Should physical punishment be acceptable to punish the bad behavior of children?

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  • To an extent but yes

    Obviously there are things that are clear examples of child abuse such as sticking their hands in boiling water or putting extremely hot sauce on their tongues. However, when it comes to a simple spanning I have no problem with it. Kids aren't highly reasonable with the way they process information, but one thing that's guaranteed to process is that doing something wrong results in pain. There comes a point when the spanking really should stop (I received my last spankong about six), but it does teach kids what to do. There are also limits here like what constitutes spanking which I think parents should be educated on, but I have never had a problem with spanking. It happened to me, and I stand by it. If I never got spa need I would be a much worse guy, and I know this for a fact. So summarily, is there an extent that physical punishment should be illegal or wrong? Yes of course. Is there an extent it should be acceptable? Yes, definitely. That's why I vote yes.

  • Physical Discipline is the best thing for children

    Disciplining kids physically is not a bad thing. Slapping, spanking, and other means doesn't affect the kid any way physically or mentally. But when it becomes more of pleasure then discipline then that's when it needs to stop. But to some kids, they need to smacked upside the head in order to learn. When i was little i was messing around while digging a hole with my mom. She smacked my butt with the shovel and i worked the hardest i ever have to finish that hole. It also taught me to respect my elders and other people which is in short supply with today's generation.

  • Yes, it is a direct way of telling the child they were wrong

    Physical Punishment is a direct warning to the child to not do whatever they did again. After getting hit, the child would immediately know that they did wrong. If parents talk it out with their child, the child might not think about their mistake as much as getting hit. They might not realise how important their wrongdoing was

  • To an extent

    There are far too many younger children now that do not understand respecting their parents and listening. There are children that just tell their parents no when they are told to do something. If I had told my father no when I was younger (and even now), I would've gotten a spanking. I respect and listen to my parents now because of it. When a child does something wrong, it's acceptable to punish them and let them know that it is not okay to do what they did. It's essential to teach your child to listen to you and respect you.
    However, there is a difference between disciplining and beating. Beating a child is not okay under any circumstance whatsoever.
    Keep in mind, I'm only sixteen. I'm not trying to do the whole "Well when I was a kid..." thing but I'm trying to let you guys know that physical punishment and child abuse are not the same thing. There's a difference.

  • Physical discipline is an essential part of raising a child

    My parents utilized physical punishment for the more egregious offences. Needless to say; they did not have to do this very often. I remember a time when I had gotten a little older and thought that I was no longer bound by the rules my parents had set for me. I got angry at my older sister (I don't even remember why now)....I do remember calling her a nasty word though. Unfortunately, I did this within the hearing of my mother. She calmly got up and walked briskly to the bedroom and emerged with a leather belt from my dads drawer.......I was probably about 10 or 11 years old......I never used that kind of language again in front of my mom again. I loved and respected my parents and never resented any discipline they gave me. The few times that I got it...... It was well deserved.

  • Some kids just need a spanking...

    If children knew they would be immediatley punished for something they knew they should not be doing, a lot of bad behaviors would be extinquished. Here is an example... I know a child next door in my neighboorhood who never listens to a word his mother says. He is totally disrespectful to her an most adults. Somehow, when his dad asks him to do something he instantly does it. Why? Because dad isnt shy about making something red.

  • It has negative effects.

    In both my honors psychology class in high school, and my introduction to psychology class in college, I have been told that there is plenty of evidence to show that physical punishment is wrong.

    1. Physical punishment leads to resentment of the child's parent, and the child will act our when they leave home

    2. Physical punishment leads the child to believe that harming people is a legitimate way to get what you want.

  • Because it could make the children feel very stressful and have a lot of pressure for his/herself

    1) it's not suitable for the human rights
    2) child must be telling with love, not physical punishment that could make the children grow in a bad way an do the smae thing for their generation
    3) physical punishment that practice from the parents will be practice too by their generation next in the future

  • Just a way of displaying ownership over a child

    I don't see how spanking a disobedient child is any different than a man beating his "disobedient" wife. Using physical punishment is a way a parent displays ownership over their child, which isn't right, as children are not objects. There are plenty of other ways to punish a child- and something to consider: if a child constantly needs reprimanded, maybe it should the parent(s) who need(s) evaluated.

  • Yes and no

    I wish their was a neutral option but it's whatever. I feel like to a point physical discipline is good for children but it depends on what you're spanking your kids for, like if I had a child and that child had stolen a candy bar then yes I would spank him or Hitler because if I didn't harshly discipline them for that they wouldn't realize how much trouble they could get into in the future for to doing the same crime. However if your kid is just not listening to you about having to eat dinner or something along the lines of that then I think you shouldn't spank your kids rather simply ground them or something like that as the punishment, in my eyes, isn't equal to the crime. "Beat them when they're young to enjoy them when they're old" That will make kids hate their parents and create a society where eventually physical discipline will become something horrible.

  • What can Change a child

    Martin Luther King once said, "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." Physical punishment is something that can not change a child, it can make sure that the child steer away from that route. However this type of punishment is only temporal. We can temporally steer the child away from that route, however we cannot change how the child thinks towards the topic. If we physically punish a child we do not improve the child. The age of the child too is an important factor. It is important to not punish the child physically when they are at a young age. Some children may intemperate this poorly and you may not get the results you want. When a child is too old. Then physical punishment is out of the league. Physical punishment is something that should not be used on children because it does not teaches the child about how to improve, it just teaches the child to not to do bad behavior however it does not tell them why they behavior is bad.

  • Abuse is abuse

    I came from an abuse home, mostly emotional but some of it was physical and it just lead to estrangement. Honestly, I don'think people can stop abuse because most parents shouldn't be parents. Parents hitting their child is slightly conditioning the child to see their parents face and feel pain, it can be traumatizing. A child wants to believe their parents love them and hitting will confuse them because there's no love in it, at all.

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