• They should be allowed.

    People in the coldest climates depend on fur to stay alive, and not allowing them to stay warm is just not reasonable. Would you, animal lovers, being kept from eating your salad because a crazy plant lover says it is cruel to kill them? What would you do if others were keeping you from feeding your children?

    Posted by: Rafe
  • I believe people need fur in cold climates

    I don't wear animal fur but I definently believe people in cold climates need it I don't see why celebrities need it so much though. Most animals in for farms are tortured for their fur and even skinned alive in China all for fashion! People in cold climates need fur not celebrities and start killing the animals much more humanely.

  • Yes everyone should!

    First, it is extremly warm. Second, it's very soft. Third, it is much mjch warmer and softer than faux furs. Fourth, you can use the rest of the animal its meat and many other different things. Fith, people who get the fur shouldn't be punished because it creates jobs and helps the economy. Also, they won't freeze to death because chances are very high that the animal will be killed, which is good because it wouldn't die a slow and horrible death, and we would get meat and other things.

  • Fur Is Great

    People have worn fur for thousands of years, but for some reason, in the last 40 it has become unacceptable to some people. I think the real reason people are against fur, is because they can't afford it, and take out their anger on those who can. In some of the people who oppose it, they claim that we will hunt animals to extinction because of the need for fur, but most of the fur comes from farms. There are many regulations on fur farming, and animals can't be treated badly or else the pelt will be damaged and not be usable.

    In closing it is not bad.

  • Yes it is fine

    If people kill animals for food why does it matter that those people are killing them for clothes. People should realise that animal fur could keep a poor person warm because if they saw an animal they would kill it clean it and then rap it around them or their baby/child . What would you want people dying of frostbite in country's that can't afford any blankets

  • They're already endangered, why are we making it worse?

    As if killing them with pollution and habitat loss wasn't enough, celebrities sport the fur of dead animals without giving it a second thought. Why should they, when there are perfectly fine synthetic options available? It makes sense for people living in mountain cultures where the long standing custom has been to use fur, as well as the rest of the animal, to keep from freezing to death, but as a human whim for the purpose of fashion, it is ultimately unacceptable. Even if people don't understand, the day will come when the animals we slaughter for fur will all be extinct, and we will only have ourselves to blame.

  • Animals are endangered enough.

    There are enough animal predators out there. Why should we make it worst? Most of the time when humans take the animal skin, they just leave the rest of the parts there to rot. How cruel is that? If there is faux fur, why can't we use it. You can hardly tell the difference.

  • Yes it is fine

    If people kill animals for food why does it matter that those people are killing them for clothes. People should realise that animal fur could keep a poor person warm because if they saw an animal they would kill it clean it and then rap it around them or their baby/child . What would you want people dying of frostbite in country's that can't afford any blankets

  • They Should Not Wear Fur

    First of all, poaching is illegal( though it still goes on) and fur hunting is basically poaching which means that that is hypocritical. And also going along with that, this is sending out a wrong message that fashion is above our morals and values. And there are so many alternatives to fur such as synthetic and wool these can keep you just as warm. And this fur is a want not need. So this is what I think, please respond if you have a rebuttal.

  • In some cases, yes, it should be allowed.

    People in cold climates should be able to wear fur coats to keep themselves warm. Real fur as a fashion though, shouldn't be allowed. Some people though need to wear fur so they don't get hypothermia outside! Also, in the meat industry it would be okay to make fur, as it would be wasteful to only use one part of the animal (some of the meat) instead of making as much use as possible for the animal's death.

  • I believe fur really goes to show how downright evil, petty, and vile some people truly are.

    First off, let me clarify a few things:

    I do not mind fur in places where people legitimately need it and they can't get coats like we have. Secondly, I do not mind thrift store fur. After all, if you're buying something second hand you're truly not playing any part in the suffering of animals. You're just simply furthermore making use of it.

    Otherwise however, fur is absolutely disgusting. And the worst part is that people who wear fur don't have an actual legitimate argument, they just have excuses. I don't have enough room to bring up ever single issue though, so I'll focus specifically on fur versus meat:

    I'm a vegetarian, and one shallow argument these people like to make is that since a lot of people eat meat, they have no place to argue against fur. They're both terrible, but the main difference between the two is that choosing not to support factory farming takes a lot of will power and choices that will completely change how you live your life, meanwhile choosing not to support fur will call for very little changes.


