• Limit to protest

    We have the right to protest whatever we want and not everything is right because of the sinful nature. Religion of christainity, yes Worldly government and other religion, no unless if they have public relations with us within Christianity and thru out the whole world. Have faith within triune God.

  • Oh no.. I think not...

    I think people should have a say in what they want because people need to support on what they want to say. I think that it would be better if everyone could voice there opinions in there own state and mind because I think that people should have the right to have there own opinion.

  • People will always protest. If there are laws limiting these rights, things will only get violent.

    People virtually all over the world protest in some way or another. Protesters want to get their opinions out, and will do it whether or not it is allowed legally. There are mass protests all over the world, but it only gets violent when police feels the need to intervene. This, of course, cannot always be helped (sometimes protesters get out of control), but everyone has the right to have a public say in their opinions. Protests do not need to be violent or a show of power.

  • Of Course NOT

    I think not. Even the annoying westboro baptist 'church' has a right to 'protest'. If they told them not to, I would actually be very offended. Not because I agree, in fact I really disagree, but because it's a violation of their rights. They have a right to say stupid or intelligent things Just like I have a right to say stupid or intelligent things. Besides, if the problem for some is that it they can be violent, then that's not called peaceful assembly anymore, hence the word peaceful.

  • I don't care what for.

    I don't care what your protesting for, or why. You could be protesting to support a bill forcing people to wear porcupines on your head on Thursdays, or anti-abortion, or ant-gay marriage, or anything I don't want, but I would still be more upset that you were not allowed to protest, then I would be if you were protesting against something I like.

  • Who are members of the government to tell me what to do.

    I was born into a country ruled by the government that there is. My votes were always gone to the candidates that lost, because no one shares my opinion and degree of freedom. I was born to this country, so why should I have to follow its rules. If people don't like me they should have the right to kill me, and I should have the right to fight for my life, like in a duel, like in old good times. Why do I have to follow rules, regulations set by people equal to me. I never voted for them, they only got in power because of a bunch of idiots hypnotized by propaganda, and bribing voters. They don't own the land, the water air, nor do humans. We share it with everyone, not just ourselves. We should have the right to protest whatever we want, and do whatever we want!

  • NO! Heck no!

    If you only have a few executive and legislative representatives, they will be most-likely rich and powerful. It will only result to further polarization between the rich and the poor. Once the lower class reach its maximum capacity, the government will be bound for another revolution. New revolution isn't a bad thing, because it will promote innovation of policies and adjust to our modern, rational society.

  • Definitely Shouldn't be Limited

    If there is limited protest, the next thing they'd limit would be freedom of speech and our other amendment rights. Before we knew it, our rights would be gone completely. Also, people need to be able to give the person/company/thing they're protesting against one hell of a time if they actually want to make a difference and knowing the government, the restrictions would be severe like: No using a voice higher than a whisper; no signs; etc.

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