Should plastic bags be banned from grocery stores?

  • Yes i think grocery bags should be banned for animal reasoning

    yes i belive that grocery bags should be bannned because they are dumped in a land fill for hundreds and or thousaond of years. Also animals could me hungry and eat the plastic and die and that is animal crulelty which I personaly am not that fond of. Also paper bag could make less polution and you can reuse them and they can hold more and not break i also belive that they dont break as easy. I also belive that colth bags are the best source of all because they can hold a ton of food and never break also they can be reasued many time and you can spend money one time to buy a cloth and get a discount which actualy save you money insted of spending money on paper bag. More about paper bags are that you can recycle them which goes to make more so you are actualy reusing them so it is like the some as buying a cloth bag because you are reusing them over and over again. And all you have to do to keep the cloth bags is put them in the back of your car and whenever you go to the store you just take them in the store with you and then you have them and then when you get home you can empty them and put them back in your car to reause them. And if you are buying cold or hot food and you want to keep the food cold or hot you can buy a cold or hot bag and that you can even use for regular temputure food and it will still stay that temputure and that that bag can be washed out and use it as many times and you want and it will never break down. And the last thing i have to say is that the U.S. could also save a ton of money if they didnt buy plastic bags from other places. Those our my pourposes for why plastic bags should be banned in grocery stores!

  • My New Year's Resolution is to say no to plastic bags!

    Plastic bags should be banned from grocery stores. I often go to the store and buy 1 or 2 items and I am given so many bags. I feel that we have become an extremely wasteful society. If we could just say no to plastic bags we would be slowing down the waste in landfills. It takes a little more effort to remember to carry reusable bags in the car but it is worth saving our environment. I am proud to say that my young daughters have said no to the plastic bag when they have bought something from the store that they can easily carry in their hand. My efforts this year is to use reusable bags, no plastic water bottles and continue composting.

  • plastic is very disatrous

    plastic has very aderse effect on the environment.As we all know that is is a non biodegradeble waste , it can not be decomposed by bacteria in the soil.plastic bag is an environmental hazard, but it occupies a very important place in our live. people findvery eay and convenient for their use but they never think of their adverse effects.fromout side it looks harmless . thinner plastic bags are more harmful. if we burn them , plastic bags will produce harmful gase. Plastic bags are also harmful for animals .Because when animals consume it can die. at last i want to say we should use paper bags instead of plastic bags to save our environent.

  • Yes I would

    Plastic bags don't harm the global warming but it does harm the ennvironment. Plastic bags are nondegrendable. It takes over 100 billion years to degrend. Marine animals and birds died each year by choking on plastic bag posing it as it is food. I would prefer using candid bags more.

  • The majority of plastic bags are not recycled and instead sit in landfills, whereas the alternative is better for the environment and economy.

    There are so few plastic bags that are actually recycled and turned into usable products. Most are tossed into the garbage and will sit in landfills slowly breaking down and taking up space. The alternative of fabric bags are a reusable option that are better on the environment. Grocery stores can reduce their costs by selling reusable bags and not spending the money on producing plastic bags. They will also be providing a service to the environment.

    Posted by: EdgPh03nix
  • Yes, I believe that plastic bags should be banned from grocery stores.

    I believe that because if we don't worry about the environment that it will be too late to help. When you go to the beach you often see a lot of pollution just sitting there that washed up on shore and all of those plastic bags are being mistaken for food and animals are eating them and dying. If we really wanted to help save the environment and help save the animals from becoming endangered then you would start using paper bags MORE. Only 1% of people worldwide are recycling and that means that only 1% of people in the world care and are trying to make a difference in the world. Some could argue that people forget to bring their bags to the store but if they wanted to help save our environment they wouldn't just forget because its on their mind to save the environment. Plastic bags are most common form of trash there is and that's why I think that we should cut down on our usage of harmful plastic bags.

  • Yes, we should ban plastic bags, or even better all plastic.