    How hungry are you for meat? Oh, all the time? Well, imagine cutting that out of your diet for the rest of your life. Already I'm sure it becomes quite clear how different the two are. I doubt that anyone who wears fur has a craving for it even 1/10th of what a meat eater has for meat. So, there. Already it's clear that choosing not to eat meat requires a lot more will power.

    Enjoy your options!

    Go ahead, go visit 10 random restaurants and tell me how many options you'd have left if you were to become a vegetarian. Yet again, I'm sure it becomes clear how much of a sacrifice choosing not to eat meat requires. Not only do you have to stop eating meat, but your options are also cut down to 1/4th of what they used to be. Fur? Hah, these people probably don't even lose even a measly 5% of their options, and these 5% measly options aren't over something like meat which they can crave.

    Meat is everywhere!

    It's unavoidable at every single corner and we are raised eating meat. Not only is it something that's hard to get out of, but it's also something that's practically enforced upon us when we're younger. Once again, I bring up the craving argument due to the promotion. Fur? It's not everywhere, so these people don't really have the entirety of society promoting them to do the worse thing.


    Choosing not to eat living creatures is a gigantic sacrifice that completely changes your eating habits for the rest of your life, meanwhile choosing not to wear fur almost calls for absolutely no sacrifice. If these people want to wear a fur coat without harming any animals, then it's not like they have to completely give fur up; they can always just buy thrift fur.

  • Human animal cruelty

    Humans should stop wearing fur. For one, this type of clothing does not help the animals at all. This type of act is already cruelty. This fashion sense is just to support the crave of people for unique fashion. And since it is not a NEED then this is cruelty in its simplest form.

  • Hinging on the word "should", then no.

    Using any definition of the word should, no we should not wear fur.
    But we can if we want to.

    The problem arises in the fur industry, as any industry tends towards greed and waste.

    A person should be able to wear fur if he wants to, but there shouldn't be any obligation, as that would be ridiculous.

  • Killing of an animal for fashion?

    Let me start by saying I do NOT mean it is wrong for people who live in climates where they need it for clothing/warmth. But here in the U.S. And the like only use it for fashion. Killing animals for fashion is wrong.

    I believe animals need more protection of their rights as they DO have them, and using them for the point of fashion is not right.

  • We should not wear fur

    We should stop animals from dying because of fur. People are using animal’s fur for clothing and accessories. Why can’t we just use fake fur instead of killing animals for real fur. We shouldn't kill animals for fur because first, you're killing animals, second, you could just make fake fur.

  • Fur Should Not Be Used!

    Fur should not be used for anything. Fur coats are wrong and just cruel! I know people use them to stay warm but there are other coats you can wear that give you the same benefits. One of the warmest coats don't even use real fur but imitation to give it style. The Mountain Parka is an example of this and doesn't cost a fortune. Well if it is expensive for you maybe you shouldn't be living out in the cold! Just please consider the animals feelings in this and this season find yourself a coat that doesn't use fur!

  • No more animal lives lost for fur!

    We already have tech for clothing and we have cotton and what is the point! We are endangering species doing this. Tons of fur farms mistreat their animals already. The pictures are heartbreaking. We have so much power and all we do is mistreat our gifts! Animals are lives greatest wonders, if we cant take care of them right we don't belong here!

  • Fur coats shouldnot be a good fashion decision.

    People wear fur coats and think it is very pretty. Sure some fur can be fake but most fur is real. Animals with fur are coming extinct because people are killing their fur. Animals have the right to live and not be killed. Fur coats should be extinct just like animals are getting extinct

  • Cruelty is cruelty no matter what form

    Animals are harmed and put in danger to support fashion when in all reality people just want to be "cool" or famous even if that means harming a animal. Think of it as your dog what if you killed your dog to have a fashion line would that be okay?

  • Wear man made

    You wouldn't consider skinning your children and wearing their skin, would you? Support man made fashions..It will put more people to work and won't include pain, abuse and murder. And don't delay..If we don't do this now, when will we do it. God bless all creatures on this planet .

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2Niquers2 says2013-09-15T19:22:46.843
"Should?" No it is a chose, but I think that if you are hunting animals none of it should go to waste or else there is no reason to kill that animal.
Craighawley215 says2014-06-05T18:48:48.927
To those who are protesting fur on the basis that it is cruel to animals, I can assure you that there are far worse practices than the fur industry.