Should people who keep their knowledge of abuse cases a secret be convicted?

  • Yes, people in positions of authority who keep their knowledge of abuse secret should be convicted.

    Yes, when a person who is in a position of authority has knowledge of abuse and keeps that knowledge a secret, the person should be subjected to criminal prosecution and conviction for doing so. Too many church leaders and educators have long swept such knowledge under the rug, and they should be prosecuted for doing so.

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  • Hiding knowledge of abuse is a serious offense

    Since abuse often happens in secret, keeping knowledge of abuse a secret is a serious offense. Victims of abuse are often afraid to come forward out of fear of what their abuser may do to them. If someone has knowledge of abuse and does not disclose that information, they are essentially aiding the abuser and possibly prolonging the abuse. In my opinion, this makes that person just as guilty as the abuser. I think they should be held accountable for their actions.

  • No, in general I don't feel they should be convicted, and instead it should be looked at on a case by case basis.

    No, I don't feel that people who fail to provide information about abuse should be convicted, at least not in very case. There are some cases where this is warranted, but there are other cases where it is not. Perhaps the person kept silent because he or she was also being abused and threatened. Since this is such a complicated matter, it really needs to be taken on a case by case manner with the bigger picture always in mind.

  • No, people who keep their knowledge of abuse cases a secret should not be convicted.

    No, people who keep their knowledge of abuse cases a secret should not be convicted. There are so many different scenarios: maybe a child who saw his mother abused was too frightened to speak up. Maybe someone else was threatened to keep the case a secret. We cannot blame them for this.

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