    I think this because.. Yes plastic bags are recycled and the plastic companies are trying to make that sound way better than it actually is. They tell customers that people recycle them, when really it is only a decreasing few. I mean 100 billion bags get trashed every single year, and the number are growing. They are creating 50% more air and water pollution, and it's polluting the water we drink! Would you want your child drinking water that had some sort of pollute in it? Think about that.

  • Plastic bags should be banned because they pollute!

    Plastic bags should be banned because they are just a waste. They are polluting the Earth and future generations will have to pay for our actions today. Did you know that the plastic bags that fall out of your trash and don't get reused get caught around sea animals and they can even kill that animal. People around the world throw out over 100 billion plastic bags each year. This also does a tremendous amount of damage to the Earth! Plastic bags should be banned because they can kill animals and they are tremendously harmful to the environment. Canvas bags are the best option.

  • The environment is more important.

    The environment is way more important than having plastic bags. Wouldn't you rather have fewer customers and have the environment healthy than to have the environment dead as well as the people, and have plastic bags? Then there will be no customers to even go to the store, so what would you rather have?

  • Yes! Plastic bags should be banned for the environment.

    Have you ever seen signs or commercials that tell you how to recycle and how you can help the environment? Well I have, and a lot! I think that recycling is a great idea because it can help us live in a better world. If we start recycling plastic bags and start using paper bags for groceries then it will make our living space a better place. Plastic bags should be banned because they are not biodegradable. And did you know that there are 100 billion bags trashed each year which is really bad for our planet.

  • People forget the reusable bags.

    Re-usable bags may sound ideal. However, do people actually remember to bring them shopping each time they go? If they do not, what happens is that they have to buy more reusable bags which means that more plastic is being used. Yes, the idea is that they are not disposable and so do not fill our dumpster, but the reality is, after a few times of forgetting to bring your reusable bags, you will have accumulated many of them. Eventually, you people will throw them away, just like they did with plastic bags or if they not, they would incur additional cost for a bag because they forget to bring one. A ban on plastic bags seems like an unwarranted inconvenience when you look at the long term consequences.

  • There should always be a CHOICE

    Since the current social trend is to be environmentally conscious, it's only a matter of time before the majority of consumers prefer paper, canvas or whatever the alternative is over plastic. Back when I use to bag groceries 20 years ago, paper bags were reduced in height and plastic bags became increasingly popular due to the popularity and cause of Earth Day and similar sociopolitical movements. Then, the victim was the rain forests. Today, it's the weather. Because there is still a lot of debate on the subject of man-made weather trends, it's hard to fully embrace the "global warming" scare. Especially in the midst of a decade long cooling trend. I'm all for social and environmental responsibility, however, retailers should be able to give out or charge for any form of container their goods are hauled out in. It's a matter of choice unless we plan on outlawing everything we deem as potentially harmful. It's better to be "green" by choice and not by force.

  • Why ban when we can control?

    There is no way the entire world will stop the use of plastic bags completely. So we need to do all we can to stop it as much as possible. We can start awareness campaigns that make people want to help mother earth a little bit. Personally I believe the government needs to help make a change in the ecosystem. We need to unite as people of the world to at most stop the excessive use of these hazards!

  • We reuse them as garbage bags and don't buy garbage bags

    Most people probably keep small garbage bags in the kitchen bin. I think it makes more sense to use a free or 5 cent plastic grocery bag to get your purchases home from the store, then re-use it as a garbage bag, rather than buying kitchen bin garbage bags for more money.

  • Causes expense to consumers at the tie of recession

    Instead of letting people pay for what they buy, the banning of plastic bags in reality will lead to people having to pay to carry their purchases out of the store. Plastic bags are cheap to produce so supermarkets are willing to give them out for free. To ban them would mean that supermarkets would charge for the more costly forms of carrier bags. This is putting an additional financial strain on families who do large grocery shopping trips. In a time of a recession, surely the policy of banning plastic bags should be left aside.

  • Much better than paper!

