• Yes for pets

    Why I think pets should be alowed in school is because I once was at schools one day when it was bring your pet to school day. I brought my dog, and we kept them their for an hour, and did school work. And yet it was constant looking down at my pet, I felt relaxed, calm. I have never felt this way since. And the day I look back at my test, and then I got all my awesers write. That day we took another test. And I failed. I don't know how this happend, but I think animals may be distrasting, but make us feel relaxed.

    A seventh grader

  • Pets should be allowed

    Pets need to be allowed because mentally impaired vision will fell safer with a dog around. Dogs will make it easier for them to g from class to class. Also the pets could comfort special needs kids. This is why pets should be allowed in school. Think of the benifits of pets.

  • Pets should be in school.

    Pets Should be allowed because pets can help kids with stress and pets can also make kids think of the good times and not the bad. Plus pets could help kids make good chooses in school And if there is nothing that kids want to eat the pets can making less food waste. That my reason why pets should be in school.

  • Pets should be allowed

    Pets are proven to relieve stress and plus turtles are like the coolest animals ever. Dogs would be able to walk with you from class to class and they would be able to get exercise from it. Cats are chill anyways so how would they disturb a class this is why i think pets should be allowed in school

  • Dogs should be able to go to school

    Dogs should be able to go to school. Because people who have medical problems need them instead of adults they don't even know. Dogs help guide kids and adults places, unlike adults. Are Adults furry and have good senses? Nope! Dogs Should be able to come to school with people who need help.

  • Pets should be allowed in schools

    Pets should be allowed in schools because it is not good to just to just let it sit there and sleep. They should take it to school and it can play outside when it is recess or lunch. Pets should exercise and stay fit. If it stays at home and nobody is watching the pet who can take care of it? If you take it to school there will be a lot if care. So that is why I think pets should be allowed in classrooms.

  • Dogs or cats should be aloud in school.

    Pets are a vary good way to learn from. We could take tests on dogs or even have a friend in class. When I feel mad or frustrated I just pet my dog. It makes me feel a lot better and if I am doing work I feel improvised after petting a dog or cat.

  • Pets should be allowed in school.

    Owning pets in the classroom teaches kids about responsibility and improves their attitude torwards school. Also, studies have shown that being around animals greatly relieves stress, which would definatley help children do better in classwork. Some say that kids would be too allergic, but this can be easily solved with a adorable pet fish. I think class pets not being allowed in some schools is totally ridiculous.

  • Pets should be allowed in school

    They can just assign jobs for cleaning up the waste. They can take the animal to the vet to make sure it has no diseases, and if there'ye are people allergic they can find an animal that they aren't allergic to. Those are some reasons why pets should be allowed in school.

  • Pets should be allowed!!!!!!!

    Animals are good companions. If my school allowed pets, I would bring my pet fish Fregley. I could bring him on a skateboard (fish can't walk) and keep him on my desk. I could also bring my dog or goat. They're both super friendly. Studies show that animals release stress.

  • No Class Pets!!!!!

    Pets (Puppies,etc.) like attention and a CLASS pet would make no one do their work! Everyone keep wanting a class pet, but they REALLY want to have a reason NOT to do work! Class pets have needs that would not be paid attention to, then it makes a big mess!

  • No, animals should not be allowed.

    Pets should not be allowed because how are they going to survive when there is vacations or breaks. Another reason is they need time to play and time to run outside. Also they need someone to feed them and clean them. Another reason why pets shouldn't be allowed at school is because they would just be a distraction to everyone and no one would be able to finish their work.

  • No pets should not be allowed

    Pets should not be allowed because how are they going to survive when there is vacations or breaks. Another reason is they need time so that the pets can have fun.

    If classrooms have a pet fish who would clean the bowl or tank. Kids would also get distracted nobody will pay attention.

  • Pets should be allowed if you take care of them

    Pets should only be allowed in school if you fit there needs to survive if it is nocturnal it should not be in a classroom you should get a bird, snake or reptile. Dogs on the other hand should totally be allowed because it could be you learn but being fun

  • No no no

    I think this because some people are allergic to cats and dogs and in a worse case they might die. They are disturbing and their cuteness is distracting so they might waste time. Also if bring a fish it might die because of not enough light and you might drop it

  • Pets should not be allowed in school because it would be disruptive, and too hard to control.

    There are a slew of reasons why pets should not be allowed in school. One is pet is a broad category of things, a venomous snake can be a pet as well as a dog. The second is having pets in school would be disruptive it is hard to control animals, let alone lots of animals together. Then there is the fact it would be very hard to take care of pets while also doing school studies.

  • Pets cause destraction

    Children will not concentrate as they will be worrying or playing with the pets. Pets may also make noises asking for attention and destracte the children from work. Students can be scared of animals and are worried about that animal coming to them which is another delay to slow students down.

  • It can cause serious issues

    Students can have serious allergies to pet hair and fur, causing serious reactions.
    Students can be easily distracted as well, causing a stunt in progress.
    Dogs especially are carrying fleas, and possible disease that can be caught by the children. With dogs on school grounds the children become more susceptible to attacks, and injuries.
    Schools need to make sure they consider all student's needs, or they can be sure the parents will be up in their faces.

  • Never in a million years

    Class animals could get abused, live in horrible conditions,never get feed, and could distract the kids.What if teachers didn't take the pets home they would starve and get dehydrated.Classroom pets might get abused by students, they could get hit, thrown, and may be attacked by other animals. So, say no to classroom pets.

  • No, Dogs Shouldn't Be Aloud in School

    The debate on whether a pet should be allowed at a school or not is a very debatable topic, with answers ranging wildly.
    Okay, Id first like to point out that dogs are very social animals, and they need to be given a plethora of attention in order to remain healthy (www.Dogster.Com). Dogs can get depressed and have a condition known as separation anxiety when the dog and the owner is separated for an extended amount of time. These dogs can develop a serious case of depression and anxiety, and this will cause them to behave in a very unconventional way. They might cause damage to the school property or in extreme cases, even themselves.
    Now on to statistics. There was an average of 25 students per class room in 2010. On average, school starts at 8:00am and ends at 3:00pm, and this gives the students about 7 hours with the "class pet", not counting the time away from it when it comes to lunch time and snack time or recess, if any, so lets say 6 hours. Dogs need about 4 hours a day or attention, an hour for food and hygiene, two hours for exercise, and an hour of "mental exercise" which is spending QUALITY time with the dog. So four hours, taken away from the six hours hat a child has in school a day. That leaves only two hours for the child to learn, which is ridiculous.
    In conclusion, pets such as dogs shouldn't be aloud in school. They would only end up getting hurt and neglected, and if you did give them enough time, you'd be wasting precious learning time for the children. Of course, come cases could be allowed, such as a guide dog for a disabled child.
    Of course it's a decision that has to be welled planned out, and it could very well be possible to raise an animal in school, but I feel as if it would take away from a child's needed education, and they might not even be ready for the responsibility.

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