Should physical education be a part of school curriculum?

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  • P.T should be a period daily in schools

    Physical education is very important for students. When it is a part of school they enjoy it more. They become stronger and healthier. The bones and muscles need exercises. Dance, Jogging, Karate, Parachute, Shuttle, Squash are some of the best games. Skipping also helps the kids to grow well. So i tell yes

  • P.E. Is good for america

    As kids get older there bodies change. And wether or not its in a good way or a bad way IS up to them. But when people get older, they may regret what they did to there bodies. Yes being fit is a choice but kids might not always know what they are doing, so when they say "im tired, or thats too much work." its an excuse that can come back and bite them in the butt. Also, as america advances, people are becoming more lazy and relying to much on technology for every day things i.E vacuuming, walking. Plus exercise can be fun. We just have to introduce it to kids earlier

  • Yes physical education is very important

    Yes physical education needs to be a part of all school curriculum. In today's world we have a lot of problems with obesity and unhealthy people. Physical education is a great way to go about trying to combat this problem. The more active someone is the healthier they can be.

  • Physical education should be a part of school curriculum

    Physical education should be a part of the school curriculum.Physical health is just as important as intellectual health and students are able to better perform academically if they are physically fit.The extra money that might be spent would be well worth it considering the benefits that the classes would bring.

  • Extra P.E. would benefit

    As I have said before in previous arguments, I do think at this day and age, more physical education in school would do nothing but benefit students, and keep them healthier. We all need some form of exercise in our daily life and this could very well help out the youngsters.

  • Physical education should be part of school curriculum

    Combatting the childhood obesity epidemic is something that all facets of society must contribute to. Schools may be the only place where some children get physical exercise. Additionally, large muscle movement helps students burn extra energy, allowing them to focus more clearly when it is time to turn attention back to academics. Schools are to educate the entire child, and this includes their physical development as well as intellectual.

  • Physical Education Should Be Part of School Curriculum

    Yes, physical education should be a part of school curriculum because it teaches valuable life skills. Physical education teaches children the importance of physical fitness, as well as the value of teamwork. Teamwork is very valuable in all walks of life, and everyone on the planet can benefit from physical fitness.

  • Physical education should be a part of school curriculum.

    It is important for children to engage in daily activities. Children spend a significant amount of time sitting in stationary positions while in school. Physical education provides a break from the constant sitting and allows children to move around. Not only are their health benefits to regular physical activity, but it helps recharge their brains and usurp the mental benefits of play.

  • It should be a personal choice

    When you have health issues that prevent you from participating or body image issues that make you more self conscience why are we bullying kids? NOT EVER ONE IS AN ATHLETE. Not every child needs to do laps, jump hurdles, rope etc. There are other forms of exercise. Dancing, bowling, tennis, swimming, etc.

  • Why should we

    At my school pe is a joke. The pe teachers are the ones who can not teach but have tenure so the school has to put them in a position like this. My pe class is taught by our football coach who teaches 6 pe classes and has a prep. Tough job...

  • Waste of time

    MSNBC says in high school, only 16 minutes of the 45 minute period is used fir the gym class because most of it is talking about the thing they are doing or just talking you could use more of your time in class learning and not doing P.E for only 16 minutes.

  • Their bodies, their choices

    The children who want to stay fit and active will find ways to do so. From sports, to walking your dog, to doing something as little as crunches or pushups in your bedroom, there will always be a way for a child to exercise. Whether or not they do the right thing for their bodies is their choice, and I don't think the schools have a right to push physical activity onto them.

  • No bearing on academia

    A student's GPA should not suffer because they are not physically active. Physical education has no bearing on academia, and health and exercise related education should be relegated to either lectures or an elective for students who choose to pursue physical fitness as a later career goal in sports or weightlifting or what have you.

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