• Snakes Are Dangerous!

    There are other reasons to be afraid of snakes than that one of them could be Satan in disguise, although that would be a great reason if it were actually possible. There are pet owners who are too irresponsible to keep even a gaping-mouthed, lethal, possibly-poisonous, speedy, creepy and durable reptiles that have even more vertebrae than they do in tightly closed cages. Some are boa constrictors and will choke you, some are poisonous, such as vipers or rattlesnakes, and some will just plain eat you. According to www.Bbc.Co.Uk/2/hi/south_asia/5314104.Stm, More people have died of snakebites in India than in any other country in the world. If they escape from their cages, there's no telling what hey could do besides kill their owners. After eating someone, they can infect groups of people with the bacteria that were all over their bodies by spreading them by hissing. If they become road kill, their fangs may damage car tires or even become stuck in the tires. Also, when kids are climbing trees, they may stumble upon a branch that's actually a camouflaged snake. These children are also likely to be very, very young and impressionable, so they will probably attack the snakes instead of heading in the opposite direction. This would give the snake enough time to kill them. Some of these snakes may also have once been pet snakes. The bottom line is, I think pet snakes were a bad idea from the start.

  • Snakes Are Dangerous!

    There are other reasons to be afraid of snakes than because one of them could be Satan in disguise, although that would be a great reason if it were actually possible. Some people are actually scared of them because they can kill you. Even some of the little ones can do that. Some are poisonous and bite you, some are boa constrictors or pythons and will squeeze you to death, and some will just plain devour you. Plus, not every parent is attentive enough to notice their kids' irresponsibility. And some people are just too irresponsible to keep even a serpent in its cage. Unsupervised animals in open cages can escape very easily.

  • Gross and stuff

    Ew. Snakes r yuk yuk and they live in jungls no homes. They no good and blah. Slimed make me sad. And they r big and like to kill. They no cute they ugly they fat they slimy they big they small they no good that why
    Smart n stuff

  • Snakes are scary!!!

    Snakes are in the bible people. But not in a good way. As a catholic I have read the bible. The snake is known as a serpent of evil. I think snakes are the devil in disguise. Or i'm crazy. You decide. That's just my opinion. Thank you. Bye bye snakes.

  • Snakes are not pets

    Ok I get what people are say. Still snakes can hurt you. Snakes are mad for the wild not as a pet. They can kill you and they can kill a lot of other people. So would you risk your family to have a pet snake as a pet in your house?

  • Snakes are not pets

    Im pretty shure everyone knows what a snake is but no matter what snakes can hurt you. Shure dogs and cats and even birds can but snakes when they bite can easily go through your skin and even veins. I have a friend that held a garden snake and it bit an artery. So yeah they are dangerous

  • Snakes are dangerous

    Some snakes are very poisonous that with one bite they will kill you. My friend had a snake and it killed his sister because it was out of control and most of the snake owners are very irresponsible. As a result, snakes have to be banned and have to be returned to the jungle where it belongs

  • Snakes are harmless,,

    What many people said here is totally wrong. .. They have stupid thought that snakes harm people ,, it's not true snakes harm people only when people harm them.. Even people having dogs and cats often get bitten by them in that case even the dogs and cats are harmful creatures right.. Y do u people still have them as pets?? One of the loveliest creation by god are snakes.. Wake up guys and be practical

  • They are not domestic pets and should live in the nature. They are dangerous.

    They are very dangerous and not a pet animal. They must live in the nature, where they suppose to live and not at home, which is wrong environment for them. Many people are afraid of snakes even if they harmless, which could lead to serious health problem (heart attack etc.). Too many snakes are escape and then you can find them in the streets or in neighbours homes/apartments.

  • To all you people who want pet snakes to be illegal...

    The most common pet snakes are the corn snake, the ball python, the california king snake, and the Milk Snake They all are nonvenomous, have a reluctance to bite and are harmless to humans.
    And seriously, the argument I see on the opposing side are just stupid. Dear Loveshismom, "More people in India have died from snakebites than in any other country". That doesn't mean anything, who said the snakes were pets? Snakes do not eat humans!

  • No, if someone wants a snake they can have a snake!

