• PE is irrelevant to learning

    Physical education is not part of a school's job. Instead, it should be the parent's job. Schools are for learning, not for physical education. Physical education is pointless. Being physical is does not come from going to do minor exercises for one hour every day, instead, it comes from lifestyle changes.

  • Physical education should be required.

    Physical education should be mandatory, it is an essential part of growing and learning. Without physical education in school students would have trouble learning about other things such as math or science. Physical activity stimulates the minds of the young and keeps them on the ball when learning new things. Also being physically helpful, it helps children learn there physical limits, without having to run the mile in P.E. children would have to do it on there own, or choose not to. Choosing not to is only going to be detrimental to the future of the child. They will never live lives , and they will complain for the rest of their lives about "skinny" people and how they are "fake" when in reality they are more real than the person calling them fake. The "skinny" person most likely had to work for what they achieved, where as "fat" people worked by eating mass amounts of food, artificial products and junk that is bad for their bodies, giving these people shorter lives and less to experience with the time they have.

  • Absolutely

    Our youth of today has become not only more overweight and obese than in the past but they are more lazy than ever. Over one third of our nations youth is overweight. That creates a huge problem for them and the medical field. We will be spending more money on medicine because more of them with have issues that come along with it.

  • Absolutely

    Our youth of today has become not only more overweight and obese than in the past but they are more lazy than ever. Over one third of our nations youth is overweight. That creates a huge problem for them and the medical field. We will be spending more money on medicine because more of them with have issues that come along with it.

  • Yes I think physical education should be mandatory

    Exercise is a huge key to our overall health and well being as people along with our diets, so I think as we grow up it should have a place in our daily routines surely starting as children. Kids need to know the importance of being active, of taking care of their bodies. By mandating physical education from a young age, that will be one way to achieve that. So yes I think physical education should be a mandatory part of a school curriculum.

  • Yes, physical education is necessary to fight obesity

    I believe that physical education should definitely be mandatory because of the massive problem the United States faces in regards to childhood obesity. Children in the U.S. are at their highest rates of obesity in the history of the country, and mandating physical education in schools is one measure we can take as a society to try to curb the problem.

  • Yes, Physical Education Should Be Mandatory!

    In physical education, students learn to keep their body healthy. The will get to exercise every day. And, it can build their lungs and their heart strength through running and being active. Adding academic classes won't benefit students because they will become more sedentary, obese, bored and stressed out. So, physical education is a necessity for their health.

  • Mandatory with more choice

    Learning to control your body and maintain it are key to a complete education. Students need to know strategies that can be used to for lifelong wellness. However, they should have more choices of what specific classes they want to take. Physical education can be a big push for encouraging students to come to school if they are taking things they are interested in. For example, you could have classes such as "team sports," "weight training," "swimming," "recreational games," etc. By allowing for more choice, it would help students end up in classes that they relate to and help them avoid situations where students could be bullied. We all remember our peers who were constantly ridiculed for being the weak link in the batting order or the main target in dodge-ball. That same student might excel in a rowing class or a tennis class surrounded by friends.

  • Childhood Obesity Crisis

    Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic that affects our children health and overall well-being. Making PE mandatory I believe will deceased the number of childhood obesity. Some children only go outside once a day if that with all this new aged technology robbing children of an active and healthy life. PE would probably be the only physical activity most children engage in all day, that is why it is so important to mandate it ,so children can at least get the recommended physical exercise they need on a daily basis to prevent childhood obesity.

  • Absolutely I do!!!

    With the obesity that is in the US.... Phys Ed should be mandated! Kids need to learn how to be physically active at a young age. Elementary kids get physical activity in "gym" class.....They are having fun while getting exercise and getting their heart rate up. Physical activity is proven to help kids with their academics, also.

  • Bullying is prominent in this area.

    I believe that Physical Education should not be mandatory in schools. Bullying can be most prominent during PE, especially in the locker rooms where privacy is not obtained. This secluded area is ideal for bullying, and many children are uncomfortable with being seen. Due to obesity rates in America, many children that have problems with their size and are being mistreated.

  • Irrelevant

    Let me first say that it is definitely true that many people in our nation (USA) are overweight or obese. Achieving a healthier body requires a lifestyle change, not going to PE class a couple times a week for an hour each day. PE is nowhere near enough to combat the rate of obesity and overweight people. Other than that, it is parents' jobs to make sure that their kids get exercise. Schools' jobs are for building peoples' minds and enriching their knowledge.

  • Not Successful Enough

    Physical education may be a good idea, but the class is not successful enough at encouraging healthier habits or preventing illness. Most students don't put enough effort in to really benefit from it. It would be better if schools encouraged students to participate in sports since there are still options for those not talented or not in shape. That way there will be more room for academic classes during school.

  • Recommended, Not Mandatory

    It is important thhat physical education be taught in schools, especially at a young age. However, on the scale of "important things to know", academic endeavors are more important for a school to provide as it is much more specialized to deliver that material. Schools should focus on things that parents can't, such as physics, biology, chemistry, history, algebra, calculus, and many other subjects that really just can't be "self taught". It is much easier to have a gym membership or shoot hoops at the park, or even just jog a few miles a day, rather than relying on schools to spend time and money into these types of resources.

  • Physical Education should be at the option of parents.

    Physical Education, like all education programs ,incurs costs, and not all school budgets, communities, and students are created equal. Furthermore, time spent on physical education is time taken away from other scholarly pursuits. Is there something in our Federal or State Constitutions that says, Physical Education shall be required in schooling? No there is not. And time and money spent takes away from math skills, reading skills, learning finance, accounting, civics, or any other number of endeavors that prepares students for life. Some parents have their children participate in physical activities outside of school. Some schools can barely afford to pay their teachers as it is, and physical education would take away from their ability to pay for basic courses. One size fits all solutions simply are not appropriate, and forcing parents, students, and taxpayers to engage in an activity that is not an absolute requirement is enforced tyranny at its finest.

  • No gym should be mandatory

    People shouldn't have to be in gym when they are in sports. After school they spend 2 or more hours being active. So another hour at school is unnecessary when they could spend that hour doing homework. While in an off season however gym should be you always need to be active

  • Many kids aren't physically gifted.

    While other kids may be able to climb ropes and play soccer, others may not be able to simply hit a ball with a tennis racket. Also, the teachers make the unathletic kids feel pathetic or sad by making them feel bad. P.E also mainly compares kids with other kids, as everyone may see their performance up close.

  • It's so irrelevant!

    As a student, I find Physical Education completely irrelevant. First off, some students downright detest the subject (I am proudly one of them). Secondly, the time could be used for more educational subjects, such as learning another language, taking an advance in a class, etc. All in all, it should NOT be mandatory.

  • Not fair to everyone

    As a life-long asthmatic, I have never been a fan of gym class. Teachers punish the students that can't keep up with even more physical work. Requiring this class also prevents students from taking more enjoyable electives, such as a music course or new language. Don't force those who don't want to take a privacy-invading, bullying-heavy class to take it!

  • Waste of time

    Many students would rather make better use of their time. I see no problem with allowing an extended study hall, or perhaps the learning of a third language. Furthermore, forcing a student to take something other than a general education class (i.E Science, Math, English, History) can cause strong resentment among uninterested or disillusioned student.

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Obesity rates lower drastically