Should people under the age of 18 be allowed to marry?

  • Yes, if they are mature

    There should be an assessment test for anyone who is marrying for the 1st time (measuring foresight and independent judgement) and if you pass the assessment you should be allowed to marry. Foresight means the ability to predict and how you can judge what's in the future and whether you will regret those marriages or not. But definitely not under 15.

  • With Parental Permission

    People under the age of 18 should be allowed to marry with parental permission or with permission of the courts. Liberated teens have certain rights under the law. Special circumstances would need legal permission from local courts in order to marry. In most states, children 16 and older can be married with parental consent. Otherwise, 18 is fine for everyone.

  • Yes and no.

    If the person under 18 is pregnant than I support it but in any other situation I do not. I think people should at least be 18 because then they are a point where they can start to support themselves and provide for one another without worrying about money and their family.

  • Yes it should be allowed according to my point of view

    Kids don't think always like an adult i agree but the thing is that as its said no matter how much ever a child is grow he/she will always remain a child for his/her parent. Kids of an age of 15-18 have enough brain to say that what is right for them and wrong though they might be wrong but them being wrong will be about 20-30% not more than that .. And now a days kids are more advance than parents they even know more than adults do. Im a 14 year old and i agree that people under 18 should be allowed to marry who they want and as some one said that its to hard to get that one person they love out of their brain. I said kids under 18 should be allowed but i don't mean that really small ones like 11-12 or 13 i mean 14 and so on . Most of u might disagree but I'm sharing my point of view I'm a Pakistani and i am speaking from my nation with a different thought about this subject.Everyone has their own opinions and in my opinion they should be allowed and as one more person also said that kids should be allowed because they don't always know they might die before even the age of 18. Yes thats right I myself am a muslim and i think their is nothing we know about our future maybe Allah will pick us before the age of 18...

  • No its immature

    Because rappest will kidnap kids and beat them till they marry them and then they will do very bad stuff to kids and they cant escape and that not nice and you should be nice to little kids and dont kidnap them so listen to my reason ok kids XD.

  • Yes they should

    Its there lives they should be able to live how they want we shouldnt be able to stop them if they feel like they really do love each other if there mature they should be allowed to get married and live how they want all of you saying no i see what you getting at but just think even though there our children we should support them in any way possible to mak ethere futre as bright as possible and let them choose the loveley someone they want to be with

  • We should be free

    There should be NO law for how old you have to be to get married. Some people don't even live to the age 18! Its no fair if we get to get married and they don't. I agree that you should be 14 or older to get married! If we don't want to then you don't have to! But we can do what we want! If you don't agree then take a look at this we have more yes's than no's! GIVE US FREEEDOMMMMM!!!

  • Not at the age of 11 or below

    I think it is ok to have people get married before they are 18 or older if they decide. I think it should be out of what the couple wants and parents or family should be able to talk to them about it and make sure its what they want.

  • Not at the age of 11 or below

    I think it is ok to have people get married before they are 18 or older if they decide. I think it should be out of what the couple wants and parents or family should be able to talk to them about it and make sure its what they want.

  • I believe they should

    Think about it this way: As another person said, some people know who they want to marry before they are 18, and if they wait, something may happen to make this impossible. But I DO NOT believe that parents should have the right to force their children into marriage. I believe that children should have a choice to get married as long as both parties of the marriage have gotten parental permission.

  • I don't think so.

    I don't think someone under the age of 18 should be allowed to marry, partly because of the fact children cannot even have sex until 18 (in most places) so seeing them married would be ironic, that's just the beginning though.

    Children under the age of 18 are NOT developed enough to make an informed decision that could influence their lives forever, sure there will be the odd couple married under 18 that will be happy for the rest of their lives but what about the other kids?

    People under the age of 18 don't fully understand marriage, relationships or the world yet. They could be paying alamony or child support before they even leave highschool because of messy divorce, can you seriously justify that?

    Kids are just that, kids. Until you can move out and take care of yourself and have a career you shouldn't even consider the possibility of marriage, people that aren't even deemed by the government as "educated" should NOT be allowed to sign a contract that can negatively influence their life forever.

  • People under the age of 18 should not be allowed to marry.

    People under the age of 18 should not be allowed to marry because they are too young. Marriage is a serious commitment and people who are immature should not take such a serious step in their lives. It is necessary for consensual adults to make the decision to get married or not.

  • No,it should be outlawed

    Child marriage has brought several severe negative effect to our children .1.It threaten the health and life of girls.Complications from pregnancy and child birth are the main cause of death among adolescent girls below the age of 19.Pregnant girls age from 15 to 19 are twice as likely to die in child birth.

  • This purely taking advantage

    Come on guys,i do not understand the yes said,but it's obviously that children can't commit any serious relationship such as marriage because they still have to live under parents circumstances.Marriage is only for an mature adults who graduate from university and have their own wage and be independent of their own.

  • I disagree with

    Child marriage is heavily condemn by UNICEF organisation and they try to figure it out how to stop this.According to UNICEF says that Child marriage is one form of child sexual abuse,since children aren't mentally and physically mature to be a parents of a child.They have to help themselve.IT should.

  • It's far too young

    Young people are still developing in so many ways, how can they make a desicion about who they want to spend the rest of their life with. Research shows that the younger a person is at marriage the greater chance of the marriage ending in divorce and the greater chance that children will be involved and become a part of a broken family.

  • No! Too young

    Teenage marriages aren't likely to last; teenagers are still kids. Teen girls' bodies are not developed enough to reproduce! Are they even ready to have kids? Also, marrying young would likely mean dropping out of school; limiting the teens' education and so they
    would have less success in earning income due to having fewer job opportunities!

  • No, they cant support themselves and it's just immature.

    They cant support themselves how are they going to pay rent at young ages you don't really have good jobs you're still in school. When you're married you're supposed to move out and be by your self with your husband or wife how can you do that if your so young and your not an adult yet. Even when your adult you still have trouble paying rent and so on. If they truly love each other they should be able to wait until they're older why should they jump into this type of commitment when they're still so young. Right now it feels like they love each other but what if a year into they're married they meet someone else and realize the huge mistake they've made.

  • Perhaps it is lust and not fully love?

    I believe that when people under the age 18 does not fully understand the whole meaning of love and marriage. It have been played by the visuals that they have seen on tv and movies. Majority of the young marriages may fall out of fall and is likely to get a divorce. Like my mother says, "First the education, then the rest can be planned later."

  • Not at the age of 11 or below

    I think it is ok to have people get married before they are 18 or older if they decide. I think it should be out of what the couple wants and parents or family should be able to talk to them about it and make sure its what they want.

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