• Pitbulls are also dogs, people.

    Obviously pitbulls should be pets. I hate people who are like "Oh, well, pitbulls are vicious and they can kill people." That is not true, and only people who are afraid of dogs say that. Any dog can be vicious! Someone once told me when pitbulls bite down, they can't let go. That's just a bunch of made up stuff.

  • Pit bulls should be allowed as pets

    Pit bulls should be allowed as pets because they are watch dogs and the can protect you of any danger near by they can protect your family from any danger near them. Another reason is that the dog isnt the problem its the owner. Pit bull can be agressive BUT they are an agressive dog because of the owners.They act this way because they are bad treated by the owner. Now if you THINK that they are agressive just give them a chance.

  • Pitbulls SHOULD be pets.

    I know that you THINK that pitbulls are a bad dog BUT they can protect you and warn you of any danger near you or some guy trying to steal something. Just because you THINK that pitbulls are bad doenst mean that you CANT give them a try. And there are more facts that pitbulls are good for. Even if you THINK that pitbulls are bad just give them a try. They are really loving/playfull dogs.

  • Pitbulls can be pets.

    America is a free country.
    I believe that people should be allowed to have pitbulls as pets if they
    want to. But, these people should have
    to be responsible for anything that their pet pitbulls do. I think that there should be special laws for
    the owners of pitbulls so that they are prosecuted if their pets ever hurt

  • Well aren't you ignorant.

    Pit bulls should be pets always. They are the best dogs ever. If you want to talk about them being vicious, judge the deed not the breed. And please look t how the owner raised it. Pits are the innocent judged breed, beautiful, mistreated, and misunderstood. Please just give one a try.

  • There sweet dogs

    I have one my self and I've figured out that its not the way they act its the way people train them to act so if u train them to be agresive they will be and if u treat them to be nice to other dogs and humans they wont be as mean as they would if u didn't.

  • They are lying people

    When you go one the news and it says " a pitbull has attacked someone " usually it is not a pitbull it is a short haired breed of dog. Pitbulls also don't attack just because, there is someone making them latch out. Its not based on what type of dog they are it is based on the owner. These dogs are protective, but not protective to just latch out on anyone who is not there owner. These are dogs not criminals. You can't judge them on what ONE of them did

    just give them a chance you may find out they are loving and caring, helpful dogs

  • Pitbulls are sweet loving dogs

    These dogs are more loving then any other dog. They just need the attention. Owners are encouraging violence and other dangerous stuff. Stop blaming the dog and start blaming the humans. My friend has a pit bull named Ralphie. Cutest dog EVER! He is so sweet! Start loving pit bulls

  • Yes they should be as pets!!

    I have 5 dogs at home and all of them are pits and I love them so much none of them have snapped at me they are loving an caring and they protect. I am 12 years old and I no how to raise them an stupid people kill them because they do not raise them to be loving caring and how they are supposed to be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maybe the dogs want to be loved

    My fellow peers,
    Pit bulls should be kept as pets because they have a lot of helping traits, to help their owners in many different ways, and they should be loved to. They are no different than any other dog breed. Pit bull aren't the only aggressive dog breed every dog can attack so why only ban pit bulls.

  • Pitbulls kill one American Citizen every 19 days! Of course they should be banned as pets. Ignorance is no excuse to own a killer!

    Pitbull attacks on children are unprovoked 94% of the time. This is a real stat. Pit bulls kill 1 American every 19 days! This is a true stat. Are Pitbull owners and supporters dumber than their dogs?? Why would you want a pet that could snap and kill your family, kids, grand kids, neighbors kids, pets. PitBulls are the #1 killer of humans in the world! They also Maim children for life, chewing off the ears and noses. Many good owners have found out the hard way, these animals are crazy, and can snap at anytime. Try and educate yourself before supporting a vicious killing machine.

  • Pit bulls should not be kept as pets.

    Good people
    pitbulls are vicious and dangerous, and are proven to grab on and dont let go. Pit bulls are the choice for drug dealers and other bad folks for a reason.Pit bulls have killed people and have caused major reconstructive surgeries few years after their incident. Miami dade county passed a law to prevent any one else from being in the same situation.

  • Pit bulls are vicious for a reason.

    Pit bulls have been proven to partake a characteristic where if they bite you, they don't let go. If one bites you, the first thing you might do is try to escape the wrath of its bite. This might actually be worse for you and may damage you even more!

  • Pitbulls should not be pets

    Pit bulls should not be pets because a 2 year old girl was not allowed in KFC because her bitten up face from a pit bull scared everyone and creeped out the customers so KFC kicked out the little girl and I know that's not right because that little girl could've probly almost die and suffer for all the pain that sh suffered for its could really hurt people feeling to se that happen to girls like her

  • Pitbulls Can NOT be kept as pets!!!!!

    Pit bulls have attacked so many people just in America!!!!! I get that they are dogs and they sort of have feelings but they kill a lot more human beings than any other dog breed. It could be a little bit of bad media as well but they are mainly a very bad dog. They are raised to kill and hurt people!!!!!!! They are dogs of drug dealers and gang leaders for a reason people!!!!!!! Gosh!!! Why is everyone so oblivious to the fact that they seriously injure and kill human beings!!!! They should not be kept as pets!!!!!!!!

  • Facts are facts

    ''oh well I had a good experience with pit bulls''
    ''oh well my pit bull was attacked b ya dog that is NOT a pitbul'l'
    ''oh well I've met some friendly pit bulls''

    all of those statements are IRRELEVANT to the discussion because what matters in a discussion are the FACTS and the facts do not help pit bulls, in fact they do the opposite

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kraziedaisy805 says2014-09-21T15:00:58.623
Pitbulls are amazing dogs they just need more responsible owners less uneducated media attention (lazy reporters) and more people to fight for them