Should people who don't pay taxes be allowed to vote

Asked by: Installgentoo
  • The penality for not paying taxes is prison

    Like with all other crimes, if you get caught you do jail time, but after you pay the penalty is over. Voting is a separate issue outside of the court of law. If you would like to tie voting into crime sentencing in court, I guess it would be a possibility. I don't like that they vote, but I also wouldn't like if a released mass murderer moved into my neighborhood. Once their time is served, they are free citizens.

  • Well here we go again....

    OMG We as proper citizens who do what they are supposed such as pay taxes deserve to have more political sway then those lazy f***s who don't do a damn thing for society. Why is this even a question? Well look I think you get my point it's just common sense.

  • If you don't contribute to a society

    If you don't contribute to society, how can you have an opinion on it? Ultimately if you do not pay tax, you have no need to affect the political process, and your ipact will be negative to others because you will be uninformed on how to vote to improve things.

  • No skin in the game

    The power of the vote determines who is elected to public office and those persons make policy deciding on how our tax money is spent and if our taxes are increased or decreased. What would stop such person from supporting persons who will constantly increase the tax rates and increase the amount of spending. Persons with no skin in the game should not have any say in how the game is played

  • 16-year-olds who work

    Full-time and pay their taxes towards the government do not get a vote. They are able to join the army, get married and have children yet they are deemed too immature to vote. How is it fair that an over 18, on benefits, who is sitting at home is able to vote to where his non-existent taxes go when an under 16 who has actually begun to make a living for him/herself can't.

  • Of course no

    Otherwise, the politician will just appeal those lazy people and keep robbing money from us. That is why the US decays these years. Some politicians and those lazy persons have found a wonderful cooperation to benefit and make use of each other. If this keeps on, this country will be destroyed.

  • Let's think about it

    Let's say we will order some food, everybody should put some money. Some don't have any but the rest of the group agrees to cover that part. The problem comes when those who aren't giving money want to order friend chicken, while the rest of the group wants to order pizza.
    So, who's right? Who's wrong? What should be done?

  • Hell no They should nt

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  • When voters elect a government

    They are effectively having a say as to how tax money is spent. If they don't contribute then why should they be able to? It doesn't work in any other walk of life so why is it allowed in the biggest decision of them all? Those who don't contribute will also vote for the party that supports their lack of desire to support the growth of the country - bringing the rest of us down. It's a shame Labour are now a party that wants to appeal to those that bring the country down instead of striving to make it grow.

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