Should people that don't look for work get welfare?

  • Larger implications are at hand.

    To give welfare to those who scam the system is a necessary evil. When someone is hungry and without shelter they become a danger to the rest of society. Eventually we will pay more for them to be in institutions than we would have in the first place. It sucks, but it is what it is.

  • People who don't look for work should get welfare

    Most people who are getting welfare benefits are already trying to get a job for which they are qualified. Sometimes these people already have at least one job and struggle to get by even with the benefits they receive from welfare. Forcing the recipient to apply for so many jobs a week just wastes the time of the employers who get applications from people who are not qualified for the jobs.

  • Yes, otherwise misuse occurs.

    Welfare is assistance for hard times. Hard times happen and government is assistance can make all the difference in the world for those that require it. However, assistance should only go on for so long. If one is just accepting help without trying to help themselves, the assistance should end. Knowing that the aid will end if one does not search for a job will give the recipients the impetus needed to look for work. The aid can then be recirculated to others that require it.

  • That is the point of welfare.

    I agree with this statement because I am a realist. There is no way to regulate if someone is actually looking for work. If the Federal Government begins to question it's welfare recipients, there will be some who really do need federal assistance who will get denied or lost in the chaos.

  • It seems to be a growing lifestyle

    When I was struggling taking care of 2 children, on my own. I got refused for assistance because I made $11 an hour. I was told that I would not keep them employed, but those who use the system will. My ex wife is 33 yes old with 2 other children,gets welfare, and lives better than I do

  • Why should people support non sufficient other persons if they don't help the system.

    What is a system? A system to people is something that works for the majority of the time. What happens when the majority of that system doesn't work? The system fails resulting in America's breakdown. We've known that welfare isn't exactly what working people thought it should be. In mindset what the working people think it should be is a work force. You wake up do whatever, then go to work. This is an average American's life. Then in a welfare recipients eyes is wake up do whatever, maybe find a job, do whatever. I don't know if it's just me but I think something is missing. What would be great for America is people on welfare should get paid to work aswell everyone does. Imagine the working class and then the welfare working class. Those combined would be a great workforce. Wouldn't it. Then it's stopping another deppresion because the working class doesn't have to pay as much taxes because the welfare recipients are creating revenue by making structures and other things. While there doing that wouldn't that educate some more. Profiting the American economy even more. Right? Or would the media start calling racist like they do everything. Grow up as I would say it (sorry if offensive). Everyone were talking about are humans. It doesn't matter what color or race we are. We are all human. We need to "work together" to succeed before we can debating about "race". That is why welfare is a gap in our system, and I do apologize aswell if I didn't mention that some welfare recipients are unable to do work if they are impaired in a serious way. So that's my opinion on welfare.

  • No! They abuse a system that is set in place for the people that really need it and can't get it.

    Welfare has become a somewhat grandfather program by the government for families that are poverty level and have no desire to have an independent life for their family. Instead they live on tax payer dollars and continue to suck everything they can from others because of what? Being a hard worker has never been taught to them therefore welfare recipients pass down to their kids how to abuse the system and so down the line. Welfare abusers are also the first ones to rant and rave about anything they "don't agree with" to get something for free i.e. at a restaurant for a free meal, bills they owe but don't pay and blame on someone else etc... I'm sick of paying out to those who don't try to become self sufficient. Get up and get it together!
    Middle class hard devoted worker (and single parent not on welfare)

  • People Who Do Not Look For Work Should Not Get Welfare

    No, people who do not actively look for work should not get welfare. The welfare system is designed to help people who are down on their luck. It is not designed to provide long term food and shelter for individuals. Therefore, if a person does not look for work, that person should not be able to exploit the system

  • Welfare Shouldn't Be Given to Lazy People

    I understand that welfare and unemployment benefits can be more money than getting a minimum wage job. But laziness shouldn't be rewarded. People that don't actively look for work should not get welfare because they are intentionally living off of taxpayers without paying taxes in return. The Founding Fathers didn't wait for a handout from King George III, did they? No. Franklin, Washington and Jefferson took their complaints to the British and helped win independence for the United States. This country wasn't founded on laziness, but that's what we've become thanks to reality television and super-mega buffet restaurants.

  • Not if they are just lazy

    I think if someone decides to be simply lazy ant refuse to get off the couch and get a job, should not even be considered to get welfare. They should not be able to milk the system and get paid to sit at home, simply because that is where they would rather be.

  • No, unless they can't get childcare.

    Almost everyone on welfare should be seeking work. Of course, if a mother of young children can not be provided with child care or find some that is affordable, then she needs to be exempt until her child is of the age to go to school. There do need to be some standards, however.

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