• Showing off of money is good

    Yes, showing off of money is good . If we have it so why should'nt we show off and let everyone know that we have money . If we have money then we become a centre of attraction and everyone wants to be our friend . As one child gets better marks in a exam then he/she show off his/her marks to his/her friends and the friend gets jealous and would do hardwork and try to get more marks than his friend and would gain more marks than his friend.

  • Showing off is not at all good

    Show off reveals the nature of a particular person people who shows off a lot are not at all accepted by my side . Generally people think that in today's world it is right to show off but if u have everything than u r not needed to show it to the world .If we compare a life of a simple and real person and a show off you will notice that the person who is simple will have a faster growth tin the future as compared to a show off .People show off to seek attention or to get attention from others .

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