• I think that physician assisted suicide should be legal.

    Physician assisted suicide should be legal because the people are suffering and it is there decision to end their life. They are terminally ill and may never find a cure for their disease. If we have the right to life why can't we have the right to death. I know that if i were suffering and stuck in the hospital and would be for the rest of my life I would want to end my life, I would want to end my life because I would be suffering and Know I had to stay in the hospital for the rest of my life. Sometimes the family will support their decision and there is nothing wrong with that. Why is abortion legal and not physician assisted suicide be legal? Abortion is killing an innocent person that hasn't even got to live a part of there life. Physician assisted suicide you are killing yourself and you have lived part of your life.

  • Taking away a person's right is wrong.

    I completely agree with the abortion statement. If we can kill innocent children, why can't the terminally ill decide they want to die? If their quality of life is deteriorating anyways, why should they have to suffer with the pain? If they are in a great mental state to choose that they want to commit suicide with the help of a doctor, why not let them?

  • Life and death depend on you!

    I think an individual should have the right to choice between life and death. A terminally ill person with little to no prospect of living denying treatment. That is understandable in view of the fact that treatment will probably not bring restoration to that persons body. Dying a peaceful death is better than living a painful life.

  • It should be up to the patient

    Yes. If a patient is terminally ill and has requested to die then I do not understand why it can not be medically done. If a hospital can pump a patient with pain killers to dull the pain of the illness, then why can it not be used to numb the pain permanently?

  • Pas should be legal!!!!!!

    It should be legal because if a person is suffering tremendously and has no more reason to live then they have that option. It's every individual's decision to choose when they want to die. We are born free and should die free without anybody's advice. If there's a right to life then there's a right to die too then.

  • Agree with above

    Everyone above me pretty much said all there is to say. A lot of opposing organizations say its immorally wrong and we should have compassion for fellow humans even at the end of their lives. However, physician assisted suicide is a method of compassion for those terminally ill people. Terminally ill means people who can't be cured and the only thing they can look forward to is death. We have the right to live, so why can't we have the right to die? The last thing we can do for those terminally ill is to give them a choice, either to live in pain or die with dignity?

  • It should be Pro-Choice.

    The terminally ill in pain should not have to suffer. It should be up to both the patient and the physician if a person should be allowed to commit suicide. Even with the technology we have today, pain medicine is still not enough to end pain. It should be allowed because we do it with pets, who are considered family. When the pain is too great, we should be able to choose if we continue with our life.

  • It is our choice

    I think that in rare situations this is a good idea. If the patient is in enough pain and they have no chance of living then death would be a better option. I do no think the patient should be pressured in any way and if they choose to go back on their decision they should be completely allowed to without any shame. I think the doctors should honestly tell the patient when they were bound to die and then give them the option of suicide. They should allow it because of the pain that the person is in. If I am in enough pain and I really cannot take life anymore then I think that I should not have to deal with the pain for another month, or however long I will live.

  • Use your head, not your heart

    I have several a few (4) family members that have had to make decisions regarding PAS and in 3 of the situations (all involving children) the parent's chose to keep the child alive. The first child, my cousin, died several days later on her own. The second child, my nephew, is still alive (5 years old) but has multiple sclerosis, is blind, uses a feeding-tube, and needs to be hospitalized at least 2-3 times monthly due to other conditions he has that I am not sure enough of to name. The third child, my second-cousin died a month after her mother decided to keep her alive. In the situation I am seeing now, with my grandmother, my mother will be given the option of PAS in the near future because, sadly, she has dementia along with other things and her body/mind are deteriorating. It's hard to talk to my mom about it because she is in denial, but I am just afraid that in a few months when things get worse she will choose to keep her alive just for the sake of her being here rather than because she is actually meant to still be here. I believe in God and doing things according to His timing and plan, but I find it's really difficult to determine whether it is the person in denial of the truth and with the technology that we have today almost anyone can stay "alive" even when they are really just dying or already dead on the inside. But that's just my opinion. I don't mean to offend anyone here.

