• Yes they are dangerous

    My dog was killed by a pit bull last month. Although they can be very loyal and loving to their owners, these animals are powerful and have an instinct to attack other dogs and humans. Everyday, people are attacked by pit bulls. A pit bull attack isn't like any other. They grip on to their prey, and refuse to let go. My dog was killed by a pit bull last month.

  • Make pitbulls illegal

    There are many of these animals in my area, and because of this, I will no longer walk without pepper spray. I would rather face a grizzly than one of these animals. Just read about the attacks. Pit bulls attack for NO earthly reason. And when they attack a child or an elderly person, the result is usually death. Why would any person want to own a pet that has been bred to kill? It makes no sense. Making the breed harder to own would stop some of the indiscriminate breeding and selling. Around here there are hundreds for sale on Craig's List at any given time. There must be as many pups sired by hyper aggressive parents as not. Those aggressive dogs end up attacking someone. I am sick of reading about the attacks.

  • Other dogs can bite too, but are less likely to kill you

    Pro pitbull people say that if a dog is aggressive it's the owners fault. They say that any dog has the potential to bite so that their breed shouldn't be banned simply because a higher number of pitbull owners, compared to other dog owners, trained their dog to be aggressive. First of all these dogs have higher tendency than many other breeds to be aggressive. A high prey drive is part of their breed profile. People that say otherwise are not looking at the facts. How often do you hear of a pug biting someone? Yes there are other breeds with high prey drives also, such a a jack russell, but a pit bull is much more likely to kill you if you are attacked by one. I've been a proponent of banning aggressive breeds after being bit by a friend's pit bull, he seemed like a responsible owner and the only thing I did to provoke it is look at him, but now my arm is scarred for life. Coincidentaly, I was also bit by a friend's rottweiler in the same year.

  • The "It's the owner's fault is invalid"

    Every time a pitbull-type dog kills or injures a human or another dog, there are always those who immediately blame the owners in the dog’s defense. These kind of people usually go on to say that there is nothing wrong with pitbulls and that they are sweet dogs. I’ve found some inconsistencies with this argument and I'd like to share them with you.

    Pitbulls make up a relatively low percentage of dogs in the America. Pitbull-type dogs account for less than 5% of dogs in America. Here is an excerpt from Dogbites.Org:

    Of the 88 fatal dog attacks recorded by DogsBite.Org, pit bull type dogs were responsible for 59% (52). This is equivalent to a pit bull killing a U.S. Citizen every 21 days during this 3-year period.

    This stat is not including the non-fatal attacks that pitbulls were responsible for. Also, this study was from 2006 to 2008.

    According to multiple sources, since 1982 to 2012, pitbulls have killed 233 people and the second highest was rottweilers at 81 deaths. In that same study, pitbulls had maimed 1268 people while rottweilers (2nd highest) maimed 277 in U.S. & Canada.

    Just this year, there have been 18 fatal dog attacks reported. Of these, 15 of them were caused by pitbulls.

    The statistics speak for themselves. If it were the owners fault, why aren’t there more golden retrievers or german shepherds killing and maiming people? The simple truth is that pitbulls, as a breed, are dangerous dogs. Even insurance companies understand this.

  • Untrustworthy and Dangerous

    I was almost attacked by one twice when I was young. It would have killed me if it could had. Most attacks by dogs are from pit bulls. And they are dangerous. Plus they can attack without warning and there are a lot of very irresponsible owners. If they were banned there wouldn't have been as many deaths and people losing limbs.

  • Doctor who sees the injuries

    I work in a pediatric emergency room and see mauled children come in all the time. Almost all of these have been pit bulls, often family pets who have never done anything like this before. It's irresponsible to own these vicious creatures. I have seen too many faces torn to shreds.

  • Ban pit bulls

    Owning a pit bull puts your and others lives in danger. All dogs bite, but pit bulls are more likely to kill when they bite than any other dog. They were bred to kill dogs in dog fights. It is not the dog’s fault but that does not make them less deadly to people and dogs.
    Pit bulls were bred to kill dogs. The pit bull tends be more irritable and aggressive than any other breed. This is not the fault of the dog but it is still a danger to humans and dogs. Pit bulls have a way of biting that is called “bating”, the pit bull will bite and will not release until the victim is dead. They were selectively bred to be able to win in a dogfight, and they have a natural instinct to kill. They were bred to be able to “kill” in a “pit” hence the name pit bull. There are other breeds that tend to be aggressive, like the Jack Russell Terrier, but a Jack Russel won't kill you as easily as a pit bull can.
    Pit bulls have killed and mauled more humans than any other dog breed. Every month there are about 18 human deaths from dogs, 15 of them are from pit bulls. 47% of human deaths caused by dogs in 2012 were caused by pit bulls. This is the same as a pit bull killing a human every 21 days for three years. Since 1982 pitt bulls have killed at least 233 people, and maimed 1268; Rottweilers (the second highest) have only killed 18 people and injured 277. This is again not the pit bull's fault.
    Some people might argue that it is the fault of the owners that pit bulls are dangerous and that they are trained to be dangerous. This argument is inconsistent. Pit bulls are a low percentage of dogs in America, yet they have killed and maimed the most people. In many of the incidents the owners have said that the dog had never done anything like this before, and pit bulls who live with good owners have still hurt and killed people. If the owner is at fault then why aren't badly treated golden retrievers and labradors killing and maiming people. The reality is that pit bulls are dangerous dogs.
    Pit bulls are bred not trained to kill and the statistics speak for themselves. Pit bulls need to be banned. There are so many breeds of dogs is it really worth putting your and others lives in danger for this small breed?

  • Yes!!

    This is America and I believe that all dogs should be legal to own. Pitbulls can be loving loyal dogs. It all depends on how they are raised. I believe that we should target the bad ones. Contrairy to popular belief one bad apple does not spoil the whole bussel. If we start banning what kinds of dogs citizens have, what will be ban next?

  • 2-year-old boy killed by pit bulls at baby sitter's house: How's that for a Headline!

    September 23, 2013:
    "A 2-year-old Arizona boy has died after being mauled by a trio of pit bulls at his baby sitter’s house. The dogs attacked the child after he got caught in the middle of the fight, and his 28-year-old baby sitter suffered cuts to her arms, legs and hands as she tried to pull the dogs off him. The dogs are currently being held for 10 days in a local animal shelter".
    I'm curious to know what pit bull owner's think should be done with these "pets"? Please be civil in your comments; for I know you can, because, well, you're civil like the dogs you raise. And answer the question FIRST, before you ASK a question. Again, put your beer down, and be civil.

  • Bred to kill other dogs

    This is a breed that was created to see other dogs as prey which has only become worse in the last 30 years with back yard breeding for maximum aggression. Even most "good" pitbull owners are totally ignorant of this fact. Every week you hear about a child or pet being seriously injured or killed by a pitbull. The owners often say "I didn't think she was capable of that" The reason for this is because the very people who are attracted to this breed are also poor and uneducated and cannot afford training or liability insurance. It's unacceptable that we let a few idiots put us all in danger. The need for a law banning this breed in populated areas is obvious.

  • Yes!! Make them illegal

    So many people die because of them and they are dangerous , I have read about so many deaths and heard about so many others. I dont understand why people still support having them when they have killed small kids (own family dogs kill their kids) Its sad , people love pitbulls more than their kids.

  • History shows they are a clear danger

    Sadly, neglect and abuse happens with all pets, and when pit bulls are neglected and/or abused, history shows us over and over that tragedy follows. The breed has a tendency towards aggression and is large enough to have a significant chance of seriously injuring someone.

    One of the comments I read indicated that Chihuahuas are also aggressive and prone to biting, so therefore they should also be illegal if we were to make pit bulls illegal. However, the clear difference here is the size of the animal. A Chihuahua has a significantly less (perhaps zero percent) chance of causing serious injury.

    Some might argue that it is their right to own whatever kind of dog they want. However, several animals are not permitted to be kept as pets for very sound and logical reasons. Sorry, but owning a pet is a privilege and not a right.

    Lets put a stop to the madness and live sensibly. Pit bulls should be banned for the same reason guns should be banned. They create an unnecessary risk. They're unnecessary because nobody is going to die if they do not own a pit bulls. The fact that they are riskier than many other breeds of dog is also irrefutable as they are statistically more likely to be aggressors than other dogs.

  • Too Dangerous for communities

    Way too dangerous...The stats don't lie! I would ban them or make them like an exotic animal. That way it is regulated. We don't need to read how the dog was the nicest dog and never showed any aggression. Too many people and animals are being killed and injured. Thanks.

  • Statistics dont lie

    Statistics dont lie. Pits are the number one killer in dog attack-related deaths. Just about every day you can read about an attack by one of these animals in just about every state. I was attacked just walking down the street one day minding my own business. Guess what breed? A pit. Fortunately I held my ground and he backed off, but get one or two together or more and youre in serious trouble. All these dogs should be put down and it should be illegal to breed them. Look at the poor elderly gentleman in Seattle who just got jumped right outside his house by two pits and a bull mastiff. Fortunately he survived and fought back.

  • People before dogs please.

    Neighbours have just moved next door to my girlfriend with one of these monsters. So now my 4 year old daughter who up until last week could go in and out of the garden cant now because these beast is sat in the next garden free as a a bird. So do I have to sit here and wait for me or any of our kids have to wait to be the next statistics just because some idiot wants to look tough.

  • It is cruel to keep them as pets.

    We continue to put down their breed and they don't get to live a quality life. People shy away from them and it's not even their fault. It's our fault. We created them to be vicious killers and that's what their instincts tell them. Yes, some can be altered but you can never know when a dog might explode unpredictably and attack someone. When this happens, the dog gets put down. This is unfair to them and it would just be better to ban their breed altogether.

  • Plenty of other breeds! No need to choose a pit bull as a pet.

    Just went through the debate with my niece. She insisted her pit bull was a sweetie and wouldn't hurt a fly. Last week the pit bull killed her other dog in front of the whole neighborhood. She went from two dogs to no dogs in 10 minutes. Her sister has a 2-year-old boy and, in spite of feeling sorry for the little dog who was horribly killed, I'm so glad it happened or she may have kept it and it would have killed her nephew.

  • They are dangerous

    These are naturally known to be viscous and if not trained correctly, can be much more dangerous than other dogs. The only time I have been attacked by a dog, guess which breed? You guessed it. Pitbull. Also, why does anyone want one of these anyway? What's wrong with a lab or golden retriever?

  • Ban these dangerous dogs

    Animals are animals. An animal cannot be classified as evil or good for that matter, as they operate by instinct alone. However, it is necessary to distinguish between safe and dangerous animals. Fighting breeds like the pitbull types are inherently vicious. It is foolish to ignore such a fact by stupidly anthropomorphising such animals. Pit bull fancy seems to have become the new age religion, wherein people stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the risks involved. They often foolishly compare justified breed bans to human tragedies such as racism, slavery etc which is quite hurtful to those racial/ethnic groups who have been subjected to such treatment as they are being equated with dangerous animals.

  • Pit Bulls Are Dangerous

    Pit bulls have killed an average of two people per month in 2013. The breed is inherently aggressive. It is not the dog's fault that it is aggressive. It is the dog's nature. Pit bulls have come to symbolize threatening behavior in this country. The breed would not be under debate if their owners kept them under lock and key like a dangerous weapon, but unfortunately, many owners allow their "pets" to maul people and other animals.

  • Ban Pitbulls Now

    At a near by lake some people left their pitbulls in the house with some other dogs. The pitbulls ripped the dogs apart. It was a horrible bloody scene. These dogs go for the throat and will not release the victim until they are dead. They are ban in several countries in the world and should be banned. Another man shot and killed his two pet dogs after they mauled his wife while she was on her knees tending to her garden. He rushed her to the hospital and she survived but it was a brutal attack.

  • This animal is a weapon

    Making pitbulls illegal would decrease the number of pitbulls purchased and bred for fighting. More pitt bulls would not suffer from abuse and killed unjustly from organized fighting rings. People have noticed that this type of dog is a beast compared to other dogs. So this propels making these dogs modern day gladiators, forced to kill each other. I understand that the human is responsible for all neglect and mis usage for the animal but i do understand that it is a very tempting animal to fight. I believe that if this animals is illegal regulate these dogs along the lines of military usage and police purposes. This will make sure all these animals are feed and house effectively and we may channel their strenghts in a postive manner to society rather than destructive

  • There are so many other breeds to choose from, why a killer?

    These dogs were originally bred to be aggressive. What's so special about them that they need not be banned? Pit bull enthusiasts are like "don't ban this loving breed"... Well why not just pick a different breed there are hundreds of breeds of dogs that do not have a reputation or have killed people before. What's the point of people keeping these dogs and defending them so much when there are so many breeds to choose from in shelters and elsewhere. Pit bull breeding should be banned, no more of these dogs should be born and current pit bull owners should have their dogs tested for temperament individually and if the dog shows signs of aggression it should be confiscated, and it not the person should have to pay for a lisence to keep the animal. These are highly aggressive dogs BY NATURE no matter how much training you think you're doing. It is in their instinct. This is not a family pet. It is NOT always the owners fault when these dogs lash out or turn aggressive. Many good dog owners with multiple dogs of other breeds and a pit bull will have a pit bull lash out and kill someone. A dog should not have to be supervised constantly and be constantly on guard monitoring the dog so it doesn't turn on someone. Having a dog should not keep you on your toes. Like I said there are many breeds to choose from that are "affectionate loving pets" as pit bull lovers describe pit bulls... Just pick one of those and stop obsessing over trying to make integrating these dogs into society a reality. People have prejudice for a reason, not because they are ignorant. There are too many cases of pit bulls attacking and killing people and other animals without being provoked and having adequate owners. Breeding and distributing of pit bull breed needs to end immediately.

  • Not all dogs were bred to kill but pit bulls were bred to inflict the maximum damage and death on other animals.

