• It is at times necessary to keep animals in captivity

    While there are certainly many challenges involved in keeping polar bears both happy and in captivity it is imperative for the survival of the species. Polar bears face many obstacles in the wild from melting ice shelves, to a lack of food, to big game hunters and in captivity they can be kept safe and allowed to propagate.

  • No, they should not.

    Polar bears, like all animals need to live in the wild to live an thrive. They live longer lives in the wild. The only reason why polar bears should be kept in captivity is to help them survive as a species by protecting them from predators and helping them reproduce.

  • No, they should be left in the wild.

    Polar bear should not be kept in captivity, keeping animals in captivity is violating their rights. If it is felt that the polar bears are under threat from poaching or climate change that is eroding the snow, conservationist should put in place measures to reverse all the threats that are likely to take away the beautiful creatures.

  • Polar bears should not be kept in captivity

    Polar bears should not be kept in captivity; nor should any animal. How would humans like it if they were put in captivity by animals? Animals are natural fees to be put on display. They are meant to thrive in their natural habitats. All zoos should be banned. Enough said.

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