New Year's) say "Happy Holidays". If it is Christmas eve/day say "Merry Christmas". You wouldn't say "Happy New Year" or "Happy Valentine's Day" on any day but the actual holiday so why would you say "Merry Christmas" on any other day? Be awesome and, on the other specific holidays, wish people a happy Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Solstice, and whatever other holidays there are out there.

  • Wishing someone happiness should be about them, not you

    Though it probably doesn't matter much, when wishing someone a happy or merry anything it seems like it should be about them! If said person is a Christian then wish them a Merry Christmas, but if they are a stranger, wish them a happy holiday because A. You don't know what they celebrate and B. It shouldn't really matter to you what they celebrate if your motive is truly just to let them know that you want them to enjoy a time that is important to them. However, if you say Merry Christmas to people as a sort of evangelical act, this reasoning probably doesn't apply to you; though I must say, if your attempt to convert someone to Christianity consists purely of wishing them a Merry Christmas, then you suck as an evangelist.

  • Happy Holidays is all inclusive

    Where do I start? This time of year has always been about bringing back the Sun from its southern most arc when viewed from the northern hemisphere, to once again support life, and its beneficial harvest. (That is if your on the side of the eater, and not the side of the eaten.) It has nothing to do with the birth of some kid born in an ancient land, where the political climate of the time was producing all types messiahs. That being said "anyone" has the right to celebrate and believe what they want to conjure up as being their fact about how and why we are here, but they do not have the right to force their belief on society at large, whether it be Buddhists, Muslims, Christians, Pagans, etc.

  • To be all in inclusive of everyone

    This country has many different people from many different backgrounds. Not everyone in this country aligns with the same celebration as so claimed it is the celebration of Christ's birthday. When the reality is Christmas is actually a pagan holiday. To say Merry Christmas over Happy Holiday's is to exclude people.

  • The whole idea itself is preposterous

    Since when has saying a very simple "Merry Christmas!" become such a crime? If someone came up to me and said "Happy Kwanzaa!" I'd be like "Happy Kwanzaa to you as well!" I myself do not celebrate Kwanzaa but also do not find the expression offensive in any way, shape or form. If you don't celebrate Christmas then cool, do you, but don't take away my RIGHT to wish you a very Merry Christmas this holiday season.

  • December 25 is the birth of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the whole month is Merry Christmas.

    Happy Holidays hacked the vocabulary, "Merry Christmas." Happy Holidays is a relativist word. It deflects us to focus on different spirit than Christmas Spirit. Everyone should know that December is for Merry Christmas. It is the tradition of USA. Christian spirit helped to form new country, USA. Please respect Christian spirit. Thank you.

  • Because its Christmas

    There is a holiday because of Christmas. Not Christmas because of a holiday.
    I am a Christian, I do not get offended by Jewish, or Muslim holidays. So I don't get why I have to hide my beliefs so as not to offend, if I ask someone not to be the way they are around me, they would cry discrimination.
    So how is it fair.
    So all I have left to say is Merry Christmas all.

  • Atomizing society is the main purpose

    This "Happy Holidays" trend is not by accident. Globalists try to atomize society at every level in order to gain more control over people. Their aim is to destroy everything which connects people: family ties, nations and religions. Therefore, Xmas being one of the most significant Christian festivals must be deprived of its original, spiritual value.

  • It depends on their belief.

    If the person in question celebrates Kwanzaa, then they would say "Happy Kwanzaa" If the person celebrates Hanukkah, then they would say, "Happy Hanukkah" If the person celebrates Christmas, then they would say, "Merry Christmas" If they wish to say "Happy Holidays" then they will. These statements are not offensive, nor should they be treated as offensive. Also, true multiculturalism would be to accept that other people celebrate different things and not to be offended by what is not intended to be offensive.

  • People should be free to say whatever they wish.

    People should be free to say whatever they wish, whether Happy Holiday, Merry Christmas, Yule Tide Greetings, or whatever else. There should be no rule or regulation. It is up to the person doing the greeting to decide which, if any, holiday greeting they wish to use. A secularist should not be faulted for saying 'Happy Holidays', nor should a Christian for wishing 'Merry Christmas'.

  • Christmas is the holiday that is celebrated during the holidays by the vast majority of people in the Western world.

    If the great majority of people celebrate Christmas (and so do you), then what is the problem with saying it. Is there no freedom of speech? Christmas is what is celebrated by the great majority of citizens in the Western world (North America, Latin America, Europe, etc), then why should we not be allowed to express our contempt for this holiday. This sensibility that is going on today is getting annoying.

  • Majority rules

    As with all holiday celebrations the tribal spirit will move to a collective agreement. As we become more predominant to paganism, atheism or Islamism then a shift of the collective will prevail. Until then, I as well as many others will follow the majority and wish all a Merry “Chist”mas !!

  • It's offensive

    The holiday only exists to celebrate Christmas, so just acknowledge what the the holiday is for. Saying Happy Holidays is simply taking advantage of the timidity of Christians and insulting them because people know they won't fight back. As I said earlier it's just simply offensive. Christians really should start fighting against this nonsense, one way would be to lobby the Government to allow the holiday only for Christians, everyone else has to work.

  • Whatever Happened To Freedom of Speech?

    People should not have to censor themselves with Happy Holidays. Stores play traditional Christmas carols yet all the employees are forced to say Happy Holidays? No one in this country should be that easily offended. If someone says Merry Christmas to a person that doesn't celebrate they can kindly correct them or simply reply with Happy Holidays. It's not meant to be offensive, people shouldnt take it that way.

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loribe says2013-12-04T22:03:17.587
...Hmmm - why is it one or the other ...Say what works for you - BTW people - Christmas had nothing to do with Christ until the RCC brought it in to attract pagans ...Google it. I tend to use Happy Holidays more ...Why would anyone be offended by Happy Holidays? Why would anyone be offended by Merry Christmas? Just let it roll off your back ...It's all good - it's all well-wishing another person so WHY should anyone be offended? I don't get it ...