• Sure, why not?

    Poker machines are called one-armed bandits for a reason. They are pretty much fraud disguised as a game. They should be banned to protect the people from getting scammed by the casinos. They are also physiologically manipulative and exploit people's addictions in order to turn a profit for the casinos.

  • Get rid of them and bring back entertainment

    Pokies belong in casinos not every pub on the corner. There is no nightlife anymore as it doesn’t bring “record profits”. What’s even worse as a smoker, the only smoking area in 80% of venues is the pokie area, it’s where I picked up the habit by forcing me to play. If pubs and clubs are worried they won’t survive without machines, Maybe they need a history book.

  • Pokie machines are designed to destroy lives

    My son is an addict it has ruined him i was an addict for thirty years and then luckily i learned how to beat them. My wife is addicted. I know they are addictive i worked as a registered psychologist for thirty five years and was a gambling counselor aswell

  • Get rid of them and bring back real entertainment

    Get rid of the EFTPOS - there is no limit on how many times you can take out $200 which is a disgrace. There used to be a $400 per day limit but WHY HAS THAT DISAPPEARED? People's lives are ruined because of the greed of Poker Machine Operators. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Bring back Live Bands, even Bingo, bring people together instead of watching sad faces in lonely worlds of mesmerizing bleakness.

  • Life destroying for many people

    I play pokies and its destroyed my life, i think about suicide quiet regularly. I lose money everyday, i have nothing, ebverything gone in pokies, we dont need them in nsw. I see business people playing, welfare people, pensioners, people unemployed playing trying to double the dole. We dont need them

  • Yes they are very bad

    I've been playing pokies for the past 10years I have lost over half a million dollers I have officially quit but after what I've seen people playing pokies while leaving there children in the car not enough money to eat I highly recommend there should be a restriction on how much people can spend enough is enough

  • They take from families

    There just the same as drugs with the same outcomes, kids go without food , homelessness, and broken marriages. Mostly are unemployed using tax payers money , its wrong !! Government makes too much money from them, where as drugs is illegal coz government makes nothing in return. Ban them and take control of the ice epidemic as well grrrrrrrrr

  • Burn the machines.

    The overwhelming numbers of fractured families are the direct results of these nefarious machines. The only organisations benefiting are the poker machine manufacturers, the clubs and state treasuries. People who go into these clubs to play continuously and become addicted seem to be under some form of mind-control. These instruments of mind numbing have only place … the dumpsite along with the corporate
    stooges and greedy treasury officials who support them. The comment needs to be definitely weaned off this rubbish.

  • Poker Machines destroy lives

    I have always been a very strong person and have battled a dysfunctional upbringing ,abuse ,ill health , two divorces ,loss of loved ones and depression. I have never drank, smoked taken drugs but have become addicted to Poker machines the last 3 years. I cant believe this has happened to me as i have never had any addictions through a very hard life.These machines are programmed to addict , even people without an addictive personality. The Government needs to be held accountable for not banning machines that are causing mental illness and suicides just to raise revenue.

  • Yes be banned

    Yes they should be banned attract the lonely bored people for entertainment then rip everyone off as a worker said they are rigged so yes they should definitely be banned altogether throughout Australia they pray on the frail and weak the desperate so yes they need to ban the pokies

  • You can ban yourself or face a $550 fine

    If you feel you have a problem their is a program called self exclusion. This allows you to still enter the premises but effectively bans you from the gaming area of the club or pub in the premises you originally went to and surrounding and partnering premises as well. This is to ensure that gambling addicts can get the help they need. It is compousley for clubs to offer this service if you ask for it. See clubsafe

  • Freedom to bet.

    If you don't like poker machines, don't gamble on them. If there are gambling addicts, the government should fund more addiction treatment programs from the taxes raised from poker machines. Normal, moderate gamblers should have the freedom to gamble responsibly. If poker machines are to be banned then why not ban cigarettes or alcohol.

  • Poker machines make our lives possible.

    The money that goes into the poker machines goes straight to the government, making our lives possible. We wouldn't have the education we have now if poker machines weren't here. People can be addicted to these things but it helps them relief stress, so think of it this way... Its for our the generations to come.

  • No government should be able to ban such things.

    Gambling is kind of stupid when you use a little logic. However, the last time I checked there is no law anywhere against people wasting their money. With the absence of the ability to make bad decisions, no one would have the ability to make good decisions. There would only be the choice to submit to another.

  • Gambling is not bad.

    Poker machines should not be banned in Australia because there is nothing wrong with gambling. Some people take it to extremes and develop a gambling addiction, but the same could be said for a lot of things. In moderation though, it is not a bad thing and actually helps some people to relax and relieve stress.

  • No, they shouldn't

    I really don't think there is anything inherently evil in regards to poker, poker machines, or gambling in general. Sure, there are some people who can't control themselves, but banning a poker machine will not save that person from themselves. Gambling generates money for the state, and is a good thing.

  • Poker machines offer more entertainment.

    While the debate on gambling rages on across the globe as more and more facilities are opened up to gambling one should not deter from the amusement of the many to the downfall of the few. Poker machines can offer entertainment to those who use them properly. There is no major difference between a poker machine and a pinball machine except you are rewarded for playing the poker machine if you win big!

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Anonymous says2013-03-19T20:09:32.707
Poker Machines should not be banned in Australia. Australians work hard for their money and they should be free to do anything they want with it even if it involves gambling it away. While gambling leads to social problems restrictions on personal freedom should be avoided because citizens of Australia should be free to do whatever they want with what they earned as long as it doesn't harm another individual. I think the government can regulate and tax the gambling industry but cannot ban it outright.