• I am in high school and when I was younger pluto was a planet and I believe it still should

    The reason pluto was demoted was it didn't clear it's air space but the thing is Earth has been found sharing it's orbit with an asteroid as well. And that was the same reason they demoted pluto. And I believe in this situation it isn't fair for pluto and it's planethood, so it should be a planet after all, if Earth can.

  • Of course it is!!! 😊

    I'm 12 years old and I believe Pluto is a planet. It always has been a planet and always will be. Imagine what Clyde Tombaugh would say. Pluto is still a planet in my opinion because it has an orbit, Pluto is not that small compared to other smaller planets, and the IUA definition mixes up being and doing. Pluto should still be a planet am I right! For all that disagree, it is and it always will be.

  • Of course, Honey!

    I'm a kid, and I believe Pluto is a planet, because it has an atmosphere, and even though it has a weird orbit, it still counts as a planet! Sure, Titan has an atmosphere, but it's a MOON, not a planet! Only 4% of the IAU voted no on Pluto being a planet!

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  • Scientific Information Needs To Be Updated

    Pluto should only be defined as a planet as long as it meets the scientific criteria to be called a planet. As scientific and technical information is discovered, the current books and definitions are updated. This is important to keep our knowledge current and accurate and allow others to build upon what is already known.

  • Doesn't Fit Solar System Model

    The solar system looks like this: four inner, rocky planet and four gas giants much further away from the sun. Tiny Pluto didn't fit into the equation as a planet with its highly elliptical orbit and small stature. Instead, Pluto was rightly made one of the largest "dwarf planets" and a Kuiper Belt object for its size and distance from the sun within our solar system. There should rightly be eight planets in the solar system, all of them larger than minuscule Pluto.

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