• Heck yea bud

    There is almost no other way to see real examples of figurative language. Another reason is there are not many other ways for teens to express their feelings in high school years. Poetry relieves the tension that high school brings. Poetry is needed for children at a vulnerable age in their teen years.

  • Poetry discusses key issues within society

    Poetry goes hand in hand with politics, it dicuss es key issues such as sectarianism, racism, current affairs as well as problems in the system. For example "In Westminster Abbey" by John Betjeman he ridicules the upper class of London during the second World war showing just how pretentious they really were.

  • Poetry utilizes the personal background of each student to create the aspect we take on in life.

    Students are often told that we need to pay attention and follow directions, and as a 13 year old I can say that get's pretty boring pretty fast. But in poetry we can express ourselves without being hounded by our guidance counselors. I have workplace anxiety, which means I can get very stressed out very very fast if I am in the wrong situation, when someone is hounding me about my emotions I can't function very well, and poetry gives me the chance to show that without that happening. Poetry not only does that for me but a lot of other students, and it gives us a chance to see what we can do with who we are and what situations we are placed in. Now I don't know anyone who can write poetry without reading it first, and there are so many ways to teach it. Classical poetry, authors like Poe and Shakespeare. African American poetry, and trench poetry all are important.

  • Yes It should

    I love poetry and it is not in my school curriculum, which makes me sad. I wish it would be in my community. But I love my Language Arts teacher because he teaches it anyways. But next year I might not get any knowledge of poetry. I love poetry!! Poetry Should be taught in schools

  • Yes it should

    Poetry is very important. Poetry is a literature that uses the sounds; rhythms and meaning of the words o describe the world in striking and imaginative ways. Poetry supports literacy, builds community and emotional literacy, builds community and poetry also foster emotional suppleness. Poetry helps every one and builds communities. Poetry also helps babies they get older. Poetry opens venues for speaking and listening. Poetry builds resilience in kids and adults.
    Poetry should be taught in schools for many reasons. In school, kids feel overwhelmed and unable to describe their emotions or there feelings

  • Poetry opens up opportunities for kids!

    I don't know about you but kids all have different opinions about poetry. Some people hate it and some people love it! If you don't teach kids poetry in school then maybe they just had a job opportunity fly past (see the poetry I used in there)! I hope you understand. It's just this happened to me in highschool

  • Yasss it opens your mind up

    Poetry is kinda fun and it's sooo deep. It gives you a glimpse into other people's minds and teaches you about the world around you in a whole new way. It can give you insight that probably evaded you when reading from a textbook or some other source. It fosters social and emotional learning, and can strengthen and deepen your understanding of the metaphorical language:)

  • Absolutely fo shizzle

    So many of us listen to music and poetry is just like music. We can find poetry that speaks to us and it will allow us to express ourselves. It allows us to learn about other cultures as well. I think it also gave me a much better understanding of figurative language such as similes and idioms, etc...

  • Poetry should be taught

    Poetry is an important aspect in schools and something which is valuable to learn – 60% of students involved in a survey thought that poetry was significant in the English school curriculum. Poetry is an essential method of developing students’ understanding of various writing techniques such metaphorical language, personification and similes. This helps them to recognise how and where to use these techniques in their own writing because they have a reference point of where it is used correctly. It increases the students’ knowledge of the English language. Another reason why poetry should be at the heart of the English curriculum is because, by involving themselves in poetry, students increase their vocabulary so it is more varied.

  • Its bad ass nigga

    Poetry is so cool it expresses our feelings and whoever say its dumb and stupid then your wrong even you people who say its useless and dumb without poetry there would be no music and no lyrics in this world. So dont be a hater and say it suck ok.

  • Poetry doesn't teach students needed life skills.

    Students should learn how to write with proper english and know how to write a formal paper instead of knowing how to analyze poetry. For students to have a career, jobs care more about knowing how to write and present things than knowing how to read poetry and analyze it.

  • Poetry is entertainment. Entertainment is a luxury. Luxury is NOT a necessity.