    Some people really enjoy owning a snake. Just because you are afraid of a snake that is under someone else's control, doesn't mean they have to compromise for your fear. If that's the persons choice of pet, then they should have the right of owning it!
    You wouldn't compromise giving up your dog because I'm scared of it biting me would you?

  • I Own One

    I love my pet snake. She is a loving being and would not hurt a human. When she is allowed to come out of her glass, enclosed, tightly sealed, snake proof cage... She stays in my hands at all times. I get the fact that some people are irresponsible. Buying and raising a snake is something that requires responsibility. The best thing to do to limit problems with irresponsible people is that to own a snake you must go through a training process or test. It should not be completely illegal to own a snake.

    Some problems that arise with making it illegal is that now there are many snake owners who must get rid of there pet. Where do you send it? Killing it would be animal cruelty. Setting it free in the wild makes more problems for the local population. Another problem is that there would be people who go to jail for illegal trafficking of snakes, keeping a snake they already had, or creating animal creulty by killing there pet.

  • They are quiet than other pets. Also a snake is easy to feed.

    Dogs or other pets like cats and birds make a loud sound. And that sound can bother us. But snakes doesn't. And we only need to give the snake a rat for ood for a week. But dogs or other pets need to give them food and that will ge tierd.

  • You didn't say dangerous snakes so no

    Most snakes people keep aren't that dangerous. So I can't even imagine what would make someone think they should be illegal.

    Maybe one of them is the devil in disguise?

    So... Here are so more characters because you apparently need to write fifty characters to have an opinion. Yea huh

  • At least make sense before you word vomit about "satanic" snakes

    You people saying yes should at least do some intelligible research first. Only a third of snake species are venomous. They will only strike at you because they defensive. Snakes are not Satan in disguise, for your information the bible had a passage using a snake as a symbol of Jesus. Satan can disguise himself as anything. Snakes like corn snakes are non venemous and cannot kill you with their size because they stay small. Please get your facts straight, go to a pet store and ask to handle a corn snake or a ball python. Snakes can be friendly and domesticated.

  • The animal is always as good as the person that tamed it

    I will be blunt about it most people are afraid of snakes because of what they had herd about them but when you handle the animal they will be puppy dog tamed. Do not take it out on the animal just because of what you have herd. Try handling one.

  • That's ridiculous. I have 3 snakes and they are completely harmless.

    All of my snakes are completely harmless. They don't even bite. I am also a responsible owner, so they have locks on their tanks so there is no chance of them getting out. I also have a small Pomeranian and they've never caused any harm to him either. I love my snakes so much I would die if I couldn't keep them. They are my companions and they aren't hurting anyone, so why do you care if I keep them?

  • I'm 14, and when it comes to snakes, I can tell everyone saying yes are idiots

    I have a ball python and the only time it ever bit anyone was when it missed the mouse and got me, it was a complete accident, and it barely hurt
    Snakes are not evil, have you ever seen a snake go up to someone who was just standing there and bite them. When a snake bites it's usually defending itself, or in my case mistakes you for a food item.
    Watch this video

  • Snakes in captivity are harmless

    Ok so, u go ewww it's a snake the are satanic little serpents who are cold blooded killer. Well that's not the case.....Look at bugs, they hide around and kill more ppl than. Almost anything but there's no plans.. Pitbulls are aggressive and have been known to rip limb to limb but they are legal(in some states) and are mostly domestic and won't attack. Just the same with snakes. Starter snakes such as garter or corn are very nice and intelligent. Other snakes such as Burmese Python are for ADVANCED owners and should be smart enough to keep it in the cage and handle with caution(same with the venomous snakes) so then if the snake gets out becomes satan and abducts ppls souls and kill mankind.... It's the owners fault for not paying attention to it and not letting get away(or spraying it with holy water) so snakes should be properly cared for and sprayed with holy water if ur paranormal. So snakes make excellent pets me and my buddy caught a few garters and all they tried to do was get away! Not bite. Not pull out a pitchfork. Just tried to slither away.
    Oh ya, they are not slimy

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Loveshismom says2014-08-07T13:56:07.353
My brother used to own a pet snake