    Today’s plastic grocery bags are produced from a by-product (ethane) of natural gas refining. Http://savetheplasticbag.Com/ReadContent667.Aspx If we did not use the ethane for the production of plastic bags it would simply be burned, further adding to the global carbon dioxide emissions. If we did not remove the ethane from the natural gas it would not be safe to transport and use. They are no longer produced from crude oil in America. They have an unlimited recyclable life compared to the paper bag in which its fibers breakdown after being recycled five times. Plastic bags are much more economical to produce and transport to their final destination, while has a carrying capacity of hundreds of times their weight. The plastic grocery bags are also very easy to recycle at participating stores, with many of the drop off bins located at the entrance of the store.

  • More energy efficient and environmentally friendly to produce

    Reusable and paper alternatives cost a lot more money as well as the environment to manufacture. Plastic bags may have a negative impact when they are disposed of incorrectly, but at least trees don't need to be axed to make them. Unlike paper bags, plastic bags don't destroy the environment before they are even sold to the public.

  • Pet owners need

    I dont think that plastic bags should be banned from grocery stores because animal owners needs plastic bags to pick up their pets leftovers. And plus we could reuse them by bringing them back to the store and putting your new groceryies in the used plastic bags... What about when they rip? You can put the ripped bags in a good bag to help re-enforce the bag somewhat...

  • It would force me to waste money

    When I go to stores that use plastic bags I always choose to take them because I reuse them. I was told in kindergarten that the best thing to do is reuse THEN reduce. So if I am reusing the plastic bags then that is better than reducing the production of them. How do I reuse them? I put my kid's lunches in plastic bags that they can then take to school. This saves me having to buy lunch boxes that my kids may or may not outgrow. I use the plastic bags to pick up after my Dog. I know they sell bags for that but It seems like a waste of money for me to buy them when I can get them for free. Also, any time I need to carry things and am not worried about looking "fashionable" I use a plastic bag: taking clothing to my kids when they have a sleepover; collecting dog fur; putting shoes in when packing a suitcase so they don't get my clothes dirty; oranges to bring to soccer games...The list goes on and on.

  • Why ban if we can put it in use ?

    No they shouldn't because people leaving the grocery store can use the plastic bags at home for example using it as a trash bag or lunch bag . I use plastic bags to separate my older makeup from my newer makeup so it's easier for me to find my things in the morning before school.

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Anonymous says2013-04-02T19:44:26.357
No date of publication either, you guys need to get with the program
Anonymous says2013-04-26T21:20:09.040
I'll keep my plastic bags, you can keep getting sick.
Anonymous says2013-04-28T20:45:48.330
They should because it takes over 20 years for one plastic bag to decompose. Do we really want to wait this long for a single bag. Plus theres so much we could do with cotton bags like put our own designd on our bags. We could have fun whil helping our economy. So why not reach out a little and keep the world goin' round?
Anonymous says2013-05-21T02:36:32.407
They have to be banned
haha123 says2014-02-20T13:38:28.190
I think plastic bags should not be banned, picture this, all the plastic bags that were just produced are going to waste and where do we dump it the sea or the city dumps, there is another solution, burning them, even though it is a good idea, but there is a problem who cares about the environment then. Everyone says that plastic bags can destroy public property, then why don't you ban cooking, cooking does harm too. Plastic bags can be reduced, reused and recycled, only if people have a habit of doing that. Okay, lets put it this, what materials are you going to use instead of plastic? Paper (that will lead to deforestation), Rubber (that will not be ideal for your food), Metal (it is heavy and will rust) etc. There is no other solution to end this. Have you also think of the cause it will make when workers working in supermarkets would feel. Most of their extra wage comes from plastic bags, for example: plastic bags cost for 0.5 USD, pretend there is an average of 10,000 customers entering every day, that would be 5,000 USD already, if the supermarket only as 50 workers, each of them will get 500 USD each extra. Lets say this lasted for a non-leap year, that would be 182,500 USD extra for each worker a year, this profit could end up saving children in poor countries, helping poor families stay alive, saving people on the streets, that way everyone could be safe and sound without a problem. The world would be very peaceful according to this procedure, so i am keen on my suggestion that we should not ban plastic bags from grocery stores!