• Police agencies should answer to the DOJ

    Social media and smart phone technology have both lead to more people becoming aware of police who violate the rights of citizens. Local legal systems routinely fail to adequately punish police officers who were caught on video murdering unarmed civilians for no justifiable reason. Having police agencies report to the DOJ is the best hope of restoring public trust in police.

  • Yes, police agencies should report to the DOJ

    Yes, police agencies should report to the DOJ. This will provide better oversight for police departments. With police officers using excessive force and killing unarmed people, much of which is connected to race, there needs to be oversight for every police department so that bad and racist cops can be taken off of the street.

  • Yes, local police agencies need more supervision.

    Police agencies should report to the DOJ so that they have greater accountability for the actions of their officers. The DOJ currently investigates allegations of misconduct and provides external review of controversial incidents. This system of checks and balances is important to ensure that fair standards are applied throughout the country.

  • No, they should not.

    There is already an internal affairs and investigation department that investigates police misconduct. Brining in the DOJ, would just be one more layer of red tape, and would not neccessarily provide more accountability. The better thing would be to not allow police to be considered about the law and use the policies that are in place.

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