• Yes, she was a Dutch sensation.

    Pilt Carin Ersdotter started out selling milk in the city square. Over time, she attracted a great deal of attention because of her beauty and even got into trouble because of the crowds around her. While she did not appear in images the same way supermodels do today, she was often hired to appear in person in wealthy people's homes.

  • No, definitely not

    Pilt Carin Ersdotter should not be considered the first supermodel. People have been modelling for years and years, since probably the beginning of public entertainment. So, why would Pilt be considered the first supermodel, when in fact they started their career relatively late in the lifespan of humankind in history.

  • No, Pilt Carin Ersdotter shoul not be considered the first supermodel

    Pilt Carin Ersdotter does not fit the definition of a supermodel, in my opinion. When one thinks of supermodels, one imagines runways and photo shoots, neither of which Ersdotter participated in. Ersdotter was no doubt beautiful, and people traveled far and wide to view her beauty. But if this is the criteria for being a supermodel, then Ersdotter would not be the first. Helen of Troy, as an example, has been noted for her beauty, and people traveled far and wide to see her as well.

  • That would be News to the Super Models of the past.

    I mean there have been others to have this label Cheryl Tiggs comes to mind. But than she was just one in many. Maybe this Pilt Carin Ersdotter could become to one to have the phrase coined yet again, since it has been awhile since someone was labeled a super model. But she certainly wouldn't be the first, the history of pop culture says otherwise.

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