    Not all dogs were bred to kill but pit bulls reason for being is ti kill other animals. I have been tracking the attacks by pit bulls in 2014 and every day there are news reports of attacks, maulings, loss of limb, terrible disfigurement and loss of life inflicted on people and other animals by these dogs. They have no place in civil society. They were bred by cruel men to do evil things. Their existence is tragic. The growing trend worldwide is to ban the breeding of these dogs. All over the world reasonable people who value human life over dogs agree it is time to let these pit bull breeds die out for the good of society.

  • Not all dogs were bred to kill but pit bulls were bred to inflict the maximum damage and death on other animals.

    Not all dogs were bred to kill but pit bulls reason for being is ti kill other animals. I have been tracking the attacks by pit bulls in 2014 and every day there are news reports of attacks, maulings, loss of limb, terrible disfigurement and loss of life inflicted on people and other animals by these dogs. They have no place in civil society. They were bred by cruel men to do evil things. Their existence is tragic. The growing trend worldwide is to ban the breeding of these dogs. All over the world reasonable people who value human life over dogs agree it is time to let these pit bull breeds die out for the good of society.

  • Pitpulls attack people and pets randomly for no reason

    Watch real youtube videos. This is one of them. . In Asia, pitpull attacked babies, toddlers, bite them to death. These children are known to be their owner's friends not randomly strangers who walked to their homes. So many deadly cases involved Pit Pulls. This breed is too dangerous to keep as pets.

  • 74% of fatal dog attacks involve pit bulls or rottweilers

    ...According to Dogsbite.Org. A dog specifically bred to fight has no place in society as family pets. Is it right that some people can't walk their own dogs or let their children out to play for fear of pit bulls in the neighborhood? I believe they should be banned because their presence infringes upon the rights of others to their own safety. A popular TV dog trainer has falsely and irresponsibly tried to promote this breed as a good family dog with horrific results. If a car manufacturer produced cars that killed people every few weeks, they would be out of business. Every few weeks, someone dies in a pitbull attack. It is fact supported by statistic which makes it very rational to ban ownership of this breed.

  • Pitt bulls are aggressive and uncontrolable

    Walking an elderly golden retriever like a stroll and having two aggressive pitts jump through the air and hurt my dog. There was no rhyme or reason for this attack. Spending thousands of dollars on her vet care and praying she will not have to be put down. Our golden retreiver has been in our family 12 years with zero health problems. If I would have owned a gun that day I would have shot them both dead.

  • Pit bull mauls Texas toddler and her mother

    Another incident where an innocent child is mauled by these savages on March 31, 2014. These dogs are dangerous and need to be illegal! There are also two other headlines from this year where I saw a pit bull attacked a child, one in Arizona and one in North Carolina. One child died and the other was in serious condition. This has to end. These dogs are not friendly, they are meant to fight-its in their DNA.

  • They are killers

    I've seen what these "gental" animals can do at the drop of a hat personaly. Ive seen them kill people and other animals. I had to stab one in the back of the neck to save my little Yorkiepoo. She still had to go to the vet and i was bit by the second dog (which i also then killed)

  • Pit pulls are dangerous and definitely should be banned!

    Pit bulls are dogs genetically bred to be aggressive. It is not how they are raised! The ones on the news and on YouTube, that snap and either severely damage or kill other pets/people are family pets, raised and loved only to snap one day! Since dog fighting is illegal, why does does the world need a dog bred to kill other dogs? The "other dogs" are people's pets! How would you like it if one of these animals came up and attacked your dog causing death?

  • Dead pit bulls make me smile

    The only thing pit bulls are bred for is to hate and kill. Every person that says it is not the dog its the owner is an idiot and knows nothing about dogs. Any dog can bite but when a pit bull does it's intention is to kill and will not stop until it does. It should be illegal to posses these beasts and there should be a mass killing of them to eradicate the breed forever. Besides the only people that want to own them are thug drug dealers or white trash criminals who should be dealt with also.

  • You may love your pit bull...

    Yes, dogs with poor training may become aggressive, and attack others. The situation with pit-bulls, is that they not only have been proven lethal attackers of adults, children, and other animals, but are too popular of dog breed. In Detroit 90% of the stray population are Pit-bulls. Obviously a problem, as many of these dogs need to be euthanized.
    People say they are great with kids and very protective, but they also put more kids in the hospital than any other breed. People always blame the owner, which i suppose is fair, but doesn't solve the problem of preventing attacks. Unless they propose every person buying a new dog to take a dog training course or something. Or we can not let people buy such lethal dogs.

  • The stats speak for themselves

    Pitbulls should be banned same as leopards or tigers. It is absurd that it is legal and even fashionable to own these dogs. People arguing in favor always base it on personal experience. People can own lions as pets and have nothing go wrong for a while but I dont want to be exposed to others' willingness to take ignorant risks.

  • They are killers

    The pit bulls ancestor, the staffordshire terrier was 'designed' specifically to fight other animals and kill them, shockingly for sport. Hence the barrel chest, thick hammer-like head, strong jaws, the perseverance and the stamina. Pit bulls are able to take down a bull weighing over a thousand pounds, so a human, being a tenth of that weight can easily be killed or at least seriously hurt.

  • Pitbulls should be banned as they are in Ontario Canada

    Like a dog with strong prey drive who chases everything and anything that moves within it's visual field, a Pitbull is inherently a fighting dog waiting for the opportunity to attack, it is in the DNA. In Stratford Ontario, an elderly couple owned a Pitbull and it attacked and killed the husband when they were laughing and playing around. It was obviously being protective. Prior to this I am sure they thought they had a great pet.

  • Aggressive and dangerous animals, like pitbulls, should be banned.

    This should be a no-brainer. Owning alligators, lions, wolves, and other dangerous animals is illegal, so why should a violent and aggressive dog breed like the Pitbull be an exception? Pitbulls have a history of being specifically bred for fighting purposes -- in a fight, they are almost immune to pain. They will hold on their prey for as long as possible once they clamp down on it, and this is true even if a human victim were to beat on its head with a 2X4.
    Don't kids yourselves people -- these dogs are especially prone to unprovoked, violent attacks. This trait is inscribed into their very genetics. They should definitely NOT be household pets, in exactly the same sense that alligators, for example, aren't fit to be household pets.

  • Snapped at me for no reason

    I always give the benefit of the doubt to an argument. However, I have seen for myself the natural instinct of these dogs. I was at a friends home for dinner one night. She owns a pit who is often said to be the worlds best pit. I was reaching to pet the dog and it snapped at me. Everyone including the owner were very surprised. Not to mention after the dog accidentally got loose, it mauled a dog to death. Now, even the loyal pit owner has some second thoughts!

  • Pitbulls are aggressive and dangerous.

    The people who own them are aggressive and dangerous as well. I've never known a pitbull owner that didn't own them for protection. It's a sad fact but a true one. They know that the pitbull breed is aggressive and they will intrinsically keep them to strike fear into their neighbors.

  • Ban those dogs, they are evil.

    I grew up with my childhood dog "brownie" he's been with me since i was 8 years old, I'm 16 now. He was an extremely loyal and loving Jack Russel. We took him everywhere on family trips and such. He is extremely friendly with other dogs. But as of 9:25 am this morning he is critical condition with a broken rib, an open chest cavity, and half of his lung is ripped from the diaphragm . My neighbors two pitbulls broke through their fence run in through the doggy door and attacked Brownie. Untill i chased them off my limp Bestfriend. And I'm just getting news that he didn't make it.

  • Some dogs are especially predisposed to attack

    On Christmas Day 2013, my sister's english bulldog attacked my 3 year old son and latched on to his arm. The attack was observed and there was no provoking nor was there any reason for the dog to attack. The dog did not have a history of attacking anybody. I am of the firm belief that these kinds of dogs should not be allowed around families with children. This situation reaffirmed my stance that while raising children it is simply safer not to have pets. There is already enough responsibilities and your children should always come first before any pets.

  • Genetics pure and simple

    Just as some wild animals are more prone to attack, kill and mutilate, so too is this true of our canine campanions. Mankind has genetically manipulated an animal, a type of dog, to be a killer and one can never know which dog will act out based on those genetic characteristics. Love, wonderful homes, excellent training and all of the other parables that are fed us to overcome our inhibitions about inviting these killers into our homes and communites are just that...Parables. The genes rule, this is not an animal who belongs in our homes, especially in heavily populated areas. Ban the breed.

  • I've had 3 close calls. My guardian angel is watching over me

    In the past 2 months 10 people have gotten attacked by pitbulls in my neighborhood. The owners and the dogs got away with it. Nothing was done about it. People are scarred for life and traumatize. I had to flag a car down and risk getting in a car with a stranger. Oneday I was on my way home I saw cops and the ambulance when I turned the corner the sanitation men told me to becareful they had just saved a girls life that the pitbull was still at lodge. I went home came back out, later that evening a lady told me a toddler was attacked by a ugly dog the sanitation had reported earlier. That was two in oneday. I ran for my life when I was chased by a pitbull banging on my door my family was like who is chasing you@! I was diagnoise with cancer after that. Probably the stress from that day brought it on.

  • Pit pull attacked 9 year old boy and dog trainer un-provoked.

    My family also owned and trained dogs throughout my childhood. In my life, pit bulls are the only once I do not ever completely trust because of there constantly aggressive tendencies. A pit can be a great dog, but they required extra love and attention beyond what most people have time to give them. Furthermore American Pit Bull Terrier are now bread for their aggression and fighting ability by much of the Hispanic community, and are no longer the American Staffordshire Terrier they started off as. I have been around other dangerous dogs as a result of my exposure to them, but only pits the most unrelenting. The risk of the human life is not worth it.

    I have been attacked by dogs only twice in my life, both unprovoked and both were by pit bulls. When I was 9, I knew the dog and only crawling beyond the reach of his chain save my life. 14 stitches on my 9 year old arm left a very pronounced and permanent scares. The second time a bit pull was loose on the street, and he just attacked and wounded both myself and the dog I was walking (also a pit) and I. Turned out the sidewalk was two houses down from his yard. I had to stab the dog with a 1.5 inch pocket knife even after the owner showed up to stop him. Even then it attached a second time. Meanwhile other pits in various yards were baring their teeth and wanting in on action through their fences.

  • Sadly, but yes.

    If not to avoid future injuries, than at least consider the disproportionate number of euthanizations that occur with this particular breed. Been to a shelter lately or ever? There are sadly, always a large number of pitbulls. What's more humane, continuing to breed and euthanize or phasing out this breed altogether? I can certainly understand the owner's opinions and conceded that many are loveable pitbulls out there, but statistically speaking, the pitbull bread has proven to be a threat to humans and other dogs.

  • They ARE a fighting dog

    These dogs are dangerous, they were bred to fight other dogs and you can not simply rely on all humans to raise them right. I had a friend who's 3 year old baby is recovering in the hospital because of these worthless animals. I'm sure they can be raised to be good dogs but most people who own these dogs don't have enough time to raise them right!

  • Yes they should

    Pit bulls are the worst most brutal dog you can have, these monsters kill children and the elderly, NO, if pit bulls get banned all dogs should? NO, these creatures, things, monsters, devils, should be put to the fires! They should be destroyed, they are a disgrace, Its not the dog it the owner...No...Its both the vicious monster and the irresponsible owner who believes that these animals are kind, or loving, they will learn the hard way, tell me, would you love the animal if it were to strike your CHILD, your pregnant wife perhaps? Or your Parents mother/father! Or YOU!? I stand against these abominations.

  • Pit bulls are mean and vicious

    Pits are too mean to become a house pet or even a guard dog. All over the world people are getting hurt from other people’s pits or their own. Police have been looking for the breed of dog that have inured the most people and they there pit bull.Pit bulls are mean and will attack people who walk by. I believe that people shouldn’t have pit bulls and they shouldn’t be in houses or on the streets.

  • Pitbulls are dangourous creatures

    People shouldn’t keep pit bulls for pets because they hurt and kill dogs and people. Pit bulls are too dangerous and could kill innocent people. Pits could run out and get people in a traffic accident. One adult said “mean and have no reason in the world” "She had an umbrella, they grabbed the umbrella and it was gone. Then they both jumped on her and knocked her in the ditch.”

  • Yes! Ban them!

    I've seen what this breed can do. They're a sick breed. Don't need them, don't want them. Enough said. I don't like pit pulls. You can dress them up to be all cut, but they WILL turn on you and rip your face off, or your child's face, whichever you prefer.

  • Headline: Pit bull Kills

    The defense for this worthless animal holds no ground. The basis of their defense lies on an IF. IF the owners are caring, knowledgeable, etc. The dogs are soooo loving. While in the same paragraph stating "yah they'll prolly maul your two year old otherwise". Pitbulls are 'misunderstood'? Pitbulls 'get a bad wrap'? That happens when your neighbors or relatives are mauled to the point that it makes the news. A dog serves two purposes for most households. A guardian and/or a toy. While they may be supreme guard dogs, in metropolitan areas where we are all stacked on top of each other, the safety of others is a must. Ban/sterilize them in all populated counties done by houses per acre with a very low threshold. You can get another type of dog that will "love you so much". Its an animal.

  • It's just common sense really

    The common misperception that a pit bull is only aggressive when they are trained to be that way, is utterly ridiculous. This breed is sweet one minute and unpredicatable at any given moment. I have personal knowledge of 2 attacks in my circle of friends/family that loved both of the attackers for years. The dogs were part of the family and at no time indicated that they would maul 1 person to death and the other was scarred for life. The argument for pit bull lovers that is commonly used is based on nothing but personal opinions and the unwillingness to look at the consequences of "what if". Most other breeds do not inflict the type of damage that a pit bull does, pit bull lovers can try to debate that to their hearts content, they lose every time. Most dogs simply bite, they don't maul you or take your life. I'm not understand how any rational person can in any sense justify owning something this dangerous. It boggles my mind.

  • Pit Bulls are dangerous

    The CDC study on dog bites has found that more dog attacks are done by pit bulls than any other breed. That is a clear, factual evidence of the dangers this breed presents to children, pets, and even full grown adults.

