• Yes they should.

    Pitbulls should be allowed to be pets, there are not an aggressive dog like people think. The problem is that owners do not know how to properly care and train their pets so they end up look aggressive or mean but they are not, they just were never taught how to act around other animals/people.

  • They are dogs nonetheless

    So why should we treat them that way? They only give what is received. You give'm love and they give it back, you show hatred and nastiness then you might be missing hand or finger. They are all the biggest teddy bears ever seen but, they can get wild. Its all up to the owner.

  • It's all about how the dog is trained.

    Pitbulls are not vicious dogs. If a pitbull is raised in a loving environment he or she can be a wonderful pet. The pitbulls we need to worry about are the ones that are trained to fight or the ones that are abused. If someone wants to have a pitbull and they are a responsible pet owner, they should be allowed.

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