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  • We have the freedom and right to vote.

    Other counties in the world don't have the right to vote. However, here in America we do. The founding fathers made possible so we could have the freedom. We to to respected them and vote. Not only that but, African Americans and women had to work and risk there lives, just so they could vote. People often take freedom for graded, they don't fully understanding how important it is. Every vote counts. It is our responsibility to vote.

  • Yes, we need to vote as often as we are allowed too.

    Attending primaries and caucuses is a great way to ensure your candidate will be chosen. Voting in the general elections is not enough, we have to ensure there is someone we can vote for each election by participating in the nomination process. Too many people who have voted no, argue there isn't always someone to vote for, if they all would partake in the nomination process they could change that.

  • You need to vote

    Every body should vote because if you did not vote that wood make the poles unfair. Because that would throw off the votes and not as much delicate . If you like one of the candidates and you wont them to be president you need to vote for them so your vote counts!

  • Why wouldn't you?

    Not voting wont do much it'll just give the people you don't want in office a great chance of getting/staying in office. If you don't like who is in office then (I may be wrong) you have the ability to mark that their is no candidate you want to vote for. Not voting is like a child crying and not telling you whats wrong . Not gonna get far unless they tell you their thoughts right. Vote and if youre voting for the first time, do some research and see whats you need to register to vote and also look into the canidates you want to vote for.

  • Yes we have the right to vote!!!!!!!!!!

    The reason why I feel this is, because as us Americans we should have rights. People at age of 18 or older and any race can vote. African Americans have been through hard times, and now they can finally have freedom to choose who they feel like can be equal to everyone no matter of race or age or sex.
    We should have the right to vote because we need to express how we feel and think, and we want America with a smart etc.... President to protect and make our country a better place. Sure some people don't vote but u should. You need to say what is your mind. You have to chose to be brave and select who u think deserves to be president or not and when we don't have a good president and we only needed one more vote to have a good president but no affiance it would be on your shoulder now!

  • Rights and Freedoms

    Because the African Americans worked really hard to help us vote.... And we should get a chance to vote.. I know most of us do not vote, but most of us do.... And women do deserve to vote and have rights. That is why I think we should all Vote!

  • Rights and Freedoms

    Because the African Americans worked really hard to help us vote.... And we should get a chance to vote.. I know most of us do not vote, but most of us do.... And women do deserve to vote and have rights. That is why I think we should all Vote!

  • This is America Land of the FREE And Home of the brave.

    I believe that we all have a choice in life and voting is one of them you, have the right to vote. Other country's don't have the privileges like we do, the reasons why other country's have a revolutions is so they can pick a leader and have a better way of life. So vote

  • Voting is not a right its a responsibility

    People who complain about this country should be the people who vote, there is no reason for a person who does not vote should have the reason to complain. We have poor presidents and all of that because Bad politicians are elected by good people who don't vote. Especially voting in primaries is the most essential you can not skip the primaries and just expect that the person a select few normally only 32% of the eligible voters vote on is not always the best and that is why we have problems with presidents.

  • How can you vote in good conscience

    Read the responses of all the people that voted "yes", they all assume that there is someone to vote for.
    What am I supposed to do if none of the candidates represent what I want? Voting for the lesser of two evils is still evil. So all the people saying voting is a right and responsibility grow up. Casing an invalid or donkey vote is just as powerful as voting for no one at all.

  • We Just Are Not Smart Enough

    We are a group of people that are easily manipulated. I do not think everyone should vote or that people should vote just for the sake of voting. The election loses quality once that starts happening. I think elections should be in the hands of a few people who are educated on the topic and represent a diverse group of interests from the poor to the rich.

  • Your vote does not matter

    We have an electoral college because the American people are too stupid to vote for the leader of their own country. That is the whole reason. We are told that voting is our civil duty and we are lucky to have it to make us feel like we actually have a legitimate say. It's a joke.

  • Voting for corrupt politicians will not fix a corrupt government.

    Where do American politicians come from? American families. Maybe it's not just the politicians who suck but the people too for supporting or not trying to change such corruption. Vote for someone, then when they drop the first missiles on innocent children, will it be on your conscious? How are those Nikes? Comfortable? Expensive? Made by slaves in China?

    People like to say by not voting you don't have the right to complain. Let's think about this logically. If you got someone dishonest and corrupt into office who is little more the a corporate shill who will send us to war, spy on us, and just rape the rest of the world for resources and labor, then you're responsible for putting them into power (not really) and if you think voting is that important, then you have no right to complain because you put that dishonest person into power.

    Also anyone with half a bit of wits about them knows America is not a democracy. It says republic all over our fake monopoly money. Aristotle knew in any true democracy the poor would get together and seize the holdings of the rich, and his solution was a welfare state. The founding fathers knew this too, but instead of opting to appease the the view of the masses, they reduced democracy to the form of government they created to protect the holdings of wealthy white men.

    Imagine being able to vote for anything to eat for dinner because it's a democracy. You can eat anything you want... As long as it's fried chicken or cheeseburgers. And every night we will have a highly publicized election with all the tact and seriousness of American Idol. All the fried chicken people will tell you how fried chicken is going to save the world. While the cheeseburger camp will tell you how fried chicken people will ruin the world. Smart people are like hey I like pasta, ribs, and salads too, why should I be limited to fried chicken and cheeseburgers?

    Really If i had to define current USA oligarchy seems to be the best definition of it's government practices. The list of betrayals from of government goes on and on and we swallow it like a gulp of coca cola because we suffer from cognitive dissonance. It's impossible to reject the corner stone of your existence because that would make you a victim, and american's can't handle that.

    So hey keep voting, keep going to war, keep being spied on, keep watching your dollar become worth less an less, keep living in a world where there's ghettos in every major city that are absolutely heart breaking environments. Keep thinking voting for someone who just serves profit driven corporate interest in going to help anyone but themselves.

  • Down with the bourgeoisie scum

    Down with the bourgeoisie scum

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  • The true candidate has already been picked, voting just makes the public think they are making the choice.

    As I see it the candidates make speeches to lure the public in, but they are already aware of what's going to take place. The Democrats and the Republicans are making back door deals together. No mater who wins the agenda has already been plotted out, and no matter what they say the majority of their schemes are not for the betterment of society.

  • Voting directly and necessarily violates human rights

    A human being is a creature who has, by right, 100% control over his or her own life. Every human has this right, and all those logically derived from it; consequently (consequently; no, this is not an exception but it follows directly and expressly) every human being has the right not to be ruled in any slight degree by somebody else; or in other words, no human has any right to rule another. Yet government, and the voting process by which it is perfumed and disguised, is in the exclusive business of ruling others. Therefore, it is in the business of violating this fundamental human right, and therefore voting for it violates human rights.

  • That's not only a right, it's an opportunity

    Well, 99% of people don’t have the capacity to govern their country. That’s why we should vote for people who can handle it easier. It’s very difficult to place our confidence in some people when we only know their voices. But it’s necessary. We live in a democracy : We have the right to vote for whoever we want to in free and fair elections, many other countries do not allow its citizens this right.
    As Abraham Lincoln said :"The ballot is stronger than the bullet"

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