    There will always be dog fighting, and those criminals will always choose to abuse pit bulls. Therefore, there will always be a significant population of pit bulls bred for violence and aggression to counterbalance the [allegedly] "friendly and loving" pit bulls. With those dangerous dogs bred in fighting rings proliferating the streets and shelters of our communities, they inflate the legitimate stereotype of the breed as a danger to public safety. It would be better to ban the breed outright so that no one runs the great risk of coming into contact with these violent dogs because, let's face it, they're ugly and they're an institution of white trash and ghetto blacks which can adopt some other kind of dog.

  • Pitbulls and pit bull mixes need to be banned from interacting with children

    How do you train infant or a toddler to not provoke a pitbull? How can an infant or toddler defend themselves while sharp teeth are gnarling their arms, legs, and neck?

    I love dogs. I like pitbulls but I love my nieces more and I will never leave them alone with any dog that is or even looks like a pitbull. Yes their behavior may be a product of one's owner however they are not robots, they still do have natural animalistic instincts. I don't know about anyone else but just the idea of hearing a two yr old screaming while being mauled to death is more than enough to do something to prevent this horror from happening again.

  • People have their own option on animals.

    All animals can change they can turn on you at any time no matter how long you have had them because they are what they are animals are meant for the wild and no matter how hard we try they will always have that part of wild in them. They will always be a pet but never truly be trained.

  • Genetically Bred to Kill

    These animals are a danger to others. They should be banned. No matter how "sweet" they seem to their owners, they inevitably end up "mauling" another person or animal. Quite frankly, I find them hideous to look at. Their eyes lack expression. There is something different about them. They should be made extinct.

  • The definition of danger

    I have had 5 dogs in my life and 3 were killed by this dog breed. I understand that this dog can be loving, loyal and caring, but if you don't train it right, could will have a bad temperment or agression problem and could possibly kill or injure someone.

  • Statistics don't lie

    The numbers speak for themselves. The breed is obviously dangerous and a threat to civilized society. It's cruel and inhumane to continue to breed these animals when there is such a high likelihood of them suffering as a result of their or their owners behavior. Betty Todd, 65-years old - Killed by her son's pet pit bull.
    Christian Gormanous, 4-years old - Killed by his neighbor's chained pit bull
    Elsie Grace, 91-years old - Killed by her son's two pit bulls
    Isaiah Aguilar, 2-years old - Killed by his neighbor's chained pit bull
    Ryan Maxwell, 7-years old - Killed by a pit bull while visiting family friends
    Daxton Borchardt, 14-months old - Killed by his babysitter's two pet pit bulls
    Monica Laminack, 21-months old - Killed by her family's pet pit bulls
    Tyler Jett, 7-years old - Killed by his neighbor's two pit bull-mix dogs
    Claudia Gallardo, 38-years old - Killed by a property owner's pit bull
    Jordyn Arndt, 4-years old - Killed by her babysitter's pit bull
    Beau Rutledge, 2-years old - Killed by his family's pet pit bull
    Rachael Honabarger, 35-years old - Killed by her family German shepherd
    Pamela Devitt, 63-years old - Killed by a pack of loose pit bulls
    Carlton Freeman, 80-years old - Killed by four roaming pit bulls

  • Mike Vick's choice of dog

    If pit bulls aren't dangerous and aggressive, then why did Mike Vick have them for his dog fights? Why does anyone who gets a dog for the purpose of "guarding" something choose pit bulls? I don't think because they are just the in style breed of the year. Dalmatians are big dogs as well. But how many attacks/deaths do you hear about from them? I've herd stories where Pit bulls have turned on there owner and attacked hem for no reason. Yeah that sounds like a great family pet. Let little Jimmy 5 year old go out and the yard and play with Killer.

  • Breed for Aggresivness

    After living in Germany for five years where pit-bulls and other aggressive breeds are banned I see the benefits of stricter pet laws. Pets in Germany are considered a privilege and there are strict rules about owning a dog. The outcome I noticed was fewer strays( I actually never saw a stray dog my whole time living there) and more mindful pet owners. Pertaining to pit-bulls they have been breed to be aggressive and attract owners who want a macho dog.

  • Sad but true

    No apartments allow them and they clog up the adoption sites...No one wants them! They are not allowed anywhere! I'm sure they are great dogs but their use in fighting has polluted their gene pool with aggressive dogs. Whenever I search for adoptable pets I am flooded with pits. There is a reason for this....Nobody is adopting them.

  • Pitbulls can attack you.

    Pitbulls should be illegal because they can kill you. A lot of pitbull attacks have ended with death. Worst of all pitbulls can attack your children and kill them. Pitbulls seem nice and friendly, but if you make one wrong mistake they will attack and kill you. That is why i think they should be illegal.

  • Yes too unpredictable and too dangerous.

    The main problem is Pitbulls have a potential to do huge amounts of damage and they are unpredictable, even the best owners can't guarantee their dogs are safe.

    They also have attacked man non provoking people and children and are responsible for fatalities.

    We can't tell if they are playing or going to attack, we don't have lions or tigers as pets and they can be just as loving and compassionate as any other type of pet but their capacity for grievous injuries and unpredictability etc put them on the banned list of household pets no difference with pitbulls.

  • The average joe doesn't have the knowledge about dog behavior to own one.

    Pit bulls are a different kind of dog and what I mean is. Because with most dogs, they bite let go, then bite again. Pits lock on and shake with all the force they can muster. Also, pits do not show obvious signs of aggression such as growling snarling and barking before a attack. This is why you hear owners say, "he has never showed any aggression problems before." ...Sound familiar?
    Pits have also a higher pain threshold, so when they lock on, getting them to "let go" is near damn impossible. If you want to own a Pit bull, IMO people need a special license to do so. They need training and the dog as well needs to pass a rigorous obedience trials. These are NOT your run of the mill beginner dog and when put in the wrong/ignorant hands, can be a potential danger to the owner, other dogs and any people exposed to the animal.

  • Even loved family pit bulls attack and kill children.

    2013 Dog Bite Fatality: Fulton County Infant Killed by Family Pit Bull

    The father of a young boy killed by a family pit bull issued a strong warning about the breed in a WSBTV interview. Back in April, Beau Rutledge, 2-years old, was savagely attacked by his family's pit bull named Kissy Face. The family had owned the dog for 8-years prior to the attack. The scene was so gruesome -- described as being in a horror film by a witness -- that authorities hung a sheet over the doorway of the family's home to keep the scene hidden.
    "How do I go from a birth certificate to a death certificate? … Those dogs cannot be domesticated. They cannot."

    The WSBTV interview also said that the pit bull has been put down. But beforehand, the animal underwent temperament testing for aggression. The tests came back negative.

    This is just one of hundreds of stories like this... These dog were not trained to be bad dog it wasn't the owners fault, so many attacks happen by trusted loved pit bull, they are just naturally aggressive dog and they should be banned. How long are we going to let them go on killing babies, children and even adults?

  • 63% of fatal dog attacks are Pit Bulls

    They pose an unnecessary risk to our lives. They should not be allowed near schools just like fire arms. They should have to be leashed at all times. They make up the majority of dog attacks and fatal dog attacks in the United states. They are dangerous and can and will attack without being provoked.

  • Humans mauled by pitbulls are reason enough.

    Every year more people are mauled and killed by pitbulls in America than any other single dog breed. Outlawing pitbulls would remove most of this aggressive breed from homes and areas where children and most unsuspecting would-be victims would otherwise be attacked or killed. Other animals that pose similar risks are already illegal or require special licenses to own.

  • The worse breed of dogs

    They are the only dog breed that always attract human and other dog. They should be illegal to have one or at least you should require to have a permit. The same kind of permit for exiting animals like tigers. They should be ilegal everywhere specially for people that have kids.

  • Pit bulls are Loose Cannons

    You are not allowed to have a bob cat, wolf, lion etc. A pit bull is just as dangerous as those. You should have to get a certain kind of licence etc. Pit bulls are unpredictable and should be banned from owning. Specially of you have children. It should be considered child endangerment.

  • Just look at the statistics

    Even if you claim that the breed is not aggressive by nature (despite the fact that historically they have been bred specifically to be aggressive...), the mere fact that they are strong dogs, with strong jaws, and have an ability to kill/injure humans that most other breeds do not have, means they should not be bred or kept as pets.

    Owning a pitbull is like owning a weapon that you can not control, maybe it's a nice dog, maybe you think you'd raised it properly, but it still has the ability to kill a human being, and if it gets loose and decides to attack there is nothing you can do to stop it.

    Perhaps other breeds should be banned as well, but pitbulls make up less than 2% of the dog population in America and are responsible for roughly 30% of dog-bite related fatalities... That number is staggering.

  • Pitbulls are not a weapon but a loving pet.

    I use to be the one that didn't like pitbulls because of the way the media portrayed them, but they are loving creatures. My husband and I just got two, and they are the most loving pets we could have. They're so protective, because you love them. So, no, they shouldn't be illegal. If that's the case, then all dogs she be illegal - not just one breed.

  • This is dogism...

    Its just like racism and sexism but against a race of dogs... This is very un-exceptable. How would you feel if you got banned just because you did something bad because someone provoked you to do it. Just because a dog was brought up in a bad way and reacts in defense dosnt mean that all dogs should be punished.

  • It is how the owner raises the dog, and not the do itself.

    I Pit bull is not born as a dog that wants to fight, it is raised that way by immoral people who have nothing better to do with their worthless life than to train dogs to kill each other and then if they don't perform then they kill the dog themselves. Any "man" who shoots a creature in the head because it does not want to fight deserves to spend eternity in hell. Pit bulls are very intelligent, strong dogs that want nothing more than to please their owner. So how is it their fault that in order to please their owner they have to be aggressive? It is the owners that we should seek out and punish, not the dogs. Chances are if a person is engaging in training dogs to fight, they are also participating in other unlawful acts. I'm just saying, we should focus our resources on catching and punishing those propelling dog fighting and try to rehabilitate the poor Pit bulls.

  • Pit Bull Are

    Pittbulls like any other terrier breed were bred to be working dogs. Terrier=Earth dog. I currently have 2 pittbuls, 2 jack russells, an american bulldog, and a bunny. They all get along. And all of them besides the bunny are rescue dogs. Do they take work? YES. But so do all breeds. Most people seeking medical attention from a dog bite were bit by a small breed dog. However, it's not as juicy of a story. You never hear,... Yorkie at LARGE! Theres no difference in dogs outside their size. The bigger the dog, the more damage it can do. Dobermans and Shepherds actually have more bite force than a pittbull. Get to know some. That being said.... All owners no matter the breed need to be responsible. Not sure about you, but I've had chihuahuas run from a garage of a neighbor and attack my feet. Thats not news worthy. Pittbulls who have a strong pack leader, make wonderful companions and pets. Lets take a tour through history. Petey from the Little Rascals(PITTBULL) We all had Buster Brown shoes as kids, right? (PITTBULL) And lets look at all the old war posters with pittbulls in uncle sams hat portraying loyalty, tenacity, and strength. In the 70's it was the german shepherd who were evil doers. The 80's was the dobermans turn. Now we're onto pittbulls? An irresponsible person should own NO ANIMAL.

  • The will always be viscous attacks

    Regardless if we ban the pit bull another animal will be bread to do what it is the pit bulls are doing now. Pit bulls are being bread to be gard dogs and to be used for protection and if we ban the pit bull then another dog will take its place, are we then going to ban that breed too? What we need to do is have consequences for the owners who are irresponsibly rasing and breeding pit bulls.

  • It's not the dog, but the owner

    Yes, there have been a lot of pit bull attacks. Most of these attacks though are from dogs that get trained or just played around with in a heavily matter. They shouldn't be banned for a city unless of course the rules get abused, which of course happens to everything... I live in the country and its not a real big deal here. People have them everywhere and no one really cares. They are just a dog. In my opinion I say no they should not be illegal!

  • Pitbulls are so living

    I have a pitbull at home who plays with my 2 yr old brother and 5 yr old brother. Pitbulls are the kindest dogs I know and they are so mistreated and their title is so misused and its horrible to see that others are against them. Pitbulls used be known as the granny dogs because in the 1900s they would take care of the children and they were known as the best known family dog until they began to be abused and mistreated and used for making money. Pitbulls today are still that same loving dog we need to go to the owners for mistreating these loving dogs and making them something there not.

  • Pitbulls can attack you.

    But if you teach them well then they wont. Pitbulls are dangerous but that doesnt mean we have to ban them! Knifes are dangerous too but you dont see government banning them now do you?!?! Guns and grenades kill more people every year than pitbulls but you dont see them being banned either! So why do you think that pitbulls should be banned?!?! If pitbulls are banned then where will they go??? Theyre not like weapons were you can just put them away and forget about them! Pitbulls are living and breathing things! They cant just go off into the jungle or something! They need to have a home and someone to tame them. If pitbulls are banned then who will tame them so that they are less attacks?!? Pitbulls are a bit like humans, they learn from their environment. If the owner of a pitbull mistreats it then the dog will mistreat others!!! Pitbulls learn from their owners, when they do something wrong it should be the owner that gets the blame! Pitbulls ARE dangerous but that doesnt mean we have to ban the WHOLE breed!

  • Don't blame the breed

    Say I'm driving down the street in a Ford truck and I'm not paying attention and hit a child. You would blame me, not Ford trucks, so why blame all pitbulls because of what some do and what their owners make them do? It's ignorance and fear that drive you to make the decision that all pitbulls are dangerous

  • No such thing as bad anything other then bad humans.

    "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated." - Mahatma Gandhi! Any dog can be mean and any dog can be good. Most of the time, dogs like HUMANS are products of their environments. I would guess to say about 70% of animals are mistreated by humans. Why single out any dog or animal breed? Especially if a majority of its problems comes for humans. Also humans are the most destructive thing on this planet! Not only do kill we also torture for no reason at all. I do agree if a dog is bad then put it down but not the whole breed! Also feel this way about humans.