    Poetry is more of a hobby, not as a school unit. I am pretty sure that the poem you memorized in high school will not come in handy when you are looking for a job. Unless you devote your life to studying poetry (which will still not land you a job), there is very little chance you will need it in the future.

  • Nobody cares about poetry.

    It's simply boring and nobody listens to what the teacher has to say about it. English literature should be separate optional GCSE course as way too much time and effort is put into the subject. Not many people are actually going to take advantage of the GCSE so why should students have to suffer the boredom.

  • Less information in more text.

    I never understood why we spend so much time on poetry. Of course individual poems can sometimes really touch one's spirirt but in general its just using vague wording to present relatively simple ideas. Poetry is inneficient, its like selling book pages as a puzzle. For some it might be fun, but generally its just delaying the aquisition of information.

  • Poetry discusses key issues within society

    Poetry goes hand in hand with politics, it dicuss es key issues such as sectarianism, racism, current affairs as well as problems in the system. For example "In Westminster Abbey" by John Betjeman he ridicules the upper class of London during the second World war showing just how pretentious they really were.

  • Poems take too long to analyse and they waste a lot of the students time

    In all honesty they are extremely time consuming, we have lots of other subjects to study and poetry jus takes up too much time. Especially when the exam board decides to make the student study 15 poems and then only make them use 2 in the exam, this is what i find dumb as it makes no sense as to why the people do this to kids. We kids need to enjoy our life and not spend 3 hours after doing 6 and a half hours in school memorising quotes from poems that have a 13.4% chance of even popping up in their exams and then the media wonder why certain students commit suicide. THE STRESS IS TOO MUCH!!! Also it almost as thought the exam board people just want the newer generation to fail because from the perspective of a 15 year old i can clearly see that the exam board people are only favouring those that pay for tutoring and they forget that there are students out there suffering from depression because of the sheer amount of work they are expected to do and then we have the teachers saying we have "potential" but how can we achieve that potential if we have to study useless things such as poems from a century ago that have no impact on how our society is today.

  • Poetry should be organic:

    I feel like, in theory, poetry could be a useful alternative method for teaching themes and writing in an interesting way, but I think schools are taking the wrong approach; many advantages mentioned by the other side if students are just being dragged along, with no interest for the topic coming from themselves.

    I'll start with the main argument I see in favor of teaching poetry: That it is a way for students to express themselves. If that's the case why *force* students to learn poetry? I feel that students should be able to gauge for themselves whether or not *they* feel that they can express themselves through poetry. For instance, while I might feel that I can express my emotions easilly through music, I do not feel the same way about poetry. Especially since students can be encouraged to write poetry without everyone having to be forced to do it with grades as an incentive. Some people also say that poetry is enjoyable for some, and I ask so what? They can read poetry on their own, there's nothing stopping them from doing that, and clearly a lot of students dislike poetry, so I'm not really sure that the opposing side can keep that advantage.

    There might be some argument for that it helps your writing, but if students aren't motivated, if they don't try, then how much would it improve their writing? I know a student who wrote a poem called "poem foam" (the latter word pronounced to rhyme with poem), where clearly the only objective was to satisfy the requirements for the grade.

    Anyways, while I think poetry can be good, I don't think students should be forced to do it for grades.

  • It has no significance

    Poetry gives basically zero and I mean ZERO skills other than "you can read good". JUST READ A BOOK it gives a student SUCH A BETTER range of learning. Plus books are a ton of a lot more interesting than a 15 line snore fest about a leaf falling to the ground. Seriously though why is it even a debate that poems are important? They suck

  • Irrelevant to further life

    I don't see the point whype poetry is mandatory to learn. It doesn't seem to have a point. In my honest opinion the just put poetry in the middle of the school year and cram it down your throat. So no it should not be mandatory. Better off being a school club or something.

  • Poetry should NOT be taught

    No Poetry should not be taught, While it may be interesting it isn't really used in everyday life and learning it is pointless and it will just waste students time.
    90% of students don't even enjoy learning poetry.,m
    We need to ask ourselves a questions.
    Is poetry really important to learn?

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