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  • LinkedIn serves a valuable purpose for professionals

    Although LinkedIn could use some streamlining and updates, it serves a valuable purpose for job-seekers and professionals. LinkedIn is a good system to help people network with others in their field, starting with people they know personally and then branching out to meet new people. It also provides a more professional setting than other social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

  • No , people should not stop using Linkedin.

    No , people should not stop using Linkedin because Linkedin has become the Facebook of highly-motivated professional individuals. Linkedin helps companies recruit employees and also helps individuals find prospective job opportunities and internships. Linkedin is an extremely useful resource because it connects professionals and helps individuals seek better job opportunities.

  • No, people should not stop using LinkedIn.

    LinkedIn provides business professionals to network within their specific fields, learn about new job openings, and remain in contact with useful acquaintances. With so many benefits, I do not see any valid reason why people would consider no longer using LinkedIn. On the contrary, I think that it would be in everyone's best interest if more people were to join the network.

  • LinkedIn is still valuable

    There is competition between LinkedIn and Indeed Job Search these days: so much so that it leads many to wonder if they should stop using LinkedIn altogether. But I believe that it isn't time to jump ship just yet. LinkedIn allows people to network with colleagues and acquaintances, something they can't do on a site like Indeed which is limited to merely searching for jobs.

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