  • The American Temperament Test Society tests dogs to see how they do with the following categories:

    Stability, aggressiveness, shyness, friendlyness, and how protective it is when shown a threat. Pitbulls are the second most tolerant dogs right after Golden Retrievers. Pitbulls are great dogs. Punish the deed not the breed. Banning Pitbulls is like banning muscular people because they have the potential to hurt or kill you. It makes me furious that familys have to give up a member because some kid died down the street from a similar looking dog. It is the owner that will turn the dog bad, not the dog itself. Discrimination is what America tries to get away from, but instead we have ignorant dumbasses who get all of their information from social media.

  • No pitbulls should not be banned

    Saying a pitbull is worse than any other dog is like saying black people are worse than whites. Pitbulls were breed for their muscle and fighting ability just as black people were breed for their strength out in the fields . People just blame the breed because they look more intimidating and have had a worse rep than other dogs for a long time .

  • Dont single out one breed

    What about all the other animals on the list of bad dogs? Why only pits? When people get attacked me goldens or german shepards the media doesn't show it but when a pit they go all crazy over it . If you all didn't know a golden retriever is one if the highest rated dog for biting. But yet is the most "lovable" dog. Blame the owners for being dumb and raising them to fight . Owners should be punished not the dogs. They are only here to please us and listen to our commands

  • There is no such thing as a bad dog just bad owners.

    I have personally owned pit bulls, they are actually a very good breed. They're always eager to please, and longing for companionship. Pit bulls are always loyal, and they love to cuddle. The only people who hate pit bulls are the people who have been attacked or have a family member who has been. So why don't those people open their eyes and see that pits aren't a violent breed by nature? I will advocate for every owner, they are an amazing breed who are good with kids. They shouldn't be penalized for something some dumb-ass who had trained them to be violent did. Pits were not always labeled as violent either. They used to be the dog of choice. So why don't you haters shut up and just make dog fighting illegal, because you aren't going to win this.

  • Anyone who has said yes is a MORON!!

    Pitbulls a.K.A. Nanny-Dogs are the kindest animals when raise CORRECTLY, by RESPONSIBLE dog owners. I own a pitbull myself and he has been my best friend for years, and will be for the rest of his life. In the years I have owned him he has only bitten one person, a man who tried to break into my house via the back door. My pitbull has also alerted my family, many times of when my grandfather was passed out or disoriented due to his diabetes. Also there is a 11 month old child in my house and he absolutely adores my pitbull and my pitbull loves him too. I also have 3 other dogs all being female and one being 13 years old, dogs have a pack mentality and will listen to the alpha, my 13 year old, my pitbull is at the bottom of the pack. If any of the others tell him to back down, he does. I would die for my pitbull and I know that he would do the same for me, and the other members of OUR family. That dog is like a brother to me, and always will be.

  • Any Dog Can Do Anything

    Not just pit bulls are dangerous to people, any dog can be a danger to people. Pitbulls get a bad rap for being trained as fighting dogs but if you make pitbulls illegal, just the responsible citizens will choose other dogs. Pitbulls will still be around, they will still appear in fights. They don't sign up for the fights, people train and force them to fight. They wish to please their owner, a responsible owner makes a responsible dog.

  • Pit-bulls should not be illegal!

    Saying pit bulls are all bad is a generalization. They attack sometimes because that is the way they were trained. A lot of people believe everything they hear, they don't actually have locking jaws. Also "Pit-bull" isn't a breed of dog, it is a mix of many breed all together, so saying they are all bad is like saying because one person did something wrong, every person that looks similar should be punished.

  • People don't know what they're talking about

    Anyone who ACTUALLY DOES SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH will know that pit bulls bite people less often than Dalmatians, Poodles, Daschounds, and about 5 other dog breeds. They just have a bad rep. Do something useful in your life and look up facts instead of basing off prejudices. Yes, some people ARE bad owners and they do mistreat their dog to be a fighter, which is less than 10% of people these days.

  • Bans are proven not to work

    Just Google BSL and you will see that multiple organizations speak out against making Pitbulls illegal because it doesn't work. If you are concerned about public safety than you need to consider making laws controlling pet owners not specific breeds. Multiple studies have found that making a breed illegal does nothing to prevent animal attacks. Consider this, making something illegal doesn't stop it from happening. Speeding is illegal but most people still do it. Making Pitbulls illegal only stops responsible citizens from owning them.

  • Banning pit bulls would make no difference

    People buy pit bulls because they want tough dogs that can attack and be violent, so the dogs are trained in a manner that promotes this. However, this quality is not inherent. If pit bulls were banned, dog owners who wanted dogs that could fight would just train another dog breed such as German shepherds to do the same thing. Therefore, banning pit bulls would make no progress.

  • It all depends on the owner

    It's true i have a pit-bull i have been training her for nine years she has the energy of a 2 year old pup and she loves people and I am still trying to train her to like other dogs so not all pit-bulls are bad it's the owner they really are a loving dog it just how you train them if you treat them right they are loving and I love pit bulls they are a wonderful bred i don't want them to get banned

  • Pitbulls are amazing.

    I think pitbulls are just like ANY other dogs. The only problem is how there raised. You hear all these story of pitbulls fighting each other for their owners amusment, then when they attack someone they say "I didnt know it was capable of that". I think the owners are to blame and the dogs just want to be loved. I know this because I once had a Pitbull and he never attacked me OR anyone else.... Not even once. Thats why I think pitbulls should NOT be illegal.

  • Should Pitbulls be illegal?

    No they should not because the guy warned the cops. They were just being idiots and not listening also pitbulls only act the way they are taught to act, it's not their fault they were taught that way so why punish them for their owners, their owners are the idiots.

  • Any dog can attack you

    You can't just ban pit bulls because they attack. Any dog can attack you. If you think about it most dog attacks are in self defense. Dogs won't just attack you, unless YOU train them to. It's not their fault. Also, you can't just say "Humans before dogs" . Dogs live and breath just as well as humans. The fact that you say history shows that they are a danger because they attack is stupid. History shows that humans are a danger because they attack. Should humans be illegal too? There isn't any logical reason for why pits should be banned. They attack and bite? Yeah just like almost every other dog.

  • Depends on Owner

    The way the pit-bull acts depends on the way the owner had raised the dog, either to be aggressive or sweet and loving creatures. Because the way the owner treats them and raises them to act matters more than the breed because I have a pit-bull and I haven't raised her to be aggressive and she hasnt shown any aggressive tendencies. Also my cousins have a pit-bull and he was raised in the same way and would never attack anyone or have the intention of hurting someone or another animal etc.

  • Not their fault!

    Pitbulls are loyal, loving, patient, and eager to please, that is if you train them correctly. Of course if a owner beats them and puts them in dog fights they'll become weapons of man. If they're used for good intentions, they could be used for a higher role in society. They are great guard dogs and could become cop dogs. They would also great scavengers, and great friends!

  • No. Quit banning everything.

    Though I do think they are dangerous since aggressiveness is in their genes, and the incompetence of many of their owners doesn't help. I said no because I believe it is our right to own whichever dog we want. The government, state or city should have no say. I do want heavy fines and jail time imposed on people whose dangerous dogs cause property damage, injury, or death to others.

  • They're Not All Bad

    You can train any dog to be an attack dog, every single dog can harm people. Do you want to kill every shark because they kill? They only kill the people who go in the water into their home. They either do it to protect or because that's how they were trained. Its not the dog its the owner. I've had mine for 8 years, with no signs of aggression ever.

  • Pitbulls are love

    If you raise any dog to be vicious that's what they will be. I've had a pitbull for over a decade and have never seen any problems. He is very patient with my 3 year old daughter and my niece. He is a very good guard dog, so if someone approaches the door who he doesn't know he will growl. That's a good thing in my book not a bad thing. Its time we start blaming the people instead of blaming the dogs.

  • Blame the owners, not the dog

    If a kid grows up to be violent, get into drugs, and show no respect towards anyone, it is the parent's fault for not raising them right. Dogs, whether a pit or not, can be groomed to be the most lovable thing in the world. But, if the owner raises the dog in a mean spirited way, of course it is going to be violent and aggressive. People do whatever they can to blame anyone but themselves. Its the owners, not the dog!

  • It is the irresponsible, uneducated, hateful people that own a pit bill.

    It is not the breed it is the irresponsible owners that make this breed get the bad reputation. It is people that like to fight dogs, train them to attack, do not get them neutered or spayed, and think it is cool for them to be mean. Instead of punishing the breed lets make the punishment for the owners a lot more harsh. I think if someone is caught fighting pit bulls or dogs should have to be in prison for at least two years. It makes me sick to think people find it cool to fight these poor animals. I have three pit bulls that are all neutered and spayed, they are always on a leash unless they are in the country with no one around so they can run, and love to be around people. Any dog can be mean and aggressive. It is all on how the dog is raised and the environment it is raised in. I do think pit bulls need to be chipped so mean people can not own them without repercussions. And they need to be out of the hands of stupid people. I do not think it is okay to fight any type of dog and I am sure if you take those irresponsible people that like to fight dogs, take their kids and train them to fight to the death. I am pretty sure they would not like that. My dogs are my children!

  • No. They shouldn't all be punished

    That one dog should be taken away. All Pitbulls should not be punished for something some other dogs do. I say, once they hurt somebody, then that on dog should be taken away. Also, how can they make them illegal? It'll be pretty hard to take every single pitbull in the world away! One last thing, It should be the owners fault if the dog harms! The only way it can harm is if it being walked and not on a leash. If they are playing outside obviously unable to have a leach like if you are playing ball with them, they should be fenced in!

  • Don't just look at the bad

    Any breed of dogs can attack you. You cant blame a whole breed over what a group of dogs and you cant can't just look at the bad. If you look at the bad in one breed look at the bad in all breeds.If we make one breed illegal we need to make every breed illegal.

  • Pit Bulls should not be banned!

    Pit Bulls should not be banned, I am a demonstrator for a Well-known quality pet food. Every weekend, I visit different pet stores around my county and meet different pets, both dogs and cats. I have encountered all breeds of dogs, including a full blooded wolf. Every Pit bull I have met has been nothing but a big baby. I have had them lick me, snuggle with me on the floor as I sit down with them, and even jump up to greet me. Every owner I have met of these bullies, have been very responsible. It is not the breed we should fear, it is the owner/trainer of the breed. It also the media that has put fear into people about the breed. Do you ever see a news article about a child being bitten by a mutt? No, but it happens everyday. People also need to teach their children not to approach strange dogs the same way they teach them not to approach strange people. They need to teach them that if they are going to pull the dog's tail, the dog may bite, no matter what breed it is. If a person teaches its dog to fight and attack, that is what its going to do. If a person is abusive to an animal, it is going to fear people. It is always, always the people, not the dog. All the myths about a pit having a locking jaw are untrue. Research the breed yourself.

  • We can use them in a better way

    Instead of using these dogs as fighting beasts, we could use them in a more advanced way. Using them in the military or police work would be great! The hard part of this idea would be to somehow train the dog to not attack the handler, only the person the handler is targeting.

  • No they should not.

    The American temperance Testing Society put thousands of breeds of dogs through test. They tested dogs for skittishness, aggression, and their ability to differentiate between threatening and non-threatening humans. 83% of pit bulls passed. They had they second highest passing rate right after golden retrievers. Pit bulls use to be known as the perfect nanny dog for children. They were known for there friendly nature, loyalty and stability. And use to be considered especially non-aggressive to people.
    Pit bulls are only a reflection of you. It depends on how you raise the dog to how it will act. My 2 pit bulls are both extremely sweet. One of them was actually attacked by a German Shepard and almost died from the attack. My dog did not even bite him because that is how I raised him. Most people that think pit bulls are awful have never had on. Why don't you go to your local Humane Society and foster a pit bull for 2 weeks. Its guaranteed half of the dogs have some type of pit bull in them. I know it will change your mind.

  • NO pitbulls should not be illegal

    Pitbulls are just the same as other dogs. It's the owners who mess everything up for them and make them aggressive. It's not the dog's fault if it gets stuck with a bad owner who teaches it to fight and be aggressive towards other people. I think pitbulls should stay legal, but I think the owners need to be checked out more carefully before being able to have a pitbull.

  • Owner and avid Researcher of the breed

    I Have owned five pitbull mixes and 1 full blooded APBT. I own two as of right now. They are the better dogs I have after owning poodles, yorkies, huskies, coonhounds, and a golden retriever. They are beautiful dogs who are intimidating to those who misunderstand the power of the breed, this is including my own father who hates to come near them because he like most people believes the common misconceptions many have. The facts are the breed is more powerful and dangerous than most breeds but also more loyal and loving. The latter two characteristics outweigh the first. I choose what dogs and people I socialize mine with. Havent had any mistakes so far because I'm responsible. The same dogs sleep with my two outside cats that come and go as they please, and play with my 4 lbs yorkie who jumps in their face and mouths, and also my overly aggressive 7lb poodle who is not allowed out with kids or other dogs around because she bites them. The pitbulls though can handle being around all of them, also my newborn nephew, and four and seven year old cousins. Banning the breed is a mistake because of how many are killed each year in BSL based counties and states. If you know how to raise a dog get a pitbull and tell me you regret it.

  • its not the dog its the owner

    Pits bulls are not born mean they are raised that way. Pit bulls are not the only breed that has been reported in attacks. I have a pit bull mix and he is 83 pounds of pure baby fat and love. My friends Pomeranian has attacked me before he didn't draw blood but he got a mouthful of my sweater.

  • Pitbulls Should Not Be Banned

    Pit bulls have a reputation as the fighters. And yes, most of the time their reputations have it right. But not all pit bulls are fighters. It all depends on how the dogs was brought up. Half percent of people who own these pit bulls only got them because they are good guard dogs.
    So that means the owner of the pit bull raised it to be aggressive. The people taught the pit bull to fight. And now that they have that aggressive side. It could come out at anytime. The pit bulls are underestimated. People think just because they teach them to only be aggressive when needed, its not always going to work out in their favor. They will attack. At anytime.
    Pit bulls should not be banned, or outlawed, and definitely not put down because of one accident. Just like other animals they should get a second chance.
    I know there have been many horrible attacks. And yes those pit bulls were most likely brought up the wrong way, either raised to be a fighter, a guard dog, or even not raised at all. Sometimes pit bulls seem to receive the wrong message. They end up attacking, and yes it can get pretty ugly. There should be certain extents to banning pit bulls. Only raising them to be good. No aggressiveness.
    My opinion is that they should not be banned just because they have a reputation from many years ago. They should get a second chance just like every other animal.

