Should physical education be mandatory in school?

  • Necessary with Reform

    Physical Education should be mandatory, but not in the way we visualize it currently. We need reform of our current system, not preform an act of elimination. Physical Education in its name is educating children how to take care of their bodies. This is defined into two categories, active well being, and hygiene.
    Starting with active well being, our current system provides hidden bullying. Although there is an exaggerated amount of verbal abuse, there is the bigger mental degrading that happens when a student is the slowest runner, the last chosen for kickball, and so on. What we need to realize is that not has the same ability. Not everyone is a professional athlete, this comes to show that it is more than dedication to becoming a professional athlete, unlike other professions, where there is a more generous range of IQs. Athleticism is muscle structure, not dedication. One who runs slow is told to run harder, what they need is specific help, or a physical activity that they enjoy. Schools should provide alternatives, rather than one under the sun category, such as a fencing, walking or a popular sport suggested by students. (There, of course, should be enough students in support.) Active Physical Education in our public schools is necessary, although not ideal in some minds, as it sets life habits that are invaluable. In addition, many families are unable to sign their students up for the local soccer, lacrosse (etc.) team due to time or money, and this lets their students have a formal active education.
    Teaching students about hygiene in Public Schools is necessary, as simply put, parents are often uncomfortable. Without it, students can be uneducated about themselves, or be lead to bad descicsions.
    Physical Education may leave many intimidated, but with reform, it will leave all glad of their Physical Education.

  • P.E. Needs to be madatory

    Most people only get their daily exersize in P.E. People may say no one likes physical education, that's a lie. Several people in school look forward to it. America is getting lazier everyday and we need something to help us get out and exersize. P.E. Isn't the worst thing in the world, and people DON'T get bullied as much as people think. It happens rarely now in the average school and in physical education classes.

  • Yes it should

    Yes I think that physical education should be mandatory in schools. Like math, history, science, and English, physical education is an important subject, regardless of what others may think. People need to be active and children are not getting enough exercise. School may be the only time they get a chance to do so. I think that PE is beneficial and important because it trains people to be healthier.

  • Yes, a healthy body is part of education.

    Yes, physical education should be mandatory in school, because a student cannot be truly educated until they understand the importance of physical activity, and ways to be physically active. Students should not be graded based on physical ability, because that discourages the students who need physical education the most, and also discriminates against students with disabilities. But all students should participate in physical education.

  • Gets Kids More Active

    Physical education gets children more active in schools. Exercise relieves stress, increases intelligence and improves the overall quality of life for everyone involved. Physical education should be mandatory because sometimes kids are too sedentary at home, plus sitting in a desk all day at school is boring. Phys ed is here to stay as long as there are schools.

  • Physical education teaches children to be active

    Yes, physical education should be mandatory. The health of our children should be of the utmost importance. With childhood obesity on the rise, information and education on how to stay fit should be a mandatory ingredient in the schools system. Physical education also give children some form of exercise during the day.

  • PE should be everyday

    Here are my reasons: you would be fit, healthy and not feel bad about yourself. You would always see the bright side of things. PE can also prevent obesity and build self confidence for everyone who participates in exercising. You will always have fun running laps and playing games. For some kids that is their favorite time of the school day.

  • Physical Education Is Essential For Well-Being

    School's hold the responsibility to educate children in all facets of life. Physical education is essential to a healthy life going forward and should continue to be mandatory in school settings. While some children may not enjoy these programs, it's been shown that regular exercise makes a person healthier, indicating that physical education is fairly important.

  • It should not

    It's tiring to us students, we do not agree for it to be daily. Maybe 2 days a week but not everyday like my school. It is very unfair. Some kids are out of shape and some are in shape and could not get more in shape. I disagree with it

  • No, it should not.

    P.E is weird and awkward. Not everyone is physically active and no one should be forced to be. I have always been really active and I work out daily but growing up, I have seen kids in my gym class being bullied because of their physical abilities. Its sad to see kids not wanting to wake up and go to school in the morning just because they dread going to one class.

  • No it shouldn't.

    Physical education should not be mandatory in school. Teachers should try to encourage students to be active, but it should not be a requirement. Almost everyone hates gym class and this will give students a bad taste about being active. Student are often bullied in these classes as well. They should only be an option if anything.

  • Physical Education an Option

    Physical education currently isn't mandatory in many schools. Students can opt out by participating in varsity or junior varsity sports instead. Physical education is unfairly biased toward people with strong physical skills. If physical education were only pass/fail, then it could be made mandatory. It is entirely unfair to grade people on their athleticism and make it mandatory.

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