Should physical education be compulsory in schools?

  • Yes, but it should be fun.

    The mind is as important as the body when it comes to education so physical education should be required for all who can participate. However, it should stress that physical activity is fun and include a lot of variety so that students can choose solo exercise or team sports for their phsyical education.

  • Physical education should be compulsory in schools.

    It is important for kids to get physical education in school and it should be compulsory. If kids sit in a classroom all day without exercising, they run the risk of obesity and other illnesses. Teachers should make sure that kids can get enough evercise every day to make them healthy.

  • Physical education should be compulsory in schools.

    Physical education should be compulsory in schools. It is important that we require the students to take physical education because it is usually the only exercise that most of students get is at school. Most of the students look forward to physical education class because it gets them away from the books for awhile.

  • Yes, students need to move.

    Yes, physical education should be compulsory in schools, because students do not get enough exercise at home. Students who get a lot of exercise have fewer problems with ADD and ADHD. With video games to distract children at home, they need the school to make sure that they get more exercise.

  • For overall development

    Physical education is an integral part of general education which promotes harmonious growth and development . Through vigorous muscular activities a person modifies his behaviour . A person becomes physically,mentally socially and emotionally adjusted within the society . Through physical activities a person improves and strengthens his body which is essential for leading a fruitful life.

  • P.E is more than compulsory

    Owing to the study, P.E. Isn't only teach us to move basically but also teach us to the knowledge that everyone needs to stay healthy throughout their lifetime. P.E sometime help us to find out what exactly we need in our life and help us to reach our goal. We do need movement we can't just sit all day long or doing nothing. NO PAIN NO GAIN

  • Physical education helps battle obesity in young children

    Physical education should be compulsory because it keeps children healthy and active because they are running around and keeping fit so when they grow up they are at lower risk at become overweight and obese.
    “1 in every 4 children is overweight or obese, that’s 25% of children living in Australia” (2)
    “Almost every 2 Australian adults out of 3 (63%) are overweight or obese. There has been an increase of 10% more adults are overweight or obese then 1995.” (2)
    So many young people these days are obese, as said every 1 in 4 children and overweight or obese in Australia. This is proof that physical activity is needed in schools to help student’s lose unhealthy weight, develop good muscles and maintain a healthy weight. If every 2 out of 3 adult are overweight in 2015 and that number has increased since 1995 by 10, it will continue to increase unless we do something to stop it. Making physical education compulsory in schools then it means we can warn young people about the danger of obesity and all the risks and health problems people have due to being overweight. We will be able to encourage healthy physical activity and help students live a happier and healthier life. It’s not about enjoying doing sport, it’s about being healthy so that people can live a happier and healthier life.
    In conclusion, making physical education compulsory in schools will mean that we will be able to shape the next generation of people to ensure that they are fit and healthy due to growing up doing physical education in schools.

  • Yes, it's important to have gym class.

    Gym class is really important to have, since kids are sedentary during their class periods, and may even just sit or stand during recess. At home, kids also are more apt to play video games, watch TV, etc. So having physical education as a mandatory part of the day gives each child approximately one hour of exercise.

  • No need for understanding

    Children in schools shouldn't have to learn about physical education; it isn't compulsory outside of school, so why should it be compulsory inside of school? There are many kids who are not athletically inclined and shouldn't be forced into things they don't want to do. And if they aren't capable in sports, how are they supposed to deal with those other people who are capable? It'll be difficult for them. I think it shouldn't be compulsory.

  • Mental health is more important!

    I am a student who still has to take part in pe. It has gotten to the point where I have picked my options and pe was not one of them. However, I still have to take part in the lesson, just not for gcse. In my opinion, pe should not be something all students are forced to do. I have anxiety and panic attacks just about every single time I have pe and in my opinion, my mental health is more important than the 'health benefits' from pe. This is considering the fact the playing a game of rounders once a week is hardly going make me become obese. I am not overweight and have no problem with exercise itself, but being in a general pe lesson, with those who like sport and are good at it, and those who aren't, is very uncomfortable. Even if pe was going to benefit my health, it wouldn't anyway as I can almost never finish a lesson without walking out having an anxiety attack, so I'm not getting any benefits from it anyway. Therefore, considering that I, and I'm sure many others are gaining nothing physically from pe lessons, and many are struggling with mental health problems and feeling uncomfortable during pe lessons, I would say that pe should always be optional and those who do not want to do it should be able to focus on their education instead!

    Posted by: LHP
  • It Doesn't Make an Impact

    For all those parents out there, PE will not and has not changed my lifestyle habits. PE is a glorified time to play games and doesn't even really exercise the body. As a student, PE is a time for the gym teacher to yell at you while you run. It isn't fun, it won't make your kid skinny, and its especially gross having to finish the school day sweaty.

  • Physical education should not be compulsorary

    It should not be compulsory because 1. People should have the right to choose, 2. Some people are not sporty 3. Some people have other priorities like math, science and English which are the more important subjects, and the amount of injuries related to physical education is a lot and some people dont want to get hurt. In New Zealand a boy died when playing rugby because he broke his neck.
    So dont be so selfish, you insensitive people

  • Should be left to schools to decide.

    I do not believe that the government should mandate a mandatory physical education class. This should be left to each individual school whether it deems such a class as important. If I were a school administrator I believe that I would rather see a student in another "real" class rather than a class that most will not take seriously.

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