  • Of course not.

    I've been bitten by more chiwawas then pit bulls but I don't see anyone wanting to make chiwawas illegal. Pit bulls are very loving dogs. It's all in how they are raised and trained. Yes there are a few that have aggression issues, but that is normally from bad breeders not the breed itself.

  • They are nice, loving animals.

    The only way they are bad is because they've been beaten by owners or they are in dog fights.
    They are loving and loyal to their owners, so don't do crap to them, be nice to them, jerks. I have a pitbull and I care about him and I give him all my love, so people who say they should be illegal,
    you don't know love to an animal you raised.

  • It's not pitbull's fault

    If a pitbull is aggressive is because of their owner's background. If a person actually takes care of it's pitbull how it's supposed to be the pitbull would take care of their owner how their owner takes care of him/her. Plus they are protective, cuddling, kid's lovers, cute, and their just not dogs but family.

  • Yes, keep the pit bulls.

    A pit bull can be as loving as any dog. There are so many myths about any dog and now all we do is blame the pit bull. If raised lovingly, pit bulls can be wonderful. Pit bulls are more vicious than most--their size...But most are gentle giants...That's a fact.

  • They are some of the most loving dogs I have ever had.

    I don't think pits should be illegal. Some of y'all are right when you say they have a higher aggressive mortality than most dogs, but at the same time the way you raise them can either trigger them to be aggressive in a attacking way or aggressive as in protecting you and your house. A pit bull doesn't just go around and attack people just because. On the media you hear about them attacking but you don't here the whole story what made the dog attack, what was the person doing? As for children being attacked yes its a bad situation, but with dogs you have to train them to be around kids, because kids go around pulling dogs ears or hitting them, so they feel like they are being attacked. You have to train them, just like you train and teach your kids how to act or be, its the same with dogs.

  • It is down to the owner

    Any living being experiences. It sees, hears and feels. If you are exposed to violence from a young age, no doubt will it make an impact on your life and the way you act towards others. If it is all you know, then it is all you know. But being brought up correctly around other beings that care and love for you will affect how you act with others in the future in a positive way. And all Pit Bulls need to be brought up correctly, just like ANY OTHER SPECIES. Humans are far more violent than Pit Bulls. Let's ban humans from breeding in that case.

  • I love pitbulls

    I have had a lot of pits and people think there mean there not they are protective to there family. Its all in how you train them if you teach them to bite there going to if you tell them to . Right now i have 2 and they are loving dogs my favorite thing about pitbulls are that smile.

  • Pit Bulls are a misunderstood breed.

    I believe that the bully breed is seriously misunderstood. I know with pit bulls, as with children, it is all about how you raise them. If you raise a child up in violence, that becomes their lifestyle unless someone steps in to change it; the same with this breed, if they are taught to fight, of course that is what they know, but if you raise them in a loving setting they are an exceptional breed, very loving and loyal animals. If you raise them around children, they protect them as much if not more than they would you. The bully breed is extremely loyal.

  • Apparently ignorance is bliss

    Pittbulls like any other terrier breed were bred to be working dogs. Terrier=Earth dog. I currently have 2 pittbuls, 2 jack russells, an american bulldog, and a bunny. They all get along. And all of them besides the bunny are rescue dogs. Do they take work? YES. But so do all breeds. Most people seeking medical attention from a dog bite were bit by a small breed dog. However, it's not as juicy of a story. You never hear,... Yorkie at LARGE! Theres no difference in dogs outside their size. The bigger the dog, the more damage it can do. Dobermans and Shepherds actually have more bite force than a pittbull. Get to know some. That being said.... All owners no matter the breed need to be responsible. Not sure about you, but I've had chihuahuas run from a garage of a neighbor and attack my feet. Thats not news worthy. Pittbulls who have a strong pack leader, make wonderful companions and pets. Lets take a tour through history. Petey from the Little Rascals(PITTBULL) We all had Buster Brown shoes as kids, right? (PITTBULL) And lets look at all the old war posters with pittbulls in uncle sams hat portraying loyalty, tenacity, and strength. In the 70's it was the german shepherd who were evil doers. The 80's was the dobermans turn. Now we're onto pittbulls? An irresponsible person should own NO ANIMAL.

  • No, the dogs are not to blame.

    It's not the dogs fault if he is raised by his owner to attack another dog or person. We should blame the people who raise them. Teaching them to fight other dogs or the way they are kept around the house, chained up and violent because they are being abused. I have a red nose pit and he is the sweetest dog we have. He lives in a house with three other dogs, a border collie, a rat terrier and a Chihuahua. The only time he is aggressive is when the border collie tries to dominate him and shows his teeth. Other than that he thinks he is small and he sleeps under the covers like our rat terrier, and he even will try to hop on your lap. He is the best dog we have ever had, little hard headed but he is perfect.

  • What a world.

    No, pitbulls should not be illegal. There are many animals that people keep that can and sometimes do attack , kill and mame. If were to dig a llittle deeper and ask "why do people raise pits to fight?" , we may get to the root of the problem. Society lack caring and understanding and that is seen in the inner cities where proverty is rampent. Young boys grow up to be men and the hostility, anger and the feeling of being let down and letting down lingers and manifests itself in ways that will always be dangerous and destructive, the pitbull , just got caught in the cross. Love will heal all...., Watch.

  • No, Pitbulls should not be illegal.

    Pitbulls are like any other dog. If you teach them violence they will be violent. If we are going to make pits illegal, why stop there, Doberman's, Yorkies, for that matter why not just make all dogs out of the question? Now, do I believe that some breeds should have more regulation on them. Ie: A test to own them or something that would provide that the person having them have knowledge and ability to properly care for the dogs: Yes. I own a Boa Constrictor, and that is a whole new ball of wax. But to say that they should be illegal doesn't fly in my view. Everyone has opinion's and can provide a solid argument about why or why not, with my pet or yours. This discussion could go on forever. It comes down to personal responsibility issues, and providing a loving nurturing home for the animal.

  • No

    It is not the Pitbull that is the problem. It is the owner who makes them aggressive and not friendly. I own a pitbull and she is the most docile dog that you have ever met. It should be the people who are treating these dogs so bad that are in trouble.

  • Pitbulls aren't dangerous!

    Pitbulls aren't aggressive. Pitbulls are made aggressive. Their not caring owners are the ones that make them violent. Their owners should be the ones getting banned on not having dogs! It's not fair that the dogs are being banned because of their owners fault. Some may agree with this and some won't.

  • Pitbulls aren't dangerous!

    Pitbulls aren't aggressive. Pitbulls are made aggressive. Their not caring owners are the ones that make them violent. Their owners should be the ones getting banned on not having dogs! It's not fair that the dogs are being banned because of their owners fault. Some may agree with this and some won't.

  • Pitt Bulls fell in the wrong hands! Humans!

    It is unbelievable that people can say that pitt bulls are 'visious' they are a classic steryotype for being dangerous however it is the humans that are the dominent creatures on this earth that have to get involved with anything they can and here is a typical case of an innocent breed that have fallen in the wrong hands of vile human beings. Nothing is born to hate. It is the way that the creature is braught up that influences their attitudes and behaviour to life. Yes the pitt bull may have that small touch of instinct to be aggressive but this is easily handled if they are owned by responsible and patient people that are willing to spend the time to train such a gorgouse dog to be the way that they would be without the bad influence of humans. Cesar Millan, look him up and what he does you will soon agree that they are just like any other breed of dog. Loving loyal and caring!

  • Pitt Bulls fell in the wrong hands! Humans!

    It is unbelievable that people can say that pitt bulls are 'visious' they are a classic steryotype for being dangerous however it is the humans that are the dominent creatures on this earth that have to get involved with anything they can and here is a typical case of an innocent breed that have fallen in the wrong hands of vile human beings. Nothing is born to hate. It is the way that the creature is braught up that influences their attitudes and behaviour to life. Yes the pitt bull may have that small touch of instinct to be aggressive but this is easily handled if they are owned by responsible and patient people that are willing to spend the time to train such a gorgouse dog to be the way that they would be without the bad influence of humans. Cesar Millan, look him up and what he does you will soon agree that they are just like any other breed of dog. Loving loyal and caring!

  • Pit bulls are us!

    Pit bulls are super loyal, and who ever hates pit bulls hates me! If you do not like pit bulls, get one! They are super sweet and nice and loyal. Just because they have a bad rep does not mean they are mean. Pit bulls are us! Thank you, everyone!

  • Why ban something/someone that isn't at fault.

    Pit bulls are the victims , they were picked for dog fighting because of their loyalty, their strength, and their look. Many people think that banning a specific breed will help the problem. It's not the dogs fault, it's the owners fault for teaching the dog to be like that . If you look at the temperament of a pit bull, you'll notice that they are family dogs.
    Breed Specific Legislations can be related to the Holocaust, where many Jewish people died just because they were Jewish. They couldn't help what they were , that's how they were born. Killing a Pit Bull is genocide and shouldn't be allowed.

    So much time and money had been spent on banning Pit Bull type dogs that people forget to realize that if you take away Put Bulls, those same owners will find another dog to replace the pit bull. We need to focus on the irresponsible owners and not on the innocent dogs being out down for being the type of dog they are.

  • No bad Dogs, only bad owners.

    When people say they are 'vicious', it is because they are terriers. The only reason they are not as accepted as say, a Jack Russell, or a Bull Terrier, is because they are bigger, stronger, and considered 'ugly' by a lot of people.

    Yes, they are naturally aggressive, but like I said, so is a jack russell, if put in the same situation. They are TERRIERS! They were all bred to be hunters/fighters, pit bulls are just bigger, and more effective at it. And because of this, people neglect them, and abuse them, which LEADS to these attacks.

    What if you said the same thing about humans? What if you said 'Oh, well black people are often bigger than white people, so let's kill them!' Does that seem logical to you? It's a disgusting and ignorant stereotype to say that an entire breed should be illegal, in my opinion.

  • Of course not!

    I had a pitbull named Strika (girl). My friend had two pitbulls named Sabor (girl) and Titus (boy). They are the most sweetest breed ever. Please know that they really aren't the mean vicious monster dogs you guys make them out to be! People seem to think that because of the sick ignorant people who make them do that. And then beat and hurt the dogs if they don't. Pitbulls are so loving and precious. Yes, they are big and strong. But they are loyal and kind and great with kids! If pitbulls should be banned, then why not all dogs be banned? It's not the dog that should be banned and illegal. It's the people. They should be plug in jail for animal abuse.

  • Not illegal, but raised with care.

    I do not think they should be illegal. I know several sweet pit bulls. However, those that breed pit bulls need to make sure they go the kind and loving home. If the pit bull is abused then it could be a threat to people. As long as you're raising them with love, they'll love you back.

  • The only thing that should be banned are the people with ignorant comments

    And obviously a dog doesn't just sit and be perfect it's whole life ...It's provoked to attack or had a cruel owner who used it for dog fights and trained it to maim and kill. I have been with dogs that have been used as fighting dogs before the ones that don't have to be put down( because of someone else's cruelty) are mostly afraid and don't trust humans or other dog s without a lot f healing and time

  • The only thing that should be banned are the people with ignorant comments

    And obviously a dog doesn't just sit and be perfect it's whole life ...It's provoked to attack or had a cruel owner who used it for dog fights and trained it to maim and kill. I have been with dogs that have been used as fighting dogs before the ones that don't have to be put down( because of someone else's cruelty) are mostly afraid and don't trust humans or other dog s without a lot f healing and time

  • I had at pitbull at age ten

    We had a pitbull when i was ten. We had it for too years, and then had to get rid of it because we moved to an apartment that would not allow pitbulls. It only bit anyone once. And it was my cousin who jumped on top of him and pulled his tail. We see him every once in a while and in 12 years he has never bitten again.

  • I had at pitbull at age ten

    We had a pitbull when i was ten. We had it for too years, and then had to get rid of it because we moved to an apartment that would not allow pitbulls. It only bit anyone once. And it was my cousin who jumped on top of him and pulled his tail. We see him every once in a while and in 12 years he has never bitten again.

  • Pitbulls are poor misconceived animals that need a voice.

    Every dog will bite. My friend owns a pit bull and she is the sweetest dog alive. Pitbulls are misunderstood creatures. When dogs get in a fight it is best to stay away and let the dogs finish. Of course you would get injured if you step right into the dog fight like a target. It is thr history of the pit bull that causes the misconception and hate. Besides Chihuahuas are load and obnoxious. The have small dog disease which causes them to prove themselves against a bigger dog. So stuff your mouth with your lies because pit bulls are and will always be loyal companions.

  • Pitbulls are discriminated against but why arent their owners?

    Yes pitbulls were breed to fight and that was the natural purpose for breeding them but they are also loyal, protective and gentle. It depends on their home eviroment on how their behavior effects their attitude. If they are in a loving family then i bet they would never bight anyone but if they raised in a hateful area where they would have to defend themselves then like any reasonable animal they would be used to lashing out to protect themselves. It is not the dogs fault for how it is raised that is up to the owner. 'No one is born to hate, hate is learned and if you can learn to hate, you can learn to love.'

  • Pitbulls are discriminated against but why arent their owners?

    Yes pitbulls were breed to fight and that was the natural purpose for breeding them but they are also loyal, protective and gentle. It depends on their home eviroment on how their behavior effects their attitude. If they are in a loving family then i bet they would never bight anyone but if they raised in a hateful area where they would have to defend themselves then like any reasonable animal they would be used to lashing out to protect themselves. It is not the dogs fault for how it is raised that is up to the owner. 'No one is born to hate, hate is learned and if you can learn to hate, you can learn to love.'

