• Im a High School English teacher.

    My name is Mr. Garvy, I've been teachin' high school A.P. English Lang. And Comp. For the past fifteen years in the inner city. Around that 5 year mark, I decided that plagiarism is not bad in any way. We've all done it. So it must not be that bad if our morals and human nature allow, why should we stop it. It's called, usin' ya resources. My top student, A-aron, is a professional at this. He has 104% in my class and has never wrote his own paper. This leaves him plenty ah free time to bang his girl and play the sh*t outta his video games. Also, there is already enough of that good old literature like Romeo and Julie, and Huckleberry Fish. This isn't ever touching the SUPER old stuff. Like Of Mice and Man. So, after all this evidence, I strongly believe that plagiarism is NOT a crime and should indeed be legalized.

  • Good artists copy; great artists steal.

    Plagiarism is an overhyped form of taking what someone else has made and making your own modifications to it. Not allowing it prevents meaningful advancement of culture. Demonizing it is just a ploy used by writers to monopolize their fields of writing so no one else is free to elaborate, modify, or change what they have produced.

  • No plagiarism is cheating.

    Plagiarism is when you copy other's work and put it in your work. This is for like essays, and even in Debate.Org, some people do this. If we copy something, we need to quote it, and source it. However, the problem is that no one is doing that. If someone does this, then the teacher can give us a good score when we did not do the actual work. I believe that the things we copy needs to be sourced, or else it is cheating. And no, if we allow plagiarism in school, that is bad because in school or for anything, you are allowed to copy what it says in the book. In my opinion, we should not legalize plagiarism in schools, and the things we copy always need to be quoted and sourced.

  • If theft is illegal then plagiarism should be as well.

    You can't allow students to steal someone else's work so they can receive a passing grade, they have to work for it themselves. It is only fair that every student feels the agony of writing a paper for class (which is what I should be doing now...) . . .

  • No, it's stealing!!

    Why make plagiarism legal? It's stealing from someone, and stealing is a crime!!
    If we agree about making it legal, then we are teaching students that it's okay to steal from others. This means the original creator is robbed of credit. Not fair to them, since they worked so hard!!

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