  • I can't kill you or me?

    As a person who knows many suffering with cancer and has known terminally ill people, I can honestly tell you that given the circumstances, I'd like to be allowed to decide when I die. If I am in excruciating pain, taking pills to control side effects of other pills to control pain by treatments to attempt to slow my death, I should be allowed to tell my family I love them and leave them with the memory of a strong man who loved his family, than a corpse occupying space in they're home waiting until the day I am discovered lifeless next to my wife and forcing that trauma on my family.

  • We shouldn't give up on life.

    People around the world can help those who are sick get better. Just because we are suffering on this world, doesn't mean we have to put yourself out of your misery. Doctor-assisted suicide is practically murder. If this law is legalized, it is encouraging younger people will start asking doctor for help for suicide and it is the worst thing you can do to yourself. God created us to enjoy living on this world and has a plan for each of us. Once we are gone, the people who love us and care for us will be the one suffering.

  • Its not their choice

    Most people say it's taking away from their pain and it’s to end their suffering, but that’s what doctors are for; they should help you find a way to stay alive or find happiness. Let's say its incurable, "instead of participating in assisted suicide, physicians must aggressively respond to the needs of patients at the end of life." They are supposed to support life not death.
    We need to prevent doctors from taking advantage of they're patients. Doctors shouldn't have the right to make life and death decision of someone else, in this case anyways. They are mere humans like the rest of us, so even their opinion can be a mistake. In this case, a BIG mistake, that’s costing someone's life. Dr. Jack Kerorkian was a physician in US is doing this; sometimes some of his patients weren't ill enough to consider suicide, even though it shouldn't be an option. Intensive therapy would have benefited some of those patients. DOCTORS ARE NOT PERFECT.
    Homicide is illegal isn't that mean assisted death is the same thing. In this case the "murderer" has agreement from the victim. When someone is hurt or considering death as an option that means they aren't thinking straight so why would you take their word on choosing their life. That thought can be easily changed once the person finds a different outlook in life, but then it'll be too late. For example, Charles Trippy has cancer in his brain, but every day he moves forward because he looks at the positive things in life.

  • It should not.

    The primary reason Parliament has resisted attempts to legalize assisted suicide is because of the potential for abuse and the need to protect vulnerable members of society. It is difficult to see how the safeguards proposed by pro-assisted suicide organizations, which are modeled on those from Oregon, could be considered safe. All people with life-limiting illness are potentially vulnerable
    and standards for assessing mental capacity are subject to the values of individual clinicians. Therefore, safeguards can never be totally sufficient and no law can be made completely safe. It is important that nurses know where they and patients stand with regard to the law on assisted suicide or PAS. They should not break the law or encourage or assist others so to do. Nurses should never raise the subject of assisted suicide with their patients. If a nurse takes the initiative in such a discussion, it could be construed as encouraging or assisting a suicide. If a patient should raise the subject with a nurse, the latter should respond by explaining that encouraging or assisting suicide is illegal and that he or she can have no part in discussing it. However, that does not preclude exploration of why the patient has raised the subject and of what alternative measures could be taken to alleviate the patient’s clinical situation. Patients with life-limiting illness often have concerns and fears about death and dying. Good clinical care can help alleviate patients’ concerns

  • PA Suicide

    No, I do not personally think that physician assisted suicide should be legal. Doctors are there to help people get better, no die. There might be some miracle that could save a person, but the doctor ends their life. God keeps us all here for a reason unbeknowing to us and we should stay as long as possible.

  • We're not God.

    Only one person can take someone's life, God. Weather we're religious or not, we should still follow God's plan for all of us. The doctors should save our lives not just throw them away. You never know what's going to happen to the patient. What if the patient was getting better and you decide to kill them. Unbelievable how 79% people agreed. Have a heart people. "It's my job to do what people want." "We're doctors, we know what to do". Use your head. Doctors should help people with their lives. We're doing an Persuasive essay outline for school. I'm not even old enough to know.

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