  • Labeling a whole breed is not fair.

    Just because some cases involve pitbulls being aggressive does not mean all pitbulls are dangerous. People do terrible things every day but we don't try to ban them. It is all in the way the animals are treated and raised. Dogs have more animal instincts than us, so people need to acknowledge that and be smart about it. Not everyone is cut out to own a dog and people need to realize that. Pitbulls are dogs that need a certain amount of love and attention, and if you can't provide that don't get one. It is as simple as that. We need to ban the stupid people mistreating the dogs, not the dogs. There are plenty of aggressive dogs out there, not just one certain breed.

  • Educate and don't discriminate

    The fact that some pit bulls are ending up in the wrong hands is the problem. Those same buyers are looking for size and aggression to use those dogs for illegal purposes or to walk around as an ego extension, plug in metaphor here. Yes they do cause more damage and injuries just as a heavy fighter's punch will inflict more damage than a feather weight. The media's does nothing to dissuade the public just as they did with Dobermans, Rottweilers and German Sheperds. The media puts a lot of coverage on them and guess what happens, everybody wants one for previously stated reasons. Another alarming point is that most people can't even identify a pit bull in a large dog line up. As a whole there are a people pleasing breed and will do whatever the owner wants them to, to be aggressive or to be a loving pet. You must put in a lot Time and energy with this breed. They pay you back way more in return. Please do not get one unless you can put forth what it takes to raise this breed up right.

  • Sweetest dogs ever

    It's the way they're brought up that makes them aggressive and dangerous. Pitbulls can easily be he sweetest if treated with love. It's certain owners that need to be banned from owning pets. And to who that vote yes. You've obviously never been loved by a pitbull, I've known them since I was small.

  • Pit Bulls are lovers, not fighters

    My dog is part pit and you can tell that he is the nicest dog in the world. He has never bitten anyone or even tried to attack anyone the only circumstance is if somone broke into the house. The worst thing he will do is jump on you and lick you but that is about it. Stop discriminating them!

  • Pitbulls are loving and affectionate it depends on how they're are raised

    I have a Pitbull and she has never bit anyone because i raised her around kids and elderly people, she has only barks at the mailman and is loving and affectionate to everyone. Also how are you going to get rid of an entire breed of animal? Oh wait that's impossible.

  • You're really generalizing here...

    Good and bad of all kinds. Don't throw out the good with the bad, find a way to weed the bad out. Illegalizing the ownership of a dog does little to help reduce bad instances of the breed. As good, law-abiding, knowledgeable, and respectable people hand over their well-trained and friendly family dogs, thugs, hit men, and criminals will find their incentive diminishes little if at all. Every dog of the breed isn't inherently dangerous, that's silly. But every dog of that breed IS at least 600% more likely to be sought out by thugs and dog fighters. And used for a profit. And abused. And, god knows what. Think about it... Is "banning" really a wise solution to the real problem

  • Pit bull can be sweet and caring

    Why ban pit bulls? They are only trying to protect themselves or their owner from danger. Don't you know that all dogs bite? OK, fine lets ban humans! Why? Think about how many humans were killed by other humans. Think about all those kids out there that got abused and badly hurt by their parents. Think about all those pets out their that got killed or badly injured by their owner, or should i say HUMAN! I KNOW that one day, id=f a serial killer tried to murder you and your family, if you treated your pit bull the right way in the past, i am SURE that your pit bull will take that man down and even sacrifice their life for YOU! Just because of the few pit bulls out there that killed or injured people, you are gonna ban all of them? Every dog can kill some one. Even a cute one like a Pomeranian! Why ban them?

  • Pit bulls can be sweet and caring

    Pit bulls are only trying to defend themselves and their family. Why ban them? You know some owners that mistreat their dog make their dog think that everyone is bad and acts like their owner, so the pit bull will try to hurt people. So it sometimes is because of the way the owner treats their pit bull. OK, you wanna know something about humans? How many humans in a year have been killed by other humans? How many pets have been mistreated by their owner or should i say HUMAN! How many children have been almost beaten to death by their parents? Just because of a few pit bulls that killed or hurt people, all pit bulls should be banned? I know a pit bull that is very cute and sweet he would help us get the mail and he will always try to cheer us up when we are down. Lets say that a serial killer tried to kill you and your family. If you had a pit bull and you treat it correctly, i am SURE that it will take the serial killer DOWN and even sacrifice it's life for YOU!

  • Pit bulls are just as loving as any other dog!

    This is like saying German shepherd should be illegal! German shepherds are dogs who are protective of their owners but they can be trained to be nice loving dogs. I personally do not have a pit bull but i have seen them and strongly disagree to the statement that they should be illegal. You know a husky attacked my golden retriever a few years ago and my golden retriever almost died. So should husky's be illegal too? No. Just because some pit bulls are aggressive does not mean they all are.

  • Pit bulls are loving animals

    I volunteered at my local Humane Society for a couple years. There were mostly pit bulls in the shelter, and mainly because the owners didn't have the space to care for them. Some had horrible past, and came in torn up, starved, and badly beaten. But despite that, they were the most loving dogs in the world. They have so much love for every one. They have lots of energy, and some may confuse that as aggression, but the truth is they just want love and attention. I feel that the media has badly portrayed these dogs, and they need help. I hope to one day help these dogs and open up and shelter or take on as many as I can in my own home.

  • Pit bulls are misunderstood

    Having a pit bull of my own i would know how loving they are to people. They are very smart and can be train to do amazing things. Pit bulls are considered nanny dogs and will eve take care of human children by ,making sure dangerous stranger stay away.
    ANY DOG CAN attack a person if they feel threatened, and or scared. The same way people are scared of other animals, they will either fight or flight

  • With the right training, pitbulls are not harmful.

    Though pitbulls are portrayed as dangerous dogs; with the correct training, these dogs can become friendly and kind. According to pitbulls.Org, pitbulls, when treated correctly are people oriented. Socialization is important for a pitbulls well being. Pitbulls that are raised in a loving and caring family are people dogs and are loving and not so hyper.
    The dogs that we see in the news are often living in homes with owners who are not loving and caring. Like most dogs, pitbulls look for attention and sometimes the only way they can achieve that attention is by hurting others. If pitbulls were put in the hands of the right people, these issues of people being hurt would not be occurring.

  • Pit bulls deserve to be treated like other dogs

    Pit bulls have been owned and cared for as pets for a long time. Their owners must be responsible for such a powerful dog. It is not the government's job to make sure that these are capable of owning these dogs. Pit bulls have the right to be cared for in human households just like most other dog breeds.

  • Pitbulls are only as aggressive as brought up to be.

    Pitbulls have an aggressive side it doesn't always need to come out. Owners find it amusing to fight these dogs, then the pitbulls think its ok to fight. Hen they have little puppies the puppies watch there mom fight. They think its ok and the cycle continues. Also these dogs are so protective over there owners that the slightest movement that could be considered aggressive and their on you.

  • They are just being abused all of the time, so they have a bad image

    All dogs can be like this. It just so happens that pit bulls are a common fighting dog so they have this image of being so lethal. I believe that they deserve a chance just as good as every other dog. They are actually quite cuddly and are very friendly.

  • Silly myths destroy good animals

    They are just like any other pet. Raise them right and they are loyal. Raise them to be crazy, they'll be crazy. Uniformed people cause undue hysteria. The argument that owners of pit bulks are aggressive and dangerous.... I'm still laughing hysterically. I don't see any aggression coming from three old nuns who recently adopted an adult pit bull, a loving and loyal dog. Unless these nuns are part of some secret ninja plot to overthrow the monastery, I think it's safe to say they aren't dangerous. Lol!! Again, uneducated people about a breed they know nothing about. Media hype is all they are going on.

  • Silly myths destroy good animals

    They are just like any other pet. Raise them right and they are loyal. Raise them to be crazy, they'll be crazy. Uniformed people cause undue hysteria. The argument that owners of pit bulks are aggressive and dangerous.... I'm still laughing hysterically. I don't see any aggression coming from three old nuns who recently adopted an adult pit bull, a loving and loyal dog. Unless these nuns are part of some secret ninja plot to overthrow the monastery, I think it's safe to say they aren't dangerous. Lol!! Again, uneducated people about a breed they know nothing about. Media hype is all they are going on.

  • Pit bulls are the most loving breed

    Although there has been so many attacks involving pit bulls. You never know how great and amazing a dog can be unless you've owned them. Maybe you have owned them and something went bad, but would you get rid of them? Most say yes but why?? When your child does something bad would you get rid of them? Honestly. Pit bulls are the most sweetest dogs ive ever known. They are just like big cuddlely bears but in dog formation. :)

  • No don't ban the breed ban the idiots who own them for illegal purposes

    EVERY DOG ANYTIME WILL BITE an animal is an animal ....Does not matter what type breed or size people use your head who leaves little children to fend for them selves when theres big dogs in the house it reverts back to the people in the home stop having children if you cant watch them and any dog I don't care what type or breed will bite at one point otherwise they wouldn't be called animals and be related to the wolf.So next time you leave your 2 year old in your house with dogs you are taking a chance I don't care how well you know your dog and I know of a schnauzer that ripped half of a childs face off .Im so sick and tired of hearing its always a pit bull ITS NOT TRUE ,,,,

  • Bans don't work anyway and

    You people are all so biased and uneducated about the topic. Look into the past and actual facts before making assumptions. First of all there is no gene that makes a dog aggressive. It is not a quality of a breed anymore than it is a quality of a race of people. Pitbulls make up about 40% of the dogs in America and that is way higher than any other type of dog. When they say there have been more pitbull attacks it is just because of the numbers. Of course it's more likely for a dog out of millions to bite than that of hundreds. Pits have also been bred to be people friendly not aggressive. Whenever a pitbull showed a sign of aggression towards people, they would be put down. Pitbulls have been trusted in the past to look after young children unsupervised... What has changed from then to now? They have now been the most subjected to abuse and neglect. They are the favorite among those bastards who want a symbol of status in their neighborhoods. Before the pitbull it was the great dane, rottweiler, bull dog, boxer, etc. As the number of pits being used for their owners expenses has risen, so has the number of "attacks." To say that an aggressive chihuahua has more right to live than an "aggressive" pitbull is completely idiotic, biased, and unreasonable. A thin man who killed someone is just as dangerous as a muscular guy who killed someone. They both did damage and should both be punished. Why is that not the same for dogs. If a small dog isn't subjected to breed specific legislation, why should a medium-sized dog be. Pitbulls don't even have the strongest or deadliest bite out there. They scored much lower on bite strength than that of a german shepard, yet those are loved by all and admired for being chosen as police dogs. Dogs from over 50 breeds have been involved in fatal attacks including a labrador, but you don't see them being feared and banned from places. The media is the reason you don't hear about the other breeds because nobody wants to hear a story about how the most family friendly dog breed killed someone. The statistics on attacks can't be used as a fair argument either because dog attack reports aren't always filed or are filed incorrectly due to breed misidentification and polarization. All of the points you people made against pitbulls are invalid because they can be subjected to any dog and not specifically pitbull type dogs.

  • Not a bad breed just ***holes for owners

    Pitbulls are not a bad breed. Bad people train pitbull to be mean and bite. Also I have a 100 lb. Pitbull who I can leave alone with my newborn niece, he has never ever bitten her or jumped on her. I actually have gotten bitten by a Pomeranian to the point were I have had blood. People have just gave this breed a bad rap.

  • Heck no. Any dog has the ability to be vicious not just pit bulls

    Pit bulls have up until recently been a favorite among pet owners but recently people have started blaming the breed for their aggressiveness not their owners. Pit bulls are cheap and they are strong and healthy dogs that when used incorrectly can be very dangerous. But raised correctly a pit bull will be the most amazing companion you have ever had. I own a pit bull named Leo and he is the most amazingly sweet dog ever he is great with my other dogs and children. He is a favorite be be played with at the local park.

  • They Should be legal .

    Boxers can be kept why not pit-bulls . They are what people make them to be. Humans abuse them & make them fight other dogs . They dont deserve that . They have a bad reputation because of humans . Thats not fair . Why should they be treated different then any other dogs. I have owned plenty pit-bulls & currently i own 2 . I have no problem with them , they are very loving animals . I wouldnt trade anything in the world for my 2 loving pit-bulls .

  • No they shouldn't

    Its not right to put a label on one breed just because some of the dogs were taught and raised to fight. Its not the dogs fault it is us humans we were the ones who made them this way. The only ways to change the aggressive is to change us humans.

  • Remember when they wanted to make German Shepards Illegal?

    German Shepards were on the verge of being made illegal to own as well, now they are one of the highest owned family dogs in the U.S. They were thought to be aggressive and dangerous as well. That was no different than what we are going through now with the Pitbull. Pitbulls, like any other breed, can be the sweetest and most caring dog a family could own, all depending on how they are raised/treated. Saying they are dangerous, is just as bad/racist as saying African-Americans are the most likely to rob you. It is idiotic. Whatever breed the dog is has nothing to do with their personality or temperament. I have owned pit bulls, along with many other breeds of dogs. They were just as calm and loving as any other breed I have had, and never bit a soul or even acted aggressive. Just because some people have had problems with some pit bulls doesn't mean all are terrible. I have seen my fair share of aggressive labs, retrievers, shepards, collies, and almost any other breed. Pitbulls are not a problem. They should not be banned. If thats the case, then every other breed should be banned as well, because every breed has committed their own attacks as well and no one is attacking their right to live.

  • Best Dog I've Ever Owned

    I never thought I'd own a pit, but my husband got one back when we were dating. I had owned dogs all my life and was amazed at how quickly he learned commands and how affectionate and playful he was. I'm thankful my husband is very active and brings my dog along to get the exercise this breed needs to keep from becoming restless and irritable. I have a 2 year old and a baby on the way. Either they are closely supervised (in my line of sight, not in earshot) or they are separated. I'll admit this breed takes a lot of work and precautions. I can't take him to a dog park. I can't let him off leash at a public park. I muzzle him (just in case) before I bring him into the Vet's office. But I wouldn't give him up for anything!

