Should people who have been accused of sexual harassment numerous times be excluded from public office?

  • Yes, if it has been multiple times.

    I strongly believe in letting people run for office regardless of their backgrounds. However, sexual harassment is one thing that should prevent you from being able to run for office. If you have been accused multiple times, you shouldn't be able to run. If you're in public office, there is no room for sexual harassment.

  • Yes, sexual harassment should follow the same protocol as sexual offense.

    Sexual harassment is just as heinous as a sexual offense, except it is verbal. Sexual harassers should be treated as sex offenders in that they should not be allowed to hold public office. However, because it leaves no physical scarring does not make it any better. It can leave damaged confidence, scarred dignity, embarrassment, sometimes it leaves innocent people unemployed due to lack of compliance to these unfair standards. Sexual harassers have no place in any work environment.

  • Definitely not based off accusations.

    Accusations mean very little. Anyone can claim anything they want, it does not translate to guilt regardless of the times accused. Preventing someone from running for office in government because some people claimed someone did something is absurd. So unless there is something more substantial in regards to guilt there is very little to discuss.

  • No, only convicted sexual harassment offenders should be excluded from public office.

    It is my belief that the alienation of accused individuals could infringe upon their rights to run for public office. However, convicted sexual harassment offenders should be excluded from public office. In this day in age, defamation can result from angry or ill-willed people wishing to do harm to another's personal and professional livelihood. Accusations are not the same as proven convictions in a court of law. We cannot make exceptions.

  • No, unless the person has been found guilty of sexual harassment, they should not be excluded from public office.

    One of the cornerstones of the American justice system is the notion that we are all innocent until proven guilty. It is not a fair exclusion to say that someone who has been accused of sexual harassment should not be allowed in office, because an accusation is only one person's opinion. If someone is, in fact, found guilty of sexual harassment, they absolutely should be excluded from office. But an accusation without a fair trial or investigation is not cause to exclude someone from public office.

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