  • Pit buls are very loving.

    It also depends how you raise the dog. If you raise them to be mean then the dog will be mean. But if you raise them to be mean to be nice and loving they would follow orders. I have a pit bull and he is very nice with everything.

  • Pit buls are very loving.

    It also depends how you raise the dog. If you raise them to be mean then the dog will be mean. But if you raise them to be mean to be nice and loving they would follow orders. I have a pit bull and he is very nice with everything.

  • I have own pitbulls since i was little.

    ANY DOG can be dangerous!!!! ANY DOG can be trained to fight and to kill. Judging them on what they look like? Now, you dont see people sticking there foot in a pomeranian because they look like slippers?
    Its not there fault for the way they were trained. Blame the owner not them

  • I love pitbulls

    I am doing an essay on pitbulls. It is true they had attacks on humans and other dogs, but it is not because of the dog. The dog only does what it was bred to do. Pitbulls are great pets and should not be illegal. I read a story on a pitbull that did a rescue dog test. Only three dogs passed the test, a german sheperard, a pitbull, and one other dog. The pitbull was the only dog to jump through the barbed wire to get a kid to save him. The dog had to have 67 stiches for saving some one.

  • They deserve their bad reputation.

    I love dogs, but that doesn't mean I'm blind to the truth that pits kill more than any other breed. It's funny how people say that pits attack less than other dogs, don't have locking jaws, etc.... All of this is true, and yet, they still kill more men, women, and especially children than any other dog! I have no sympathy for them, and they should all be put down humanely so as to stop the breed from spreading. They deserve the reputation they have been given by society, it's only right that a family knows how much danger they put themselves and others in by owning one.

  • Pit Bulls are loving animals.

    Did you know that one of the first presidents owned a Pit Bull? It's not the animal people it's how you raise them! Remember when Rottweilers and German Shepard's were treated badly due to (canine racism)? Now it's pits. It's not fair! It's a pain in the butt to get an apartment or house these days if you own a Pit Bull terrier unless if you get the Vet to list it as a Mix on documents. Pit Bull terriers are the most sweet and amazing animals I've encountered. Yeah, we here about Pit Bull attacks all the time - well thank you media, but lets get it right. You don't know all of the facts, you didn't see what happened, and therefore you can't have limits on one specific breed. Pit Bulls need nourishment, care, and affection like other animals. They were seen and exposed as hero's during world war I. By the way, you should never leave any type of dog around a new born: you have to teach the dog boundaries!

    So there for No, Pit Bulls should not be illegal anywhere nationwide
    Thanks for listening!

  • I own a Pit bull and bring him around my younger siblings.

    I have my own Pitbull, and he is the most loving, loyal, and playful creature I've ever met. My dog is around my younger siblings, one being 6 and the other 9. Never, EVER, has my dog bitten them. He has been trained to never bite anyone, but to protect me (his owner) and his family. He will bark and stand in a defensive stance when someone of danger is near, but will not EVER attack another human being unless our lives were in danger. Pitbulls are not a dangerous breed, there are simply loyal, and protective of those who love and care for them.

  • American Pitbull terriers have one fault!!!!!!!

    The APBT have one fault in my eyes! They are so loyal and so willing to please there owner they will do what EVER it is the owner wants them to do! There is where the irresponsible owner come in and put a bad name out for these awesome, loving, loyal FAMILY dogs! There is no other breed in my eyes that is more loyal and loving to there family!

  • They are loving and loyal

    Pit bulls get a bad wrap because of the people who train them to fight. I have been around hundreds of pit bulls, and none of them have been naturally aggressive. There were about ten pits i have seen all of my life that have been aggressive, and that is because they were abused as a puppy, and they don't trust anyone. They had scars from whips, and missing patches of fur because it was burnt off. They also had scars on their heads from dog fights, yet they were the sweetest to finally be away from those owners. Once you get them away from all of the violence, they change. They are one of the very few breeds that can change how they act. I had an experience where i went over to someones house, and they used Pitts for fighting. I offered to take the dog because it was getting old, and they were going to kill it because it was no use to them anymore. I took the dog in ,and at first, it was very afraid of me. Once i showed it that i would never hurt it ever again, it learned to trust me., It was like that past life never happened. I could walk it down the street in from of other dogs, and it would just walk by. I believe it isn't the breed, its the owner.

  • Many Celebrities Have Pit Bulls

    There are many reasons why Cesar Millan took a pit bull as his right hand dog in both Daddy and Junior. They are strong, yes, but other breeds have been proven stronger (such as in their bite). But such "statistics" would be moot point when, like in Millan's dogs, they are managed by a strong pack leader. As an owner I do not allow my dog to maul anyone. She has never attacked anyone because pit bulls were not bred to be human aggressive (think of their history: human handlers would be in the pit with them). All pertinent dog experts (not media) have all stated that breed is a poor indicator for predicting dog attacks or dog "dangerousness". Whether the dogs are strays or resident dogs (dogs that have little to no interaction with humans and stay outdoors), unneutered, if a female was in heat nearby, puppies, etc. are much better predictors of ANY dog attack. And as an ending anecdote: the last 3 times I have been out this week I've been charged by loose dog packs. The breed of those dogs? None were pits. I let them know in dog language that I was willing to fight for my girl, and also they ran in the middle of a busy street to try to attack me so cars would soho them away too. Bottom line is...Those dogs were not supposed to be allowed to be out and you CAN prevent dog attacks if you're vigilant and watch for the warning signs. Pit bulls are blamed for being "unpredictable" because they're so stoic, but good owners are able to tell. Banning a breed will do nothing for dog attacks since all of the dogs who charged and stalked me were non-pit bulls.

  • Pit Bulls aren't ALL dangerous

    Tell me who the owner of the Pit Bull is. Tell me the dog's history. Pit Bulls are gentle animals unless they are trained to be aggressive at a young age. Pit Bulls aren't the only dogs that attack either. Society has turned their backs on pitties just because of the dog's history and myths. They were breed to be loyal as well as fight. But that was the 1800's.

  • I think owners of all dogs should be held responsible.

    My put, my friends puts my dads 3 pits couldn't be sweeter. My friends chihuahua has bit me 3 times! Bit the mail man and the golden retriever down the street has tried to attack my pit. All dogs are animals and need to be trained just like all children need to be parented.

  • Neutered, family-socialized Pit bulls DO NOT attack

    There are no documented cases of a family Pit bull who has been spayed/neutered attacking someone. As long as the family is responsible and raises their dog correctly and gets them spayed/neutered then there is nothing to worry about. I own a very docile, sweet Pit and he is honestly too skittish to attack anything. He's even afraid of our stairs! There's no way he would attack anything.

  • Pit bulls aren't the first breed to be portrayed as dangerous.

    All dog breeds- no matter how big or small- have the ability to injure or kill someone; although smaller breeds are less likely to, in the right circumstances, they can significantly injure you. If a Pit bull decided to bite me, they could break my arm plain and simple, however if a small dog decided to latch on to my hand, they could destroy the tendons and muscles to the point where I couldn't use my hand any longer. In the 70's they blamed the Doberman, in the 80's they blamed the German Shepherd, in the 90's they blamed the Rottweiler and now they are blaming the Pit bull; In my opinion, the media needs to pick on the dog breeds because they don't want to admit that humans are the monsters, humans are the dangerous ones. Pit bulls are one of the most loyal dogs on Earth, if their owner teaches them to fight, the dogs soon realize that they are doing their job of making the owners happy and will continue to do that just to make their owners proud. Many Pit bulls that are raised to fight are beaten or shot for disobeying or failing to accomplish what was forced upon them. I was raised around Pit bulls and know for a fact that they are loving dogs. I know how powerful these dogs are and what they're capable of. In my lifetime I've encountered hundreds of Pit bulls, not one of which were aggressive towards me or anyone else at all; given that some of them are dog reactive they were aggressive towards other dogs but any dog can be dog reactive. These dogs are NOT aggressive by nature, they are trained and raised to fight other dogs for sport; any dog breed raised in that type of environment will only know what they were raised around and don't know any better. As for banning the breed, Florida already has and I disagree completely because they ban people from owning pit bulls, yet people are allowed to own tigers! What kind of logic is that!? All in all, this breed is the most loyal and caring dogs that I have ever witnessed and I will never change my opinion about them because I know the truth. Thank you and goodbye!

  • I own one!!

    I own an american pit bull terrier and never have i ever seen him or any of his puppies act in an aggressive manner the people who are killed by the pit bulls are mainly the reason they are attacked i know seems mean right? Well when you walk through a neighborhood of meth heads knowing they have dangerous animals they are thought to protect the owners. -owner_of_lovers

  • What are we saying?

    That the entire human race happens to be too stupid to become responsible dog owners? I understand how people who have a dog-related tragedy, would hate Pitbulls, but again, the "kill 'em all" approach does not work. Even the UK Parliament admitted that BSL has failed to improve public safety. (http://www.Publications.Parliament.Uk/pa/cm201213/cmselect/cmenvfru/writev/dogcontrol/dog30.Htm)
    but look up "Calgary model" (http://www.Calgary.Ca/CSPS/ABS/Pages/Animal-Services/Responsible-dog-ownership.Aspx) and you'll see a formula that provides human and animal safety. E ven the UK Parliament admitted that BSL has failed to provide public safety.
    The other issue comes from people who have had no personal negative experiences with dogs, but are brainwashed into believing every news report, every deranged, ignorant blog. Maybe that willful ignorance applies to these people, but plenty of us are proving them wrong, and they need to understand that we're not about to let our dogs be carted away to be butchered just because of a number of people want to hold on to their hysteria. And yes, I have 2 Pitbulls, who were rescued from a dog fighting ring, both dogs are now certified as physiotherapy dogs at local hospitals and have worked with children,(sorry to disappoint the tabloids, but the children are very much alive and well and even their parents say they had no idea Pitbulls could have such a positive impact on anyone's lives), and my dogs are not the only ones.

  • What are we saying here?

    I understand how people who have a Pitbull-related tragedy, would hate these dogs, but again, the "kill 'em all" approach does not work. Even the UK Parliament admitted that BSL has failed to improve public safety (http://www.Publications.Parliament.Uk/pa/cm201213/cmselect/cmenvfru/writev/dogcontrol/dog30.Htm)
    then look up the "Calgary model" (http://www.Calgary.Ca/CSPS/ABS/Pages/Animal-Services/Responsible-dog-ownership.Aspx) and you'll see a very successful system in terms of human AND animal safety.
    The other issue comes from people who have had no personal negative experiences with dogs, but are brainwashed into believing every news report, every deranged, ignorant blog. What are they saying? That the entire human race is too stupid to be responsible dog owners? Maybe that applies to these people, but they need to understand that plenty of us are proving them wrong, and we're not about to let our dogs be carted away to be butchered just because of a number of people want to hold on to their ignorant hysteria. And yes, I have 2 Pitbulls, who were rescued from a dog fighting ring, both dogs are now certified as physiotherapy dogs, and they're not the only ones.

  • Pit bulls are great pets

    Yes, they can be dangerous but they could be trained and handled in a way where they won't attack people or other dogs. If pit bulls are taught to fight, then that's what they'll do. If they are taught to love, then they will love. Stop training them to be mean!!!!

  • Pitbuller lover forever

    Pitbulls are not a weapon but a loving pet. I use to be the one that didn't like pitbulls because of the way the media portrayed them, but they are loving creatures. My husband and I just got two, and they are the most loving pets we could have. They're so protective, because you love them. So, no, they shouldn't be illegal. If that's the case, then all dogs she be illegal - not just one breed.

  • Pitbulls are normal dogs. If they say that pitbulls is dangerous then why is lions and other animals legal?

    My uncle has a wolf and 2 tigers and they let him why dosent miami dade county make pit bulls legal with at least a license. I have a dog and is a german shepard and i also have a dorky dogs are normal animals with a heart that is pounding every day. So pls allow dogs.

  • It's not the dogs fault but of the owner.

    Just like a gun, it is a weapon of protection but in the wrong hands it's a weapon of destruction. All breeds have the potential to attack a person, it is the owners duty to train their dog for this not to happen. All those stories of pitbulls attacking people, many don't see the bigger picture. If the owner has bad intentions then yes, the pit is dangerous if they weren't train or social yes they are dangerous. A Lab can also be dangerous but no one considers that when they're buying them. All dogs can be extremely dangerous to one if not properly trained and I think it just sad why many of us just target pits when in fact they are the most loyal companions you can ever have!

  • It's the owner; not the dog

    Here where I live, pitbulls are basically illegal. You have to have all these licenses and liability insurances, and the poor dog can't even be in its own backyard without being inside a six-sided kennel because you can have animal control at your door. It's really sad to see because pit bulls aren't the only ones doing bad things. Just recently there was a beagle who mauled its owners face here in my city, but of course, nobody said anything because it's not a "dangerous breed". Saying pitbulls are born vicious is like saying some people were born drug addicts. Those aren't traits genetically imbedded into the person or animal; those are characteristics which were learned by the owner. Any dog can be vicious and kill someone or another dog. Not just Pitbull breeds. Pit bulls were known as nanny dog for the loyalty, love, and protectiveness they had towards the kids. Should am owner be responsible and punished if their dog hurts someone or another dog? Yes. But should the whole breed be banned just because some people decide not to properly train/raise them? No. This is basically modern day racism! I own a Pitbull and I have got to say, he is by far the best dog I have owned. I've had a lab and a golden retriever, and they've had more obedience problems than my current dog. He is extremely loving and is also really protective with my baby sister, who is 3 and has Down syndrome. I don't think they should make pit bulls illegal. If they wanna protect the people, they should ban alcohol and cigarettes. Those two things alone have killed way more innocent people than pit bulls.

  • A pit bull is a dog as is any other breed

    BSL has been shown not to work and costs society financially. A setup like in Calgary where there is a dangerous dog law makes the owner responsible for their dog as it should be. Pitbulls can be amazing family pets as can German shepherds, rotties, labs, goldens, poms, etc. A responsible owner realizes that his pit is stronger than the pom and takes no chances even in the most well behaved pit. Pits may have increased dog aggression due to the genetics but (not all do), but infact they should have no aggression to people as this was not an advantage in the ring to the handler. A pitbull that shows aggression to people who has not been abused or trained for human aggression should sadly be euthanized. It is notable that the pitbull breed is one that has shown that despite abusive beginnings they can and have been very successful at being rehabilitated. Look at the Vick dogs who have since become family pets with exemplary records, or therapy dogs or Canine good Citizens. In any breed every once in a while there will be a rare dog that is inherently dangerous due to genetics and that is why temperament testing and getting to know your dog and accepting them and really seeing them for what they are is so important. I work regularly with pits as well as with all other breeds and have seen what a pit can do as well as what a GSD can do or what a pom can do. If you get caught breaking a fit with a pit you can get seriously injured but happily these are few and far between in the controlled situations we put our dogs in. The pom however, who I still love, has caused more blood letting than the pits ever did because he is volatile and bites multiple times. Of course he has never left me with a life threatening injury and if it got bad enough I could just step on him and it would be over, but in terms of propensity to bite I must say the small dogs have a much higher instinctive tendency to bite that a properly raised, genetically sound pitbull.

  • Don't bully my breed

    Educate yourself before you speak.

    My PitBull is the best dog I have ever had. I have two kittens that she adores and a 7 pound mutt dog who plays all day with my PitBull , Cali. Train your dog right. No matter what the breed. Any dog breed can be aggressive.

  • Why so against them?

    Okay ya'll. I read all these things about Pit bulls killing elders and kids, but other dogs do too. Why focus on the Pit bull? I'm almost 20 and have grown up around Pit bulls all my life. They are my favorite breed and not one has ever shown aggression to others, or myself. It totally depends on the owner, weather you think it does or not. People say that I'm a sick person for protection this playful and loving breed, but your a sick person if you think they should be banned.

  • No way pit-bulls should'nt be baned

    Pit - bulls only are bad because of there owners .
    Dogs are NEVER born " bad " . People burn them , try to kill them , chain them , lock them in cars , and other horrible ,horrible things . Watch pit boss for more of this proof

  • No, they should not be illegal

    I feel that people are quick to punish a breed, when you need to look at the larger picture. Yes, some breeds are more aggressive, but given the proper environment and care they can be an amazing pet. Maybe every home and situation are not right for a pit bull, but they still need love and people to care for them.

  • Don't Blame the Breed

    Any dog can be violent not just pit bulls. If you look back in history pit bulls are known as the most loving loyal dogs. This hasn't changed if you show your dog love then it will love you back. I think that most dog attacks get blamed on pit bulls because society doesn't want to admit that they are not always the ones at fault.

  • Dont hate pitbulls.

    To me Pitbulls are cool and i don't know why you guys hate on pitbulls when whoever hates on them shouldn't like you but that is just my opinion. You people shoudn't hate on dogs pitbulls are cool and there is nothing you can do to get pitbulls out of the world. Pitbulls can sometimes be mean trust me i have 4 but you know it actually depends on the owner, not the dog. Let's say what if you were a dog and people hated you, that wouldn't be fair. Chiuawahs can be the meanest dogs in the world but like i said it depends on the owner.

  • Pitbulls are a creation of God. Means needs to be treated equal as other animals.

    When a pit bull is born, it is just a dog. People give that dog its name for its reputation. People make it that way. I say again POEPLE! Made it that way for pit bulls. Pit bulls are now left with no good. In addition of my argument, pit bulls are originally named Terriers. "Check facts not lies".

  • Senselessness will be the downfall of the Breed

    Its all about how you raise it. I mean I know that the instinct to kill is there, but its a domesticated animal from the wild so many years ago all dogs have the instinct to kill and to survive its just more present in certain breeds like the pit bull and if the case of them being killed by humans because they don't want injury is what we call "fixing" the situation then you'd be wrong. Why not outlaw rotwielers and Tibetan mastiffs who pose a much more dangerous threat considering they are the size of a small bear!

  • Stop Being Scared of a 1 Foot Tall Dog

    It's completely ridiculous how people feel like they should fear for their lives and strap up anytime they see a pit bull. It's even more ridiculous at how they think that banning pit bulls will someone make the world a better place. Of course, there are a few dogs that attack for no reason. But there are also humans that attack for no reason, as well. Do we ban ourselves? No. Because we know that there are plenty of other humans who would never think of doing such a thing. It's the same thing with pits. If you take pit bulls from everyone, you'd be doing more wrong than good. They are loving, sensitive, and very forgiving. How many stories have you heard of a pit bull attacking someone? Maybe five... Tops? Come on, now. A grizzly bear would do MUCH more damage than a pit bull would ever do. Every breed, race, species, etc. Has their slip ups. That doesn't make them all horrible, disgusting, evil, sinister demons, though. Wake up, and get a life, or just get a pit bull.

  • No because ....

    No because it seems that if you raise the dog wrong it will be mean instead of being nice i have been growing up with pitts and facts have proven if you treat the dog wrong the dog will treat you wrong people who hate pitts have probably been treating the dog wrong if you dont like pitts then you are just a hater and you have most likely been at acted by one and been treating it wrong

  • It's all the owner's fault

    The dog shouldn't be discriminated for it's fighting! It's the owners that train them to fight! The dogs are very nice and loyal, however they are trained to fight because of their aggression. It's just sad for the dogs because they're going to be left out and no one would care for them.

  • Behind the scenes

    Has a vet tech and volunteer at the local animal shelters I have seen many breeds and behaviors. I have also learned that Pit-bulls are usually the kindest and most patient breed out there. We also see more aggressive labs and little breed dogs than Pit-bulls. You can't label a breed as bad just because of the few bad ones out there it is all on how they are raised. Just as you can't label a specific colored race as bad because of what some have done. So instead of complaining that all pits are bad get to know them before you judge them I have had many pits and they were the most loving loyal dogs I ever had. So make a change stop the people that are giving the dog the reputation they have, because it starts with you they are just innocent creatures doing the only thing they are taught.

  • No they are not dangerous

    Pitbulls should't be banned the only reason they get a bad rep is because of the owners. IT ALL Depends on the owner. I have 8th month old pit bull and my nephews play with him and the are all little. We play rough I tell him stop and he stops.

  • Pitbulls are not bad dogs.

    Pitbulls are really good dogs. They are always getting a bad reputation because of it. They are willing to do exactly what they are told even if it causes them pain, or even gives them death. It isn't their fault that they were bred to kill, and just because they are made that way doesn't mean that it is all they can and will do. They can be trained to be good just like any other dog can. They can be just as loving as other dogs, just as other dogs can be just as aggressive as pitbulls.

  • Don't ban the breed.

    They should not because they are not born to fight, they are taught to fight, so maybe we should ban the trainer. People hate they breed because of what they hear, half of you that say yes, never had anything happen to you & you are just saying they should be banned because of "What you heard." Which is not fair. Say I have a gun & I shoot someone, I cannot say the gun shot the person because I was the one who pulled the trigger just like I would be the trainer and the pit bull would be the gun. So therefore, don't blame the breed.. Blame the trainer. & if they do get banned, just another dog breed will get used for fighting.

  • No Pitbulls should not be illegal!

    Pitbulls should not be illegal! They are not mean it just depends on the way people raise them. I have two pitbulls and they are very friendly and deserve not to be illegal. People have just gave pitbulls a bad rep when they make great pets. People think pitbulls are so mean and intimidating well guess what there not! People act like there such mean dogs and if they see you they will attack, your wrong they are very friendly and nice. The only way I think a pitbull would attack is if they were trained to do so. If one breed that is intimidating should be illegal then all breeds because a breed of dogs that isn't mean to you or seems mean doesn't mean other people think that also. Pitbulls are very protective and I love my pitbulls and people say oh my dog was attacked by a pitbull they are such mean dogs thats how the owner trained them and not all pitbulls are like that. To tell you the truth if one breed is going to be illegal then all breeds should be illegal.

  • Pit-bulls are great dogs

    I have a 2 pit-bulls myself they've never once bit my 2 small kids, and they've never showed aggression towards us. Pit-bulls are like any creature they just have more teeth. Any dog any mouse any frog is capable of doing damage its just how much the news and shows frame it. You always here on the news about pit-bull attacking but have you ever watch pit-bulls and parolees there dogs (and they have hundreds) and there dogs have never bit. Anyone or anything so before you let the tab lodes and news reports (who can barley tell us the weather) think about the good they can do.

  • No they shouldn't!

    Pitbulls, are really an amazing, beautiful species. They can decide whether or not they like people. Whether or not they like other animals. They are different, all species are. Just like we are all different. No anything is exactly the same. We can't persuade them to become nice or mean. We just need to think, just a little bit. Do they really need to be banned?

  • Its The Trainer

    The trainer is the one who makes the dog aggressive I have 4 pit bulls who have never hurt a fly snd never will its who trains them and tells them what to do that affects the mood and or aggressiveness so its up to the person to make them attack a stranger that's on there land or so on so forth like in Alabama 2 cops were chasing a thief and they hoped into a backyard guns drew chasing after him notice the thief went the same way and wasn't harmed but the cops came though and the dog barked at them but was on a chain and the cops felt threatened and shot the dog the thief got away clearly that dog wouldn't have hurt them and they mustve herd the dog bark when the thief went through so the dog died for nothing and they got away with it I court so the trainer is a big deal and the person who did/or had something happen to them by the dog and that's the reason it should be legal to have pit bulls

  • They should be allowed

    PItbulls are just like any other dog. It is not their fault if they are breed to fight. I work at the animal shelter and these dogs are banned and as hard as we try to get them homes out of town they are killed. This needs to stop now!

  • No, they should be socialised early

    Pit bulls are loving dogs, and they can be okay with other dogs if socialised in their puppy hood, they just want to please their master, so if you socialise them they will try to behave well with other dogs, they are however energetic dogs and should be given physical activity or else they will get frustuated( like a teenager, this does'nt mean they are killing machines) it is largely the media trying to classify any aggresive dog as " pitbulls" because there are many bull dog type breeds which an amateur cannot identify.

  • 1 percent of pitbulls bit someone in a year. 10 percent of Labradors bit someone in a year.

    I bet all of you that everyone that said yes never had a pit bull or understands anything about them. 58 percent of dogs in shelters are pit bulls. 75 percent of animal shelters don't give them a chance to be adopted. Another reason that people never buy pit bulls is because of the dumb myths. I would be surprised if any of these people understand any thing about pit bulls. Humans are the reason they are aggressive. Please, if you see an aggressive pit bull you should blame the deed not the breed.

  • The media is so biasis before you hate the breed do your own research!!

    Its so one sided that the media only prints or airs stories on pitbulls or bully breeds when it involves reckless owners who should not have any kind of dog in the first place. No pitbull or bully breed is born human aggressive or mean they are trained that way by suffering years of physical abuse in the hands of evil owners who should be arrested and put in prison. To all the ignorant uneducated people who are against pitbulls and bully breed dogs please take the time to look at the temperament tests done which are independent and realize these breeds score higher than 95% of any other breed out there. Look at all the pitbulls that have saved kids, families, and are good canine citizens. Helen keller owned a pitbull and they were the symbol of America during world war I and II their perception changed because of thugs and those getting them for ill reasons. Ask any veterinarian or persons involved with canines that know the breed and they will tell you the real truth on this breed. I would never own any other breed so please punish the deed not the breed. As a side note the staffy bull terrier is one of only two dogs in the canine world that in its akc standard states it is a nanny dog and must be good with children.

  • Pitbulls are loving animals

    Pitbulls should not be banned because they have done nothing wrong, why they act like this is because people treat these dogs hurtfully or treat them to attack anyone
    who enters there house unexpectidly and these dogs might get a thief mixed up with other innocent citizens so blame the owners that treat there dogs badly

  • People love to create and destroy

    We created these dogs, they are an amazing breed but NEED good owners. People are always to quick to go ahead and create and instead of being responsible they just terminate . Its wrong!

    Every behaviorist says, its never the dog, its the owner , be it on purpose via neglect or by shear ignorance, but its ALWAYS THE OWNER!

  • Blame the owners, not the breed.

    Unfortunately Pit Bulls are the chosen breed among dog fighters. Dog fighting is illegal, but it goes on anyway. Pit Bulls weren't born mean and aggressive, they were trained to be that way. Yes there are some very mean and dangerous Pit Bulls, but don't judge the entire breed based on what some of them have done. German Shepherds, Rottweilers, and Dobermans can be very aggressive too. They are also some of the most loving and loyal dogs you'll find. There are too many irresponsible people who want Pit Bulls as a status symbol or a fighting dog and they are not properly trained or cared for. I am bitterly opposed to dog fighting but it goes on. Pit Bulls have been used in search and rescue teams and have saved lives. Stereotyping pit bulls as mean and evil is not fair. It's the same as saying one particular race of people are all bad because someone from that race killed one of your loved ones. People who say pit bulls should be illegal do so out of fear and ignorance. I've seen Chihuahuas that were vicious. I have some of the most lovable pit bulls you'll find. People need to be educated about them instead of blaming the entire breed for what some have done. A dog that is raised with love gives love in return. A dog that is whipped, beaten, mistreated and trained to fight is often the one that will bite you or attack your dog. That's what they were trained to do. Blame the owners, NOT the breed!

  • Dogs are not to blame

    A animal isn't born dangerous! Its like saying a baby is born dangerous. An animal like anything is a product of their environment. If pit bulls are raised in an appropriate environment, they are one of the best breeds someone can own! Stop judging these amazing kind animals by their breed and start looking at the people who are raising them!

  • Any dog can be vicious

    I have three pit bulls and they are the best dogs I have ever had. They are loyal and loving. I would never give up my dogs . If you raise your dog to be vicious then they will be vicious. Any dog can be as aggressive